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SWEATER GUIDE | How To Find Great Knits

one of my absolute favorite things about

this time of year is that we get to wear

sweaters so in today's video I want to

go over kind of a sweater guide 101 some

of the things that I've learned over the

years we're gonna cover some of the

silhouettes that I really like and some

that I think are really versatile for

your own wardrobe some of the materials

I like to look for in my sweaters some

of my favorite places to buy great

sweaters and then also just a really

top-line overview of how you can care

for your sweaters that they last as long

as possible and then in my next video

after this coming later in the week I'll

be sharing a lookbook featuring some of

my own personal sweaters and some of my

favorite ways to style them to help give

you maybe some inspiration because I

know as we get to the end of the season

it can really start to drag on and

sometimes the inspiration can be lacking

before the cold weather pieces because

we just wanted to be spring already so

let's hop right into the video when it

comes to the sweater silhouettes or

styles that you can choose from it seems

like they're being updated constantly

but today I'm gonna cover some of the

basic ones that I like for my own

personal wardrobe these are some of the

styles that I think are really easy to

work with they build pretty much with

everything so you don't really have to

worry about them potentially not jiving

with another piece in your wardrobe

because they're really easy to style

first on that list is going to be a

basic cardigan I like this to be

slightly veed in the front a little bit

of a dip because I'm a little bit on the

shorter side and smaller framed and I

like how it opens things up but I also

have some that are just a standard

crewneck I think a lot of times people

think of cardigans as being matronly or

a little bit outdated but I don't think

that's true I think they're really nice

and it's definitely something to

consider having in your wardrobe because

you can easily throw it on a lighter

piece for example during spring and

summer when it's really cold inside and

really hot outside it's an easy layering

piece you can take on and off and then

also they come in so many different

colors and

so you can really wear them year-round

I'm a huge fan and I have quite a few in

my wardrobe which I'll share in the

video that I mentioned earlier coming

later in the week and then for the non

cardigan sweater styles or silhouettes

there are three basic ones a v-neck a

crewneck and a turtleneck I really

really love all three I tend to

gravitate mostly towards crew necks as

you can see I'm wearing one today

because I think they layer really well

you don't really have to overthink it

you can throw them on top of most things

and they tend to be really flattering

now if you're someone that's maybe a

little bit on the shorter side you want

to really open things up or you tend to

be heavy chested you'll probably prefer

a moderate v-neck it tends to draw the

eye down making you look taller and

thinner and it's something that's really

nice to wear especially in the spring

because you want to be open and a little

bit lighter than you have been all

summer all winter long but you also

don't want to be freezing so it's a nice

happy medium for the two you're not

totally exposed but you're also kind of

embracing spring a little bit and then

of course you have turtlenecks I really

love turtlenecks I like them in a really

chunky knit I think it's super cozy and

it looks really nice layered underneath

the jackets during the winter and the

fall especially now when it comes to

sweater materials I really like natural

fibers I think that they are so

wonderful because they're really cozy

they're really comfortable to wear

unless you have an allergy definitely

double check you're not allergic to wool

or anything because that will be very

uncomfortable for you but they're very

warm but also breathable so I really

love cotton wool cashmere and then any

blend of those another one that I think

is really nice is to take one of those

warmer fibers and then throw in some

silk I think that it is so luxurious it

feels so soft and it's still warm and it

also often times give you it's you a


your weight material that you can wear

more easily into spring so if you want a

sweater that you can wear kind of

year-round I recommend either cotton or

a light wool a very very thin wool they

make really beautiful fine wool sweaters

nowadays and then find something with a

little bit of silk mixed in and you'll

be living in the lap of luxury and

you'll feel so cozy but also not

suffocating as it starts to get warmer

if you've been to this channel before

then you know that I can't have a

sweater guide without mentioning

everlean I have quite a few of their

cashmere sweaters and cotton sweaters

and I think they're fantastic they're

very reasonable they're very very

comfortable to wear and they've got a

really nice cut so the one that I'm

wearing right now is kind of a looser

fit and I personally really like this

style it's something that's oversized

but not too baggy so it complements my

personal preferences very well and then

also their standard crew necks are

wonderful in cashmere I think they're

they're so nice and if you're looking

for a basic sweater to segue into

cashmere potentially or just to have

something luxurious that you can wear

regular ly then I think they're a really

great place to look at similarly to ever

Lane I've had very good luck with Corona

they make very luxurious pieces at a

very reasonable price point and I have

one of their crew neck cashmere sweaters

it's so soft and really comfortable the

color is really nice and then also their

turtleneck which is really really nice

because it's not too tight around the

neck I find that grana does petites a

little bit better they don't market it

exactly as paquetes but I find that it

fits more like petite sizing so if

you're kind of in-between or if you've

tried ever laying in the

a little too big then consider looking

into grana because I really like them

and the newest affordable cashmere

retailer on the market is not them

they offer a $75 crew and v-neck

cashmere option that's really nice it's

a unisex size so it fits both men and

women and they have a couple to choose

from I have the smaller size and it fits

over size but not crazy baggy so I think

it's a flattering kind of a big look you

know it's kind of what you want your

sweaters to look like but you don't look

like you're drowning in them for

reference if you're new I'm 5 3 and 3/4

and I tend to favor 14 sizing because I

have shorter limbs and stuff but it fits

really well I've also had good luck with

the material it hasn't filled

excessively and then also it's mourned

really well it doesn't look tattered or

old but I will say that I've heard the

opposite from other people so be mindful

of that

definitely check not only my personal

opinion and reviews but also others

available on the internet because you

don't want to buy something that's

