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The Witcher 3: How to Carry More Weight - BEST Zerrikanian Saddle Bags (where to find)

hey there ladies and gentlemen I want to

do I'll show you guys where to get these

Eric on Ian's saddle bags

this is witcher 3 and the saddle bags

are an item that you'll equip to

increase your storage capacity your

weight capacity for your equipment you

do not need to do anything with your

horse I fumble around to try to put

actual inventory and your horses

saddlebags very simply once you equip

them you will see that your inventory

automatically goes up pretty simple

anyway this the xur county and saddle

bags it's a 100 per 100 maximum

inventory weight increase that's the

highest that I found I believe it is the

highest in the game and the reason I'm

showing you guys where you can find it

right now also if you look in the top

kind of right corner beside the level

you'll see 149 out of 60 I'll show you

when I equip this my inventory

automatically jumps at 100 so again I

don't really have to be near the horse

or do anything with the horse ok so

those are the subtle bags now where

we're located we're here in the novigrad

Belle and Ariel alright we're up here in

the larger top city top the map and

we're right by where the armor is for

the master challenge

okay it's the get rid of that custom

marker the merchant right here now that

merchant is located here within the

walls if you look basically from the

racking area open up

right then it's the first shop here on

the left talk to this fine fellow hmm

what do you all forgot duh

and here they are I found it this is

where I bought it from and there they


zero County and saddlebags the maximum

inventory a maximum weight inventory

increase that you can get the best

saddle bags that are in the game thus

far as far as I'm aware and there they

are in the cost not too expensive

nothing you really have to go out of

your way to a finder yet you should have

plenty plenty gold buy time that you get

to looking worried really worrying about

your weight so buy them equip them enjoy

them happy gaming and I'll catch you

guys with some other guys and how-to

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