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ISLAND TREASURE HUNTING / Shelling On Sanibel Island Florida / Shell Hunting In Sanibel Island

we're here on Sanibel Island which is

known as the shelling capital of the

world now for those that don't know

shells are big money we're gonna show

you some on eBay and we're gonna have a

little bit of a challenge today we're

gonna find out who can find the biggest

shell B or George let us know in the

comments hashtag George if you think

George will find the biggest shell

remember she's small she tiny or team

Jeremy hashtag if you think it's gonna

be Jeremy remember I'm big I'm huge and

I've got the upper hand I already found

something cool


we're gonna type seashell in the eBay

search with the magnifying glass and

then from there we're gonna head over to

the filter off to the right and we want

to look at sold because we want to know

exactly the price of shelves look

there's a shell right there six dollars

but we don't want to know just a six

dollar shell so we're gonna hit sort

also off to the right and we're gonna

scroll to highest to lowest we're gonna

figure out what shells have sold for the

most what should we be looking for

here's a 13-inch clamshell sold for 1190

$3.77 pretty incredible there look at


Black Sea fan Wow thousand dollars

almost $200 shipping we see any those

we're gonna have to hold on to those I

don't even know how to say that but

there's no doubt that's a lot of money

right there there's another sea fan


we're definitely gonna have to be

looking for these because these ones are

all over the island and that's $582

right there and there's more there's

more there's another giant clam that's

pretty cool look at these so beautiful

so we can even see here here's seashells

right here 450 dollars best of the best

here's I can't say all of these I'm sure

you can but this is what we're looking

for we're looking for anything that's

potentially going to make some crazy


look at that trumpet seashell conch

shell these one 375 dollars those are

all over the island look at that holy

cow $379 three hundred and eighty

dollars three hundred sixty-five dollars

and we can keep on going couldn't we 342

there's one side of a clam shell $285

just a fossilized pink coral alright

this is just this is crazy look at the

money in shells one shell one this is

I gotta stop talking about it we got to

get out there and go find it look at

these prices this is crazy the key to

good shelling is gettin right on the

edge where the water hits the bar and it

rolls the good shells just like this

this bird right here I forget what

they're called but he's fishing along I

could almost reach out and pet him I am

less than a foot away from him and I

think he's George hunting was he hunting

for you what did you find something only

for the right side of a bra you have to

pull that out it only counts for bras

yep that's it nope not a shell that's

cheating cheating and you know it she's

gonna be cheap like that I need to

recruit a new member on my team somebody

who knows the lay of the land knows what

all the good stuff is who's gonna be the

new George that was Perry the Pelican

but apparently he doesn't want to be who

doesn't want to be the new door Oh team

hails Pelican team Heil he's like no

okay I guess I'm going solo you can't

pay me enough solo

what you find it looks like a no turn it

over I'm gonna use a crab a crab claw

also hermit crab is he sleeping no no he

is moving yeah he's doing cartwheels

well he's moving because you're moving

him oh there's another one

um I thought we were supposed to be

finding shelves we are we have a contest

and everybody said hash tag team Jeremy

for a reasons mrs. squirrel look there's

one you might want to for your biggest

shell contest right there that's the

sweetest yellow shell I'm gonna try and

find another one like this okay and when

we build our sand man not a snowman

instead of a snowman we to use it as a

bra it's gonna be a merman for Christmas

yeah George George George George George

George we're still survival though and I

need food

you know what that is sweeter

I dare you to pick him up I dare you

she's going after him with a show come

on pick him up

show me how great what if I pick

okay well girl you wanna shout hunger no

he was you got to get your connect on

yourself Awards he wants to know if he

wants a sword fight my dark guilty

hunger Hunger

what's his name kermy kermy

actually I think he's hangry just like

you what what does her me like to eat

well we're gonna smell get a close-up

he's like what up girl

but I'm gonna have some food for you

they're saluting and angry I got some

sandwiches come on in George I got some


I'm not sterile I got some sand

I think this Pelican is living its best

life we're about to go out on the

fishing pier and we heard somebody just

caught a shark


so what kind of sharks are there George

bonnethead shark yeah and it looks like

this is a protected species shark I

would love to taste that I would lick it

I would oh no you can't you can't

because they're protected no shark

licking we've got a sea urchin right

here you see its mouth right there and

then the spikes and if you get the

spikes off the outer

xqo skeleton whatever it's called

they're beautiful so much color although

don't think George is gonna let me use

this one for the competition it's too

small you see it's about the size of my

thumbnail right there and I need a big

one George George George George George

George hurry before the water gets it

hurry get it that's a that's a nice one

