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hey we're just going on guys DJ has here

Collective kicks calm wanted to bring

you guys this week's top 5 Tuesday video

and basically this video I wanted to

cover my top 5 online retailers that I

like to shop at I always tweet a lot of

deals and posts on Instagram a lot of

sneaker deals and if you guys don't

follow me check me out in my social

media at Hess Kicks on Twitter and

Instagram but this video comes from

south nation left a comment he was said

he wanted to see my top 5 online

retailers and so this is for you other

people mentioned this in the past as

well so shout out to them if you guys

have suggestions for future top 5

Tuesday videos I do check the comments

section leave some comments let me know

what you want to see even if you left

the comment in the past leave it again

because it is a new year and I'm trying

to compile my list and get them ready to

rock for you guys for top 5 Tuesdays so

before we get into the top 5 couple

runner ups for you guys one is Rue Villa

or Villa it is an online retailer that

actually has a lot of cool products a

lot of major brands Nikes Jordans adidas

and stuff like that they also have a

nice sales section so that's one of the

things that I focus on myself is the new

releases that ended up happening and

then anything that's on sale and they

definitely have some really sick sales

going on in fact I tweeted some last

week that were like $60 for a pair of

Air Jordan one they had a whole bunch of

different ones but they have a lot of

really really solid sales so definitely

recommend them another one on the other

end of the scale is kiff should be in my

top 5 but it actually is just not it's

why it's a runner up one of my favorite

retailers but just really really

expensive and so with that it's just not

in my top 5 but they have like if you're

if you had the money for it and the

bankroll for it it's definitely a fun

one to go shopping at also if you guys

are looking more for clothes as well as

some footwear PacSun is definitely one

that I like to shop at a lot bourbon

outfitters is another one and then also

hmm those ones are my go-to s for like

kind of a like jeans and stuff like that

and you guys actually told me about

those sites and so the last runner up is

Kix USA Kicks USA is a great online

retailer as well and they always have

sales 20% off 25% off select items

really really saw it deals and always

free shipping and I believe it has no

tax as well for me and Oregon it doesn't

matter because I don't have any

anyway but for you guys out there no tax

maybe a selling point so kicks USA is

another solid one and they do get the

Saturday morning releases usually as

well 7:00 a.m. or 8:00 a.m. so starting

off with my top 5 is finish line finish

line is one of my favorites because it

doesn't have the same cart features as

East Bay foot action Foot Locker champ

sports those ones are really hard for me

to cop sneakers from like on Saturday

morning when the drops happen at 7 a.m.