affordable but not well made now if you

really like the look of a fisherman

sweater a traditional fisherman style

sweater in cotton then I definitely

recommend l.l.bean I have there their

classic fisherman sweater and I really

love it it's really cozy really

comfortable it's slim because I got it

in the smaller size I think I size down

but you've been very easily size up the

proportions stay very very nice and it

gets you that kind of relaxed by the

seaside Diane Keaton something's got to

give them kind of vibe and I think it's

very flattering it's a really nice heavy

cotton but it's still soft and very very

comfortable to wear and then of course

secondhand vintage thrift stores eBay

Etsy all of those are fantastic

retailers for sweaters I have some of my

absolute favorite sweaters from places

like that and they are beautiful they

are in luxurious fabrics but they were a

steal so if you are looking to

incorporate more of these materials into

your wardrobe maybe you want to start

purchasing things that you can have

around for many years but you don't have

upwards of 75 to $100 to spend on

something then definitely check their

stores vintage shops antique malls and

then eBay and Etsy you will be amazed

what you can find in incredible

construction in silhouettes at a

fraction of the price I've paid as

little as twenty dollars for her

cashmere sweater before so don't

hesitate to check there I have the guide

all about shopping secondhand vintage

I'll link it here for you but definitely

try to dip your toes in because you can

get some amazing pieces that are not

only beautiful but also oftentimes very

unique which helps really add something

nice to your personal style now I want

to share some of my top line tips for

caring for your sweaters and storing

them so they last a really long time I'm

not going to go into too much detail I

can definitely go into more detail in

another video let me know if that's

something you're interested in but these

are just some of the top pointers to

keep in mind so my first tip is to hand

wash them I know it sounds tedious if

you're not familiar with and washing

your clothing then it can be a bit of an

adjustment but once you get used to it

you're in a take pride in caring for

your clothing and really enjoy the

process of making sure that something

lasts a long time and I find that for me

hand washing is almost therapeutic in a

sense I know it sounds really weird but

it is because I'm sitting there kind of

reminding myself of all the time and

energy that I put into my wardrobe and

all the time and energy I put into

choosing that particular piece and I

really want it to last a long time so I

hand wash in a bowl of lukewarm water

with a very mild detergent I'll link the

one that I use down below it lasts a

very long time so I know the price can

seem a little high at first but it's a

fantastic product and then once it's

done all the dirts out and all the grime

is out

I won't wring it very very gently I

don't go crazy because you don't want to

shape the sweater and cause it

stretch out or anything and then I will

dry it on a towel draped across a

clothing rack and then also if you're

really really short on time with

cashmere and wool sweaters you can

actually fold them put them in a ziplock

bag and then put them in the freezer

leave them in there for about an hour

and they will be disinfected it's a

really really good tip and something

that I've done when I've been in a time

crunch before another very important

part of sweater maintenance is removing

the pills so oftentimes you'll have a

sweater in a material like cashmere or

wool and those fabrics do have a

tendency to pill

so those are those little balls of

fabric that you see and they can make

the sweater look very tattered and

really old when it's really not so just

taking those off can really revive it

and make it look brand new I like to use

a sweater comb for this it's something

that you can find pretty much anywhere

they're very inexpensive but if you

don't have one you don't want to buy one

and you really just want to kind of

handle it another way then you can use a

dull razor blade just a razor that you

used to shave your legs make sure that

you can run it against your hand without

causing any rips in your skin and as

long as you can do that you can use that

on your sweater run it very delicately

along any pills and they'll come off and

it'll be so simple you didn't just clean

the razor and the sweater will look

basically brand new it's also a really

good thing to keep in mind when buying a

sweater secondhand because sometimes

you'll find sweaters that are beautiful

they look basically brand new except

it's hidden beneath all of those pills

so if you are in a store for example

touching a secondhand sweater and you're

not positive if it's salvageable then go

through and try to remove some of them

with your fingertips if they come off

easily then it's something you can

probably handle and in my last two tips

first sweater care has to do with

storage so you never want to hang your

sweaters I know I've displayed my

sweaters on hangers and past videos but

that's just for the video and I really

should have clarified that in those

videos because if you store them like

that you

and cause permanent marks and the

shoulders so definitely take them off

the hangers and fold them nicely and put

them in a drawer or one of those nights

colander display things that you can get

for your closet and then if you're

worried about bugs or moths and you just

want to keep things feeling and smelling

fresh then you might want to consider

putting a lavender sachet in your drawer

I'd something that I do with all of my

clothes but I particularly like it for

my sweaters because my sweaters end up

smelling like lavender and I really like

lavender and then the last thing I want

to say before I close out this video is

that if you ever feel discouraged about

spending so much time on your sweaters

maybe you really I really don't want to

hand wash and hand dry and go through

all of that and deep hill and worry

about moths then maybe it'll help you to

think about investing in something that

you can have for many years to come and

then potentially hand down I have a

sweater in my collection that I don't

wear because it's far too precious to me

but it belonged to my grandmother and it

was passed down to me and it still looks

brand-new because it was looked after

with such love and affection and cared

for really well so if you like that type

of approach then that might be the

motivation you need to really take the

time to care for your sweaters spend

time finding those that are gonna be

perfect for your wardrobe and then

really look after them because it can be

a beautiful thing that you can look at

fondly for years to come and then even

potentially pass down to future

generations if you'd like to see more

videos like this along with some of my

top tips for doing more with less I

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you so much for watching and I'll see

you in my next one

have a great day