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Which Brand Makes The Best SKINNY JEANS?

hey guys it's Emily welcome back today

is the day where I test out my

subscribers all-time favorite jeans and

oh my god the results were not what I

expected so a couple weeks ago I asked

you guys on Instagram what your most

loved most worn Holy Grail pair of jeans

was then I dumped all that information

into Excel tallied up the top 5 and

spent four hundred dollars buying one of

each in my size which brings us to today

so in today's video I am gonna be trying

on all five pairs and ranking them on

three different things

faked quality and value so each one will

get a total score from me and in the end

we'll see how my ranking compares to

yours so let's jump in I'm so excited

about this concept are you guys excited

so first of all I just want to say that

out of all the responses I got 50% of

them were one of the top 5 which is

pretty crazy if you think about it that

means that out of all of the different

brands and styles out there 1 out of 2

of my subscribers had a favorite pair of

jeans that was one of these top 5 so

what were the top 5 you may be wondering

let's start with the fifth most popular

pair the fifth most popular pair were

the H&M high rise straight leg ankle

jeans so for each pair of jeans before

trying them on and giving you my

thoughts I'm just going to run through

the details of each pair the price the

sizing the description so this pair of

jeans from H&M is $29.99 they describe

these jeans as ankle length jeans

stretch denim with a high waist and a

relaxed straight leg fits the

composition is 99% cotton and 1%

elastane in terms of sizing if they have

eight different sizes ranging from zero

to 14 and they also offer petite sizing

for some of the colors and finally the

specific color that I bought these in is

called light denim blue so let's try

these on and see what I think okay so I

have the first pair on these are the H&M

straight-leg Jean with the highways

already they feel so good they're really

really soft and stretchy in terms of fit

I am

noticing a couple things first is around

this area there's a little bit of

pulling trying to not be such a crotch

shot here but we have to talk about it

if we're going to talk about jeans

it feels good around the waist but it's

definitely bunching up a little bit here

it's pulling a little bit there and then

my typical problem with jeans is that I

get bagging right in like this area

which is happening just a little bit I'd

rather be more sucked in and then

another thing I'm noticing is that the

pockets are a little bit strangely

placed I'll show you guys in the Tryon

section but I feel like the pockets are

really low which makes your butt not

look the best that it could in terms of

quality this is definitely the least

expensive pair and it shows a little bit

like this buckles kind of off-center

there's kind of a weird wave action

going on with the stitching up here but

they're definitely not that bad still

super soft and comfortable and I'm

really nitpicking here after all these

are your guys is like top top favorites

and overall I actually think it's a

really flattering pair of jeans I'm

gonna give this pair a 4 for fit because

I actually feel like they're pretty

flattering there's just like I said a

couple of things that are a little bit

off including like the butt pockets and

stuff for quality I'm gonna have to go

with a 3 just because I can tell that

this is not the highest quality pair of

jeans for value I am gonna give this a 4

though because I feel like overall it's

a pretty good value for what you pay for

which is only $29 so the final score for

these guys is Ana women let's see how it

compares to the others alright moving

right along to the fourth most popular

pair of jeans that you guys recommended

those were the American Eagle high waist

jegging this was one that I was really

surprised was so popular I was honestly

not expecting American Eagle to make the

top 5 American Eagle is a brand that I

personally haven't shopped for in years

and I was also surprised that the word

jegging made the top 5 and it's actually

kind of funny because in some of the

responses you guys were like don't be

turned off by the fact that they use the

word jegging like it's

like a really nice stretchy pair of

skinny jeans but this was just one that

I would have never in a million years

picked up myself so some details on this


the price is 49.95 they're described as

a next-level stretch lycra technology to

not bag out soft and comfortable high

rise skinny so they market these as

having some kind of like patented

stretch anti stretch out technology

which is kind of cool these are made of

90% cotton 8% polyester and 2% elastane

they come in 12 sizes from size 0 0 to

20 and they come in five different

lengths from extra short to extra long

and finally I got these in the color

fresh bright so let's try them on and

see what I think all right jeans number

two these are the American Eagle high

rise jegging I haven't bought anything

from American Eagle in so long but these

jeans are super nice like first

impressions I'm kind of loving them I

really really like the fit of these I

feel like they're molding to my body

pretty perfectly I don't have any issues

honestly like I'm not getting the

pulling here I don't have any extra

fabric bulging anywhere

it feels really good around my waist the

fabric is actually nice and thick

- but pockets looking good really like

stretchy and comfortable I feel like I

can move around and stuff also the

pockets are super deep like my fingers

can go all the way down I don't know why

but I feel like that's a bonus I really

like these Wow I would have never in a

million years thought to buy American

Eagle jeans for fit I would give these a

five like they fit really really well

they're definitely super super stretchy

so I can see these working for a lot of

different body types quality wise I

don't have that many gripes I think the

one thing that I'm seeing the only weird

thing I'm seeing is this right here do

you see how like the stitching kind of

