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Which Brand Makes The Best SWEATPANTS?

today I am testing out my subscribers

favorite sweatpants so as always I asked

you guys on Instagram what your all-time

favorite pair of sweatpants was I dumped

all that information into Excel I

tallied up the top 5 and I bought one of

each and my size also quick thank you to

today's sponsor which is scale share but

I will be talking more about that later

on in the video so I have 5 pairs of

squishy sweatpants to show you and let's

just get started so the fifth most

popular pair of sweatpants according to

you guys were the champion jersey

sweatpants so for each of the five pairs

of sweatpants I'm going to run through

the details things like pricing sizing

material and then we'll cut to a trial

clip where I'll walk you through my

thoughts more in detail about each one

these are the most affordable out of the

five pairs they're only $17.50 these are

in the color Oxford gray and they're 90%

cotton 10 percent polyester these pants

come in sizes small through extra-large

and I got mine in size small for

reference for sizing I am 5 foot 6 I

usually wear a size 26 in jeans and my

waist is 26 inches so let's cut to the

triumph lips and see what I think can I

just say how happy I am to be filming a

video about sweat pants right now like I

am so excited to try all these on okay

here's the first pair so I asked you

guys again on Instagram to tell me the

qualities that you look for in the

perfect pair of sweat pants there were

five different qualities that came up

over and over again so I'm gonna touch

on all five things for all 5 pairs so

the first quality you guys cared about

was bagginess and the preference is

actually different if some of you prefer

more baggy sweat pant and some of you

perform more fitted sweat pant so the

champion Jersey sweat parents are very

baggy as you can see these I think are

gonna end up being the baggiest out of

all 5 pairs if I kind of pull them out

like this you can see how much room they

have their super roomy very baggy and

very comfortable the next thing you guys

cared a lot about was softness

so these feels super soft they feel

really good on my skin they don't feel

scratchy or itchy or anything but

they're definitely not the softest and

they don't have that like velvety touch

or anything it just feels like a nice

kind of soft typical cotton material the

next quality you guys cared about with

thickness of

the material so these are the thinnest

out of the five they're a very thin

material but that doesn't mean that

they're shear they're still definitely

opaque they just don't have that like

squishy thickness that some of the other

pairs have you can kind of see from me

like pinching the material in my hand

how thin it is I think for the most part

you guys prefer a thicker sweatpants but

there were some responses that prefer a

thinner sweatpants so again it's all

about preference but I'm here to tell

you all of the objective details about

each pairs of that you can pick the

right one for you the fourth thing that

you guys wanted to know about was

whether or not they had an elastic

around the ankles and how like loose or

tight that elastic was so these champion

ones do not have elastic around the

ankles it is a loose ankle and then the

fifth thing you guys really cared about

was elastic around the waist fitted

waist baggy waist again it depends on

your body type your preference

these have a drawstring waistband so

that gives a little bit more wiggle room

they go like this they're very like

expandable not the tightest waistband

out of the box but you can make it

tighter with the drawstring and then

there's also certain things that are

more just like yes or no like does it

have it does it not have it that you

guys wanted to know about so first was

pockets these ones do not have pockets

the second thing was drawstring so this

one does have a drawstring you guys also

wanted me to show how long each one was

so these are really super super long

they drag on the floor for me and then

lining was another thing you wanted to

know these do not have any lining and

then lastly sagginess in certain areas

so this part I don't think honestly is

that flattering on this pair of

sweatpants like I think it's because

these are a little big on me this is the

smallest size is a small and so I have

to kind of tighten the waistband a lot

which creates this bunching right here

which is not that flattering the butt

though is not that saggy so yeah

fifth most popular pair right here a

good affordable option but we'll see you

how the rest

turn out okay so the fourth most popular

pair of sweatpants according to you guys

can you tell by the stripes so these are

the adidas superstar sweatpants the

SST track pants these are $65 but I got

them on sale on Nordstrom where they're

currently $45.99 the material of these

is 70% polyester 25% cotton and 5% at

lasting and they come in sizes extra

extra small to extra large I got mine in

a size extra small so let's try these on

and see what I think right off the bat

I'm gonna say these are definitely not

