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Best Running Shoes | Stability, Cheap, Cushioned, Long Distance (UPDATED)

what's up guys I'm Jeff Roselle from

Rizzo's comm today we're talking about

the best running shoes on the market

right now so we've done the same video

the past four or five years seems like

it was really helpful

I think we've helped out like hundreds

of thousands if not millions of people

with running shoes so I want to continue

to do it but today's video is gonna be a

little bit different we're gonna run

through the list and in the process I'm

going to tell you about which one I

personally use and which one I think is

best for most people so we've got a

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okay so what makes a good running shoe

well there's a few things right you have

to find a good balance between being

cushioning and providing energy return

so do you want a shoe that provides a

ton of cushioning and not that much

energy return or that provides a lot of

spring forward but doesn't cushion the

impact all that well on top of that fit

comfort sizing all of that's important

extras like reflective strips

breathability flexibility that's all

worth your consideration and then they

have to fit your stance so if you tend

to overpronate meaning you have a

flatter arch you put more pressure on

your big toe you need more of a

stability shoe if you under pronate or

you have a neutral stance you're looking

for a neutral shoe so with all of that

in mind the best shoes for speed are the

Brooks to levitate not to levitate - I

think you can save money get basically

the same shoe and still get all the

features with the original levitate and

they're more affordable they're like 100

bucks I'll link them in the description

and these guys are built for speed so if

you're running 5 miles or under I think

you're really gonna like these they

propel you forward they make you feel

fast they feel relatively lightweight on

your feet they have an eight millimeter

heel to toe drop which

me is in the sweet spot for running

shoes they have reflective strips

they're relatively breathable as well I

like the upper and I find them to be

really comfortable I think if you want a

fast pair of running shoes a shorter

distance pair of running shoes

the levitates are going to be hard to

beat now my favorite stability running

shoes again for anybody that tends to

roll inward you have a flatter arch

these are the Asics GEL Kyoto twenty

fours and I know we're in 2018 I should

be talking about the twenty fives but

I'm such a stickler for value that I

would say go with the 24s because you

can save money and you're getting the

same shoes in fact you're getting a

lighter shoe than the twenty fives now I

did do a review of the 25 s and I'll

link those in the description but

basically what you need to know about

the kiona series is that they're the

stability version of the Nimbus so what

they do is they help anybody that tends

to overpronate they're not the lightest

shoes in the world they tend to skew

more towards cushioning but they're

comfortable they have a really nice

upper and they're incredibly incredibly

popular running shoes they have a twelve

millimeter heel to toe drop which is a

little bit more on the aggressive end

but again they're more for cushioning

and look I think if you need stability

running shoes I think these are the ones

that you should try out first now we

have the best value these are seriously

underrated running shoes in fact me

personally if I was to choose one pair

of running shoes to run in most it would

be these these are the Under Armor

charge band at three not the four the

three you can't really find them all

that much nowadays you can find them on

Amazon here or there Zappos sometimes on

Under Armour's website I'll link them in

the description but these things are a

killer value and I absolutely love them

so they make me feel fast they feel

lightweight on my feet they're

incredibly comfortable and I can usually

find them for under $80 for running

shoes in fact as of when I'm doing this

video right now on Under Armour's

website they're running a sale and they

were like $60 now the reason I like them

is that I think they do a good job of

absorbing impact and propelling me

forward so a nice balance there if an

eight millimeter heel to toe drop again

from me in the sweet spot they also are

pretty accommodating

of the arch in terms of pre the bility

in terms of fit and all of that stuff I

guess what I'm trying to say is that I

think for the money the charge band at

three or the best running shoes and I

know most people say Under Armour is not

a running shoe brand but they actually

do a good job and I have two pairs I

went out and bought two pairs of these

shoes and I'm about to buy a third pair

because they're so cheap and I like them

so much I went running 16 miles in them

the other day and I had no issues at all

Wow seriously underrated running shoes

charge bandit 3 but I think the most

versatile running shoes are the Nike

Pegasus 35 so these things are

incredibly comfortable

they're breathable they're flexible they

have a really really nice fit and I

think they're gonna be good shoes

regardless of what you're doing whether

you're running whether you're doing

squats at the gym whether just generally

working out at the gym so I think if

you're only getting one pair of running

shoes right you don't want to buy all

these different pairs of running shoes

all these different pairs of training

shoes these are gonna be a really good

option for people in fact Matt was on

our team is in the other room he swears

by these things and I told him today

that the Pegasus 35 are on sale and he's

like gonna go buy another pair he said

if for some reason they got stolen or if

he lost him he would go out the next day

and buy another pair of them they're

pretty reasonably priced they're like a

hundred and twenty dollars again I saw

him today for like 78 bucks I'll link

him down below in the description they

have a neutral fit ten millimeter heel

to toe drop pretty good lightweight

breathable all that stuff I do think the

thirty fives are awesome

the only thing I don't like is that the

tongue kind of travels a little farther

up your leg it's a little weird but

overall really versatile running shoes

last up I think the best overall running

shoes I know I said I love to charge

Banta three but I think for a lot of

people out there if you can't get those

overall the ghost 11 are the way to go

these in my opinion are the best running

shoes that Brooks has ever made they

streamline the ghost series they do a

great job of providing cushioning and

bounce back they're comfortable they

have a true to size fit despite being 11

ounces they actually made me feel light

on my feet

it's that's kind of hard to do right to

have running shoes that aren't

lightweight but they make you feel like

they're lightweight the midsole of the

ghost 11 is a little firmer than it is

on the glycerin which means they're

better for providing energy returned

I just think overall if you go down the

list comfort fit sizing energy return

impact absorption value breathability

all that stuff you get those with the

ghost 11s they're widely available

they're awesome running shoes they are

by far the best Brooks running shoes

that I've tested so that's in those are

the best running shoes that you can buy

of course we've tested other ones and I

have a number of honorable mentions that

I'll put down below in the description

but I really think that between those

five running shoes you're gonna find

your next and your favorite running

shoes so let me know what you think

write this down below in the comments

have a great day