there's no chance or anything no oh man

that is a nice one okay so is it

Christmas is it Christmas this Christmas

so what you're trying to say is you just

that's a Christmas gift for me because

my gift to you is I've brought you to

Sanibel Island that was your Christmas

present yes I wanted an experienced

flash memory

the Heron might be just there hanging

out helping it see what we can see no


herons going look alright we're gonna

see if he's hurt or not if he's hurt

we'll try and help yeah he's definitely

got to be hurt

I think he's hurt yeah he's hurt he's

hurt I'm just not sure he's there's

anything we can do to help okay I want

to see if there's fishing line okay see

if there's okay there's no fishing line

you want to do is you want to find where

that wave crashes right out from from

the beach edge and that's where the best

shells see that there crashes it tumbles

it washes them this whole entire island

is filled with people from all over the

world probably one out of ten actually

speak English they're all here on

Christmas vacation looking for shells

they're looking for the buried treasure

looking for the gold just like we are

just like going through a box you have

three Pelican

waiting for the

George why while you were searching for

those little shells I made a little a

little something for the subscribers

what do you think you like it Happy New

Year subscribers 2020 new visions of

perfection you like it see what I did I

don't even know what language you're

speaking right now pretty sure that's

Egyptian I think I have a winner

look at the size of my foot compared to

this thing this could win it

except yeah that is

that's no-show I'm not sure what that is

it's more like a gelatin if you guys

know let us know in the comments there's

another one right here

it's pitted like Petoskey but we have no

idea what it is



Jeremy look would you find you've found

my first therapist pre grab it grab it

is it alive yeah wait let me turn it

over and you can see the time applause

hey Lucy

let's Hardy grab it's eating some she'll

see it moving

Wow Wow

it feels funny you want to hold it you

can feel it tickling my fingers

look at the first starfish you know what

we should do with this make a bra

Darvish brawl okay first Samuel

he's not vegan he's not vegan meat at

arian just like me

she's still trying to win I'm just

taking in the nature

what did you find oh they don't call me

the Dragon Slayer for nothing I just

found a dragon and I caught him you

wanna see what it looks like yeah okay

he's a little lizard well he's a little

guy he's a little lizard right there I

got him you gotta be quick to get a

lizard like this and




I see him he just opened up his mouth if

it must be getting angry he's getting


we're SpongeBob and Patrick you see him

opening his shelf he jumped at me

earlier did he bite you laughing at

I want to hear Mike clap he was clap

clapping like the false teeth you know

that false teeth make it



that's a heaping pile of ocean or

treasure - treasure hunter you found

another one how do you see that in there

he looks all dried up no he's still

there still moisture down there did you

just say moist yeah

we're gonna we're gonna rescue you buddy

no I think he's dead he's a goner

you think so yep I think he's a bathroom

decoration now sorry Patrick sorry


is he moving no he's a goner

mm sorry Patrick

you just finding all kinds of the live

ones aren't you they open up their

mouths look see how it's slowly opening

you're out this one's open

see watch up close

I don't know if those clothes with these




shutting down shop this one's that one

that one's tighter than a pair of butt

juice with diarrhea I'm 10 feet away now

look there cuz I scared it off like an

idiot I scared it off the dolphin this

coming back you can see right there I'm

20 feet from it

I'm gonna see how close I can get

actually swimming right to me look at

this it's swimming right to me

look at this I'm 5 feet from it oh I

called him to me he's under the water

and he's right there 5 feet from him did

you guys see that

man I hope I come back he's just 5 feet

from me

by the way there sharks out here too and

they do come this close

we swim it right for me look peaceful

there right for me

look at this we're trying touch it oh my

goodness I could touch right here

since I can't find the big shelves

walking on the beach like Georgia's I

figure I'm gonna dig for them this whole

Beach has to be covering the buried

treasure it's gotta be in here somewhere

the biggest shell on Sanibel Island

okay are these doing in here yes pretty

deep down oh my god you gotta be kidding

me there's actually tree branches down

here there's gotta be big ones

Jeremy what are you doing I'm just

trying to win I'm trying to find you now

digging a hold of China I'm turning on

the biggest cell

there's no way inhales this is working I


after a full day on the beach show me

what you got

I have loved I was attracted to the ones

with the purple okay and then these are

tricolor yeah that one's brown and

orange yup then these are beautiful my

kids my girls would call those the angel

wings and I found the the clams together

I forget what they're called so remember

those supposed to be biggest shell I

have now these ones are beautiful that's

a tiny one and this is not a sand dollar

and I know a lot of people are gonna

think this is a sand dollar but it's not

it's actually a sand quarter dad jokes

did I'm pumpking I'm thinking rematch

and I'm thinking instead of biggest

shell we need to do smallest shell

I think I'm pretty sold on buying a

place here