my favorite but I just feel so not

myself and these I feel like I'm like so

not an athlete so not a sporty person so

I feel very athletic in these and it's

just weird but anyway I'm gonna rate

these objectively for you guys to make

your own decision okay so first up


these are super tight especially around

the calves so these are like the polar

opposite from the champion sweat pants

these are the tightest out of the five

I'm turning up the brightness just for a

second to show you guys this is like the

weirdest angle ever but these back for

me a little bit around the thighs and

then they get super tight down by my

calves so next up is softness I would

say that these aren't necessarily soft

when I think of like a soft sweatpants

material I think more of like a fleecy

kind of cotton material that's super

super squishy and soft

these are definitely more of like

athletic wear it definitely feels more

polyester than cotton to me they're not

it's you're anything but definitely on

the less soft side in terms of thickness

they're very very thick it's a very

thick material but it's not a squishy

material like the material reminds me of

like a track jacket or something like

it's heavy like that and you can kind of

feel the weight of the material on your

legs as you're wearing these I will do

this to show you guys what I mean like

it's hard for me to even grab it but

feel like you can tell how thick this is

the next thing is ankles and how tight

these are around the ankles these are

super tight around the ankles but not

due to an elastic it's just due to the

tapering silhouette of the pants but

they do have a zipper so you can unzip

them and kind of like flare them out if

you want to that even unzipped it still

looks very tapered next thing is

waistband and tightness of the waistband

so this is an elastic waistband

about this much wiggle room in the size

extra small definitely snug around the

waist and since the materials a little

bit thicker and the band is pretty wide

like it's a pretty secure feeling

waistband everything about this pant is

very like kind of like sucks you in a

little bit other random things length

fits me perfectly for being five foot

six so it hits me right at my ankles

these also do have pockets it's a zip

pocket but they have pockets they're

nice and deep right back up these don't

have any lining so there's no fleece

lining or anything like that for me

these give me a baggy crotch for sure

because I don't have very wide hips

I'm very straight shape so a lot of

times I get bagging around this area

which is happening with these pants but

the butt again does not bunch as much

all right so the third most popular pair

of sweatpants according to you guys were

the Nike Sportswear essential fleece

sweatpants so these guys are $60 so just

a hair cheaper than the adidas at full

price the material of these is 80%

cotton and 20% polyester and they come

in sizes extra small to extra

extra-large I got mine in a size extra

small so let's try on these Nikes and

see what I think I feel like we're

leveling up guys I'm liking these a lot

so far they feel really comfortable and

really good so let's start off with

bagginess I would say that these are

actually not too baggy not too tight I

feel like they're somewhere in the

middle maybe leaning even a little bit

more towards the tight side the more

fitted side if I pull you can see they

have definitely stretched to them

nowhere near as baggy as the champion

sweats softness factor these are

definitely softer than the first two

pairs they feel super plush they have a

hint of that kind of like velvety

softness to them definitely really cozy

and comfortable and then the inside of

these pants have a fleece lining so they

stick me tell my pants and feel it like

it definitely got that soft delicious

fleecy texture to it and that's what's

hitting your skin so it's soft on the

outside but also feels super cozy and

fleecy and yummy on the inside these are

also pretty thick so they're thicker

definitely than the champion I

say they're on par with the adidas but

they're a different material which makes

them feel a little bit thicker because

they're more squishy and bouncy you can

see how thick they feel between my

fingers pretty thick and then ankle

elastic and tapered miss around the

ankles these are on the more tapered

side and they do have an ankle elastic

that's actually pretty tight around your

ankles the ankle elastic is one of these

so it's like that wider band not the

ones that look more like a waist band so

it's comfortable because it's kind of

flat and wide on your ankle and then

waist band so this waistband feels

similar to the adidas one where it's

nice and fitted I have about this much

room and it has a drawstring so the

champion sweatpants had a drawstring

which helped you adjust the tightness of

the waistband but it didn't have any

stretch it didn't have any elastic this

kind of has the best of both worlds

because it definitely has an elasticity

to it but then it also has this

drawstring so even if you tie it really

tightly you still kind of get a little