PST 10:00 a.m. est I just can never get

through and it seems to be mostly ran by

bots I can't I just I can't ever win

from those sides finish line however I

can so if you join the finish line

reward program also it's free to join

and you get $20 rewards basically if you

spend I think $200 which a pair of

sneakers is 100 to 200 dollars so after

a couple pairs of sneakers you get $20

off and you can use that on clearance

items as well which is my favorite thing

to do and another reason why this is in

the top 5 is because their clearance

items when they drop in price you don't

usually have to use coupon codes they

just have some really really solid deals

in their clearance section in fact if

you guys want to shop in to these sites

check the links in the description and

I'll list them out the new releases as

well as the clearance items but just one

of my favorite ones to just browse

through when I'm just wanting to troll

online and find some good deals so the

number 4 spot goes to an online retailer

called ubique I believe that's how you

pronounce it I bought a bunch of random

collabs and stuff like from saucony from

you BIC and they have a lot of great

quality clothing really high-end brand

names as well but it's one of those

sites so you can go shop on and it's not

you're not going to see everything that

you see from all of the major retailers

it's kind of a more niche market where

they have a 6 in Pumas and sokka knees

and converse and stuff not just your

main Nikes and Adidas and stuff like

that so if you kind of want to find like

a one-off sort of pair of sneakers you

BIC is definitely a go-to also they have

tremendous deals 60% off 70% off sales I

always try to tweet him when I see him

really really solid sale points fact

I've bought quite a few from there and

I've done a lot of unboxings from you

BIC where I've got a pair of sneakers

for under 50 bucks so another one that I

really like to shop at is one that is

overseas it is SNS or sneakers and stuff

sneakers and stuff is one of those sites

that I randomly just started like

shopping on and it's again where you

don't see your your normal stuff it's

similar to you BIC but it has a

different selection of shoes and apparel

and for that reason it's definitely one

of my favorite ones also ten dollars

shipping in the US and it's really

really fast from my experience sneakers

and stuff ships if I order on a Saturday

I get it by like a Thursday the next

week I don't know how they do it the UK

prices are different than the American

prices so sometimes a new release will

happen and it will actually be under US

retail even shipped with the $10

shipping so definitely worth at least

exploring and seeing what they have

available so another one of my favourite

online retailers is one called end n is

basically another one like sneakers and

stuff online and it's from like the UK

area I believe but they just have a lot

of really cool selections stuff that you

don't see in the US and again the prices

are a little bit different sometimes

cheaper than US prices but they seem to

get a lot of restocks they get a lot of

random medidas nmd releases they get a

lot of higher-end stuff but at the same

time it's kind of the the my favorite

combination where it's like really

high-end but then they have like really

really solid clearance deals so you can

get something that retails at $250 and

they might have it on sale for 90 bucks

or 80 bucks or something like that they

get like Nike tech knit they get like

Kanye's Yeezy season three line the one

thing you do have to note is they don't

really have us sizes listed when you

click the shoes you can actually see

what sizes are available or like the

comparison chart so it's easy to do that

but sometimes my very first time on the

side I didn't know that but definitely

one of my favorite sites one that you

guys should definitely check out solid

sales always have online new products

and they always have products that don't

necessarily mirror the US release

timeline hi guys we made it to the

number one spot so number one spot goes

to Nike comm in my opinion it's my

favorite online retailer it's one that I

shop on the most I always buy a parallel

from there I buy sneakers from there all

the time obviously joggers and pants


I love the Hurley line converse lines

now now on Nike comm as well so they

have a really diverse selection of stuff

but it's also just a great site to go

and buy stuff for some really solid

deals this hoodie action that I'm

wearing I got for like I think 67 or 68

dollars or something like that and I was

like 180 dollar hoodie it was just one

of those ones that I waited it out and

then all of a sudden I had like a 20 or

30% off code and they just randomly

released these codes and when that

happens I ended up like just

automatically going out and try to find

the best deals for myself as well as for

you guys I tweet them out again and I

post them on Instagram and collective

kicks comm if you guys are ever

wondering and right now actually they

have a ton of crazy deals they drop the

prices the 50% on a lot of stuff that

you don't normally see 50% a couple of

them come to mind is the tech knit

jogger pants they're normally 175 or

something like that I think they're like

80 I could be wrong about the numbers

but really solid prices for that

Cady's the new kts are 75 bucks 50% off

they have they just have so many that

are 50% off in fact I did a deals video

last week on some of them because it was

just kind of crazy to see 50% off no

coupon code even needed for those ones

so I'm not sure if they're gonna

readjust the prices because what happens

if a code happens and then they have 50%

off already I mean we've never really

seen deals like that that's pretty much

outlet bargain prices which which would

be awesome if we actually start seeing

online but Nike comm is definitely my

favorite one adidas comm is a good site

as well they always have obviously the

new products coming for Adidas and the

new ultra boost pure boost joints that

are coming out that I really really want

I believe it's today or the next day but

honestly adidas shipping is really

really difficult it doesn't really track

the progress of the package whenever I

buy from them for some reason also their

sales section is okay it doesn't have

like too much going on in the sales

section I wish it did but but for the

new products adidas is good but that's

pretty much my top 5 though leave some

comments and let me know in the comment

section below what is your online

retailer of choice if you guys are new

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