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The BEST 5 places to find SAMPLES for your beats

in this video I'll give you five

different places that I go to for

samples when making beats here we go

what's up everybody

Chris punsalan here back with another

video so I get a lot of questions every

day about where I get my samples so I'm

gonna give you a list of the five

different places that I go to for

samples and then at the end of the video

I'm going to show you five different

beats that I made with each sample so

starting with a source number one and

probably the source that I use most


it is YouTube YouTube has a bunch of

great original compositions on there

that you can rip and sample for your own

beats here are a few search terms that

you can start with soul samples lo five

samples guitar samples for hip-hop blue

samples start with those you'll find

that the first few videos are playlists

and you'll have hundreds of samples no



source number two Pandora now pandora is

a great way to find specific artists and

artists that are related to that artists

not as good as YouTube because you can't

search specific songs but you can't

search artists and then find the related

artists and then you'll go down the

rabbit hole of artists that are in that

same vein now the only thing that sucks

about Pandora is that you can't rip

straight from Pandora unless you're

recording your monitor internally so if

you find something on Pandora that you

like you're just gonna have to go back

to YouTube

search the song and use it that way now

if you don't know some artists that you

can start with here are a few that I

like to search Miles Davis Eddie

Kendricks soul music Minnie Riperton and

Lonnie Smith start with those no excuses



source number three record stores and

thrift stores now for a lot of younger

people watching this channel you guys

may not be familiar with this method and

this method may seem a little tedious to

you but it's a great way to find rare

samples because a lot of the times when

I go to record stores and I find records

and I go back home and search them up on

YouTube a lot of the time they're not

even on YouTube so you already have an

advantage over everybody looking for

samples on YouTube because you have

something that has not been touched

before or at least not been touched by

people that search for things on the

Internet me and germ went to the record

store but I deleted all the footage on

accidents so this is like a couple weeks

later this is the record that we have

here I'm about to record the samples see

what we can find you're just gonna have

to trust me when I said I went to the

thrift store




source number four who sampled now who

sampled is a website where they take

songs and they just expose what the

sample is of the song now it's not a

great way to find rare samples obviously

because people have already used this

sample that you're going to search up

but it's a great way to challenge

yourself if you want to find samples

that have been used before and flip it

in a different way so this is a great

way to spark some creativity and to

challenge yourself to make beats that

sound different



source and number five producer kit

websites now producer kit websites are

great because when you buy kits from

them a lot of the times they'll have the

temple labeled the key of the song

sometimes a WAV file stems and sometimes

the MIDI files for extra manipulation

here are a few websites that I've bought

samples from in the past now of course I

have samples also available you can head

to my website Chris pencil uncom I have

a few sample packs up there I just

released a new sample pack called Las


it comes with 50 different original

compositions made by me I include all of

the MIDI files I include all of the wav

files stems most of the tracks are

labeled with the BPM and the key of the

song so it's easier for you to create

and manipulate

I didn't mean to rhyme but I just



all of these beats are also available on

soundcloud my soundcloud link will be in

the description or you can go to slash prod by chris again

that slash prod by chris

that's gonna conclude this video thank

you guys so much for watching shout out

to Ramiro

black shadow Thiago st. Anthony Jonna a

Ziya Amon Michael police and my stuff

for these comments I hope you guys

enjoyed this video I really wanted to

make this video for the people that have

been asking where I get my samples from

I hope this helped you guys if you have

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