bit of give around the waist which is my

opinion more comfortable than just a

straight-up drawstring with no elastic

and the waistband is also super thick

and nice as you can see and then we'll

hit the other things quickly lengthwise

very similar to the adidas superstar

track pants on me a very average five

foot six height they hit me perfectly at

the bottom of my legs if you're taller

these might be short on you these ones

also have pockets so you can see a very

traditional pocket no zipper or anything

and it's nice and big goes all the way

down here so this whole section actually

feels like super thick and double line

because you have that entire pocket

lining as well I also feel like these

are very flattering around this area

around the hips I'm not getting any

weird bunching up of the fabric same

thing from behind I actually feel like

these are one of the most flattering

from the back but yeah these are super

flattering super nice comfortable pair

of sweatpants these are the kind of

sweatpants that I feel like you could

just style up and wear out of the house

and feel comfortable in they don't look

like pajamas they look like a really

nice quality sweatpants all right we're

at the top two so the second most

popular pair of sweatpants according to

you guys were these let me know if you


brand because I didn't when I was

tallying up these totals these are at

the roots salt and pepper

sweatpants this is an example right here

of why I love making these videos so

much because obviously because it helps

you guys discover your new favorite

whatever a pair of clothing that I'm

making a video on but it also helps me

to discover new brands too roots was a

brand that I had never heard of in my

life and then I realized that it's a

Canadian brand and I'm pretty sure all

of my Canadian followers who

participated in the poll voted these

route sweatpants as their top favorite

these are 74 US dollars so they're a bit

pricier than the Nikes and the adidas

they come in sizes extra extra small to

extra extra-large I got mine in an extra

small they also come in multiple

different colors and they come in

different lengths so if you're tall they

have a long version on their website and

these are 55 percent cotton and 45%

polyester fleece so let's try these

Canadian sweatpants on and see what I

think okay fourth most popular pair of

sweatpants was one that I had never

heard of in my life so these are the

roots salt and pepper sweatpants and I

think they're called salt and pepper

sweatpants because of the color you can

see the color has this amazing

salt-and-pepper heathering to it so

bagginess these are baggy err than the

Nikes and the edita is the less baggy

than the champion they're similar in

like the upper thigh area but you can

tell the difference a lot towards the

bottom they're looser around the calves

and the lower thigh for sure they don't

have as much of that tapered look I feel

like the tapered look gives a more

sporty effect wear something like this

just feels like a really really good

silhouette for just a casual loungewear

sweatpants I really like the silhouette

of these I think they're just like

classic and nice and simple softness

wise these are super super soft we're

getting softer and softer these feel so

good on your legs they feel incredibly

soft like the outside is soft but it has

a little bit of texture to it I think

the intense amount of heathering creates

a little bit of texture that you can

definitely feel with your hands not that

it's like rainy or anything but you can

feel the texture I don't know I just

love it it feels so cozy and nice the

nike ones are more uniform in color and

in thread so

don't get that like kind of texture but

then oh my god guys the way that these

feel on my legs on the inside is like an

actual cloud like I just have to stick

my hand in to like feel it with my

fingertips to really be able to describe

it but these are fleece lines so they

have that fleecy amazing feeling on your

legs softer than the Nikes for sure

so the fleece lining on these I think

it's incredibly incredibly soft

thickness wise these are also very thick

again I think the fleece lined ones end

up feeling a lot thicker than the others

actually these might be a hair thinner

than the Nikes the fact that they're

just like a smidge thinner than the Nike

and a smidge bagger I think makes them

actually more comfortable to wear I will

do this little finger thing again let me

know if you guys actually think this is

helpful but this is what my mind goes to

when I'm like how am I gonna show how

thick these are okay next up is ankle

elastic so these are not tapered along

the calf but they do have an ankle

elastic so yeah as you can see they have

an elastic here at the ankle it's pretty

like thin it's only like an inch and a

half thick maybe and it's loose so it

doesn't actually like dig into your skin

so again I feel like it's the perfect

amount of ankle elastic I just really

like these and then waistband this one

has a thinner waistband like this the

other ones were a little bit more thick