looks like it's getting pulled a little

bit I think just because of the


of the jeans but they don't feel like

they're too small on me or anything so

it's just I think kind of a weird aspect

right there but I

that the quality feels really really

nice they're really soft the one thing

that I'm noticing while putting these on

is they have a really strong scent or

smell they smell really heavily like

chlorine or bleach or something which is

slightly off-putting just because they

smell very plasticky which is kind of

weird but so quality I think I'm gonna

give these a four they're not quite

perfect quality but they're definitely

really really good I would say like a

high four value I want to give these a

five because I'm super impressed with

the fit I think they look really really

good they're super soft really stretchy

nice and thick and the price is on the

low side these are less than 50 dollars

and I think they're really good pair of

jeans for fifty dollars so I really like

these these ones are a good one guys

these got a total score of 14 which is

not bad at all and definitely a good

recommendation so yeah these ones are

looking good alright so the third most

popular pair of jeans were these these

are at the Madewell

high rise skinny this one wasn't a

surprise to me I know made well it's

known for having really high quality

jeans same with like j.crew so I wasn't

too shocked to see these ones on the

list so the details of these jeans these

are a hundred and twenty-eight dollars

which was the most expensive pair that

made the top five they're described as

lean and sexy jeans sky high rise and a

super sleek effect due to magic pockets

in front that hold you in

so they market these pockets as being

magical and that they like tuck you in

and make you feel extra sucked in

these ones are 88 % cotton 8% polyester

and 4% elastane they come in 15

different sizes from 23 to 37 and 4

different lengths from petite to taller

and then finally I got these in the

color Lucille

so let's try them on and see what I

think alright onto the third pair these

are the Madewell

high rise skinny immediately I can tell

that this is a really nice pair of jeans

this is the most expensive pair of the

five and you can definitely

tell in the quality the fabric is just

super thick on these like you feel

completely kind of like sucked in held

in place the butt pocket placement is

really nice I feel like they're super

flattering just a really nice pair of

jeans in terms of quality I just want to

show you guys the difference like see

how much straighter these stitches are

and just how much flatter everything

around this area is that's how you can

really tell it's a nice high quality

pair of denim everything just lays

really really smoothly and doesn't bunch

up weirdly in any place but at the same

time I feel like these maintain their

stretch really nicely even though

there's such a thick material super nice

honestly Dan you guys are good I

honestly rarely have this much luck

trying on jeans I feel like every single

pair of so far has been pretty

flattering honestly like you guys are

good so these guys I definitely think

deserve five spur fit and quality it's

just honestly spot-on I can't find a

single flaw in terms of fit and quality

of these jeans for value though I am

gonna bump these down a little bit just

because they are the most expensive pair

128 dollars I'm gonna give them a 3/4

value even though the quality and the

fit is definitely the best we've seen so

far 120 is still pretty expensive pair

of jeans and so maybe not the best value

here so these ones got a total score of

13 overall I'm very impressed with these

I'm just I'm like you guys are so good

your favorite jeans are like on point

honestly so yeah these are definitely a

good one

alright guys moving on to the second

most popular pair of jeans which were

these these are the Levi's 501 skinnies

and I was not surprised that these were

so high up on the list so these jeans

are 98 dollars they're described as

being non stretched with a vintage

appeal ankle length high rise and a

button fly these are 100% cotton

hence the no stretch these are the only

pair of no stretch jeans that made the

top 5 they have about 9 size

from 24 to 32 give or take some styles

have a few more sizes and they come in

two different length options a 28 or 30

I got these in the color can't touch

this so let's try these on it and see it

what I thought okay this is pair number

four these are the Levi's 501 skinny

these are more like a mom style Jean and

they're not working out for me too well

they don't look too bad on camera but

I'm going to show you all the little

things that I'm having issues with with

these so these are a non-stretch denim

which is always a really tricky type of

denim to get the right fit for because

they really don't have any give and I'm

having my typical problems with jeans

that don't fit me which is that they're

a little bit tight in the waist and then

really really baggy in like the upper

thigh area so you can see like this just

looks all wrong it looks very strange

there's a lot of extra fabric for me but

then everything's kind of pulling

weirdly right up here definitely not

really working out for me that well I

also feel like the knees are really

tight there's a place I'm distressing

but I'm like scared to bend my knees any

further because I just feel like they're

gonna rip so they're tight and weird

places and lose some weird places but

since they are Levi's I can tell that

the quality is really good like they're

nice and thick and I think they would

flatter a different body type someone

with a bit more curves wear like maybe

their hips and their butt would kind of

fill out this extra fabric here but if

you're a little stick like me that's

like shaped more straight I don't know

if these are really gonna work for you

that well the wash of them is really

pretty though I like the color so sadly

these are definitely my least favorite

of the five that I tried on I'm gonna

have to give these a to forfeit just

because there's no way that I would ever

keep these just because they just don't

fit me they're really not that

