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How To Find Good Salespeople

- One of the most common questions that I get

from CEOs and entrepreneurs is,

"Well Dan, how do you find good sales people?"

Well, let me share a story with you.

Now, many many years ago when I was scaling my company,

I needed to hire some sales people,

some good sales people, right?

And there were a couple sales people that I hired,

and I gave them some leads and they would call these leads

and they would follow up and try to drum up some business

and things like that.

And at the time I was very naive

and I didn't know, I made so many mistakes.

First of all I was paying them per hour.

Pay sales people per hour, it is a horrible idea.

So I was paying them per hour,

so the more phone calls they make, the longer

those sales conversations, the more money that they make.

And every single time we would have like a meeting with that

those few sales people and they would always say,

"Oh Dan, we're having some phenomenal conversations, right?

We are, we have like very good relationships with them

that I'm gonna follow up.

Oh my goodness, a lot of sales will be coming in!"

I'm like, "This is great, I'm so excited!"

And there's always something, right,

some business is gonna come in, right?

And they always like, "You know what, I've had conversation

with this prospect two or three times.

I know she's gonna buy very, very soon."

I'm like, "This is great, it's awesome."

Well, here's the problem, they didn't close shit.


- Nothing!

- I mean nothing.

They're very good at talking to people,

they just can't close.

So one of the things you have to understand

and I'm very, very cautious when it comes

to the vocabulary describing who I'm looking for.

I'm not interested in having sales people.

I want closers on my team.

You see a lot of people they excel but they can't close.

Giving that demo, doing that prospecting,

following up and having multiple conversations

unless you close,

nothing happens, right?

Nothing happens until you close that sale.

So that was a huge mistake that I made.

I was paying them per hour, right? (laughs)

Paying sales people per hour.

So understand this, the question is,

is not so much, how do you find good sales people?

I tried that approach that didn't work, right?

Instead I believe sales people need to find you.

Good closers need to find you.

And how do they find you?

By having the proper structure.

I know because I'm speaking from experience.

We run the largest virtual closer organization

in the world.

We're closers in over 150 countries.

I know closers when I see one.

So let me tell you where you're not gonna find 'em.

You're not gonna find them on Craigslist.

You're not gonna find them on Indeed.

You're not gonna find them running an ad.

Chances are anyone looking at a job post,

any sales people looking for a job post

they're not any good 'cause the good ones,

probably they're closing for someone else right now.

Does that make sense?

Second, you have to have a realistic expectation.

The biggest mistake that I see entrepreneurs,

even CEOs make is they think sales people,

they are magicians. (magical music)

Hey you know what, I've got no lead.

I've got no revenue, I'm gonna bring on some sales people

and suddenly they could bring me half a million,

a million dollar worth of revenue.

When you have nothing!

When your product is not a good match.

When your funnel is not good.

When your message is not good

and you think just having sales people

they can bring you business.

That's not how it works.

Imagine, right, you have the best driver in the world.

And you give them a car with no engine,

how far would they go, not very far, right?

The engine is your marketing.

The engine is your product.

The engine is your business.

You've got to give them a good car,

match that with a good driver, a good closer.

Then you're gonna go fast.

So that's what I see in terms of attracting good closers.

You have to have that.

So with myself, I couldn't find 'em.

I tried any ways you can think of,

I couldn't find 'em.

I find that at the end of the day the best way

to have closers for my organization is I train them.

That's the best way because this way

I could have as many closers as I want,

as I need to scale my business.

And that's why I train them because

that's the best way to develop closers.

So, if you've got a funnel that's pretty dialed in

and you're driving consistent quality traffic

to the funnel and you've got a high ticket offer.

Or maybe even multiple high ticket offers.

I want to share a video with you.

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How do you scale your revenue, with professional closers?

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