this is more traditional waistband and

then there's a hidden drawstring on the

inside this is how much wiggle room I

have but then it snaps back nice and

snug so if you guys have a smaller waist

you struggle with things being baggy

around your waist I think these are

gonna be awesome for you because they

definitely have that like snappy elastic

that kind of strong elastic that really

bounces back and they have the

drawstring okay and then other things

length these are long so they're longer

than the adidas and the Nikes and they

also come in a long version

sagginess I'm not struggling with I'm

not like getting any weirdness here

besides just the way the elastic makes

the fabric look I think these are super

flattering I also feel like these look

very flattering from the back I just

think these are super super cute and

these have pockets as well I can see why

you guys love them so much and I'm so

happy to have learned about them because

they're really really nice sweatpants

like they're super nice so before

revealing the number one most popular

pair of sweatpants I'm gonna take a

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now let's reveal the number one most

popular sweatpants according to you okay

drumroll the moment you've been waiting

for the number one most popular pair of

sweatpants according to you guys were

the brandy melville Rosa sweat pant

usually the number one of whatever video

I'm doing wins by like a landslide this

is definitely one of those cases but the

roots was pretty close in second place

there was a bigger gap between the top

two and then the bottom three but these

won by many votes a lot of you guys even

put a million like exclamation points

when you typed in brandy melville Rosa

with a lot of exclamation points but

anyway these are 28 dollars so they're

on the more affordable side they're 75

percent cotton 25 percent polyester they

come in multiple colors and they're one

size like everything else at brandy

melville I would say that these are

close to like a standard size small or

like a small size medium so let's try

along these brandy melville sweat pants

and see it what I think okay the number

one pair of sweat pants is on my body

these are the brandy melville rose

sweatpants but you guys love these Randy

Melville sweatpants and I can totally

see why they feel really good so let's

get into it

so bagginess these are definitely on the

bagger side as you can see they are

super baggy I would say that they're not

as bad as the champions but they're

different kind of like look to them in

terms of softness these are super soft

as well I am struggling figuring out if

these are softer than the roots or not I

think they're on par brandy melville

clothing in general is very very soft

they have some magic in their fabrics

but it has if you guys have felt like

brandy melville sweatshirts and things

like that it feels like that and then

these are also lined with a very very

soft fleece I do think the roots ones

felt softer on my skin thickness wise I

think these are a little bit more thin

than the roots they're definitely

thinner than the Nikes when I say

thinner definitely not anywhere as thin

as like the champions because these have

that fleece lining what do you guys

think they're really similar honestly

ankle elastics is a yes they do have an

ankle elastic so it's a wider band than

the roots these ones there's like two

inches maybe two and a half and it's

also a little bit tighter around the

ankles than the roots so it creates a

different effect along the ankles

because these ones are actually catching

the leg the roots ones everything kind

of blended in together you could hardly

tell that there is an elastic there

these ones you can definitely tell that

there's an elastic that's kind of

catching the fabric it's kind of giving

the pants like a more ballooned effect

waistband on these is actually a little

bit baggy err more comfortable more

stretchy than the roots and the Nike and

everything this one has no drawstring so

it's just an elastic waistband that is

honestly like super super stretchy the

elastic doesn't have as much of that

snap snap back as the roots ones it's

more of a loose elastic which is

actually super comfortable to wear other

little things this is the length on me

these have pockets similar to the roots

ones not as deep as the roots or the

Nike but they're still there I'm not

getting any extra fabric around this

area I think it looks good and then

again like I said these are fleece lined

so these are the number one so those are


five most popular pair of sweatpants

according to you guys here's how our

rankings compare just in case you're

curious this is my personal ranking my

personal preference as always I would

love your help and picking the next

thing that I should do for this series I

have been scoping out the comments a lot

of people are saying black turtlenecks

but leave your suggestions in the

comments and upload other people's who

you want to see so that I can pick the

top comments for my next version of this

video and that is it for today I will

see you guys in my next video bye