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Best Street Art to See in London | London Travel Guide | Love and London

There is so much street art around London so Taylor and I are gonna go take some photos

and we're gonna take you along with us so we can show you some of the spots.

By the way everything that we're going to show you in this video is marked off on 'The Local Guide to London's'

digital map but we will talk about that a little bit later.

First off, we're starting in Brixton where you can now find though now world-famous David Bowie memorial.

Bowie was born and grew up in Brixton so the locals in the area were of course shocked and saddened

by his death a couple of years ago.

Every day, even though it is usually cleared out within a few hours,

there are still people that are placing items at the memorial painting.

Shoreditch is a prime location for street art in London.

If you want to spot a Banksy in the flesh you can go to Dray walk and spot his pink car

or you can see one of his pieces along Rivington Street at cargo bar.

If you walk around you might spot some of the colorful pieces by Thierry Noir,

or a distinct Nathan Bowen piece or just something created by a totally unknown artist.

Street art especially around Shoreditch changes all the time so something might be there today,

but then gone tomorrow and completely covered by another piece of art. That's the fun of it!

We're now in Camden where there is a ton of street art, a lot of it is Amy Winehouse tribute street art,

so there's a couple pieces that are quite famous here

as well as just other pieces by artists that are famous around the world.

Tailor's had to leave me now, so I'm continuing my Instagram photo mission on my own.

We are now in Notting Hill which is a little bit of a tougher place to find street art,

you have to know where you're going but there are some beautiful pieces here that are either done

by just rogue artists or there's a lot of buildings around here with businesses

have actually commissioned artists to make the sides of their buildings so beautiful.

One of the most interesting things about street art is that it changes constantly!

For example there's this piece here that's been here for a while and Notting Hill used to look like this

and now it looks like this.

A couple of other notable pieces in the area is the XL recording studio

which is where Adele actually recorded her first album,

the exterior that is very instagramming

and also the echoes of Spain mosaic,

it's really hard to find this one but it is a beautiful mosaic that was created to honor the Spanish refugees

that came to the UK during the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s

and to commemorate those from Kensington who fought the fascists during that time.

All the major pieces of art and areas that are mentioned in this video are marked off on the digital map of

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