comfortable for quality I'm gonna give

these a 4 because they are Levi's

they're good quality I can tell the

fabrics nice and thick there's a couple

weird things that I can't tell if it's

because of the size and the fit or the

quality like I feel like this whole area

is kind of wonky and lopsided the fit to

like is

they bag you right underneath my butt

for value I'm gonna give these guys a

three because they weren't the most

expensive they are 98 dollars which is

kind of like mid price point but for me

the fit and the quality don't justify

the price so I think the three is a fair

score in terms of that so the total

score for these is a nine which i think

is the lowest score we've had so far

unfortunately I would love to be able to

find more non-stretch mom jeans that fit

me super well but right now these were a

no-go for me all right guys are you

ready to know what the number one most

popular pair of jeans was drumroll

please it was the Levi's 721 high rise

skinny jean I honestly had no idea going

into this what would end up being the

number one pair of jeans that you guys

recommended that's why I was so curious

to do this video but after I got the

results back I feel like yeah that kind

of makes sense so these jeans range in

price from $59.99 em skinny ankle length

these are 74 percent cotton 22 %

polyester and 4% elastane which is the

lowest percentage of cotton and highest

percentage of like polyester and

elastane that we've seen in the top five

same sizing as the other pair of Levi's

there's like nine sizes give or take

between 24 and 32 and two different

lengths and lastly I got mine in the

color lol so let's try these on and see

what I think all right this is pair

number four these are the Levi's 721

high rise skinny jeans and these are


these are bomb I'm like really loving

these right now

I feel like they're just like doing all

the right things these look and feel

really really similar to the American

Eagle jeggings they're both kind of that

same super super super stretchy skinny

material high waist but they go down all

the way and there

really kind of skin-tight all the way

down to your ankles I feel like they fit

just as well as the American Eagle

there's just a couple differences in

terms of quality the zipper area is laid

flat everything looks better like the

stitches here are flat I also think the

butt pockets for these Levi's are just

way more flattering like look how round

my butt looks and I literally like have

a flat butt definitely makes the butt

look poppin so these are really nice I

would give these honestly I would give

these a five across the board

I haven't fit definitely a five for sure

quality I would say is definitely a five

I don't see any flaws in terms of

quality and then I would also give these

a five for value because even though

they range in price you can find this

style for $59 which is only nine dollars

more than the American Eagle jeans and I

feel like that matches the step up in

quality so I think you're getting a

really good value for these jeans as

well these got a perfect score in my

book these got a 15 I think these are

definitely the winner which is kind of

funny because it was also the number one

most popular pair of jeans that you guys

recommended so I totally see why now and

now I want these in a bunch of different

colors so yeah okay so now that I've

tried everything on let's compare my

final ranking to the popularity of these

jeans from you guys so just as a

refresher this was the ranking of the

most popular jeans according to you guys

number five was the hmm straight high

ankle jean number four was the American

Eagle high waisted jegging

number three was the made well highway

skinny number two was the Levi's 501

skinny and number one was the Levi's 721

high-rise skinny so let's compare that

to my final ranking so coming up at

number five it was the Levi's 501 these

just didn't work on me they bagged in

the wrong places and were tight in the

wrong places and I think it's because

they were a no stretch denim which is

notoriously one of the harder styles of

denim to find the perfect fit number

four for me was the hmm straight leg

ankle Jean the fit was okay here value

was pretty good but for me the quality

just fell below what I like in my

perfect pair of jeans which is why he's

ranked at number four number three from

it was the maid well high-rise skinny

which was also number three for your

guys's ranking these were a really solid

pair of jeans honestly they fit me so

well they looked really good very

slimming super sick high quality

material but the price is really high

and being the highest price point out of

all of these jeans I didn't think that

they beat out the other two pairs that

made the higher ranking so these stayed

at number three for me number two for me

were the American Eagle high waisted

jegging this was the most shocking

result for me I was so surprised at how

well the American Eagle jeans fit and at

such an amazing price to fit and value I

gave these jeans a five for good reason

I really couldn't find any flaws in

terms of fit quality I had to bring it

down a notch just for a few minor things

but these are a really really good dupe

for what ends up being my number one

pair of jeans which matches your guys's

ranking as well and it's the Levi's 721

high rise skinny these jeans were so

incredible that I've already been

looking at the website to see what other

colors they make in this style i rated

this pair of jeans with fives across the

board especially since they have certain

styles of the 721 that they sell for $59

which is really similar to the price

point of the American Eagle jeans and

you're getting a bump up in quality so

yes that concludes today's video I

really hope you guys like this concept

you guys always get to hear my favorites

and it was so much fun to be able to

hear what your favorites were so make

sure to give this video a thumbs up and

leave in the comments below

all of your different thoughts and yeah

that is all I have for you guys today I

love you guys so much to the moon and

back and I will see you in my next video