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TOP 10 The Best Talent In The World !!! (Look and BE SHOCKED)

Little go on here summary for that

I've been training in the art of the samurai sword for over 20 years

This is the most dangerous thing that's never been attempted on British television, really

Oh, yeah

Hi guys

Welcome you are my name is Hayashi these two are my assistants. This is Ben. Ben, and this is Dan

He'll be serving as my eyes during the summer bye nice to meet you. Okay. Good luck. Thank you

This samurai sword is an antique a masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship as you can see


It is extremely soft at very dangerous, please do not try anything like this at all

Our building to make universe samurai sort of it

Bent take a deep breath. I need you to focus

By volunteering for this you're literally putting your life in there

Let's get them strapped up go ahead. I

Also need someone to verify that I will be doing this line come on. What's your name, Emma give her a big hand come on

Take a look through the blindfold. Can you be anything no through the other side never?

The fight is tightly as you can crazy nice and tight up

Stop the cumulative head

Thank you very much, please take a safe distance. Then are we ready

Let's go Grady Gonna do this

Then don't move move


All right, okay, not hot ladies and gentlemen a man without fear

Sees a mole of fear it will please carefully

You look up relief in the dictionary see the picture his face right now, whoa

Fluffy hell, you're right bed. Are you okay?

Wow, Amanda. I mean that was it started off. I have to be honest. I was bored

Yeah, and the minute you've strapped been up it was my kind of act

It was terrifying it was dangerous very exciting. Thank you very much I

Really liked it. I think you're very dangerous and compelling to watch

Here's my issue

We've done Cucumbers. How much smaller are you prepared to go in the next round in other words would you consider like beans in bees?


Don't be serious because that's where for me the app has to go I would be willing to try something

To risk my own life, okay?


Yes, although

I don't think you're convinced at all by their so you're prepared to have a bean on your head and have him try and top

It off yes, yes

He's convincing. Yeah under the hood

In that case I can't wait to see it say yes

Yes for me

Okay, will it be no one I'm going to make it three

Now over the years Britain's got talent has become a rite of passage for some of the world's strongest men each act has tried valiantly

But ultimately failed to make it through to the Royal variety stage

But our first contestant is he's got something extra that will take him all the way meet

54 year old Painter and decorator

Micky Couch

What's your list when I speak Italian Mickey good tiger awesome. I'm a Martian ah ha

started doing trips ching hai karate in

1974 the Act online to those extremely dangerous and daring of Trial of Nasa

Airport Lounges April airport in disabled toilets police stations hospitals

after the shock of watermelon up and split with the fingers

I've been on God forsaken destroy anything I'm going to do it whatever after

Hello. Hello Sophie and what is your name, sir? My name is Nikki College, and what will you be doing for us today?

Well well be doing David. I'll be doing something that nobody

Nobody in the world can match me on I sound like a challenge

I've ever heard one, and it's one finger press up on top of her and now

Whoa, that's pretty cool man

Give it your all brother. Oh

not to send


- beer oh yeah, two

three four

five dude I see

it been called like

That looks very sore

We have our experts on bigger push-ups Michael here

well, I did feel it's an amazing thing to do more than one of them, but ultimately we're looking for entertainment and

Although I was very impressed. I wasn't entertained you probably have the world's strongest finger

I can't imagine on the royal variety

Vickie thank you, very very much for coming for the answer is no internet for me

I'm afraid of - no - thank you very much. Thank you

King oh look at that. It's like his fingers been are horrible backwards

Doc Talent its Darcy Oak I

Grew up in a city called Winnipeg Canada. I'm getting a picture Darcy

It's one of those cities where everybody's kind of born and raised there and not a lot of people leave breakthrough Bokya

But I don't want to be one of those people that you know has the white picket fence

You know there's a whole world out there. I wanted to go explore and

See if I could make it

Stepping out onto the stage for the semi-finals

Unbelievable, you've got an incredible safe person don't be on the second I got off stage

I called my mom and she started crying and I started crying. I'm on cloud nine right now

tonight's performance

Literally the most dangerous thing that I've ever done what I'm doing is a race against time. This is no illusion

There's no magic it is 100% real

I'm willing to do whatever it takes to win this show, and if that means risking my life

Then that's exactly what I have to do. I'm putting it all on the line, and if it goes wrong

It's game over

They say that time is of the essence that's especially true tonight

this is not a trick the concept is very simple a

regulation straitjacket

five Buckles down the back one

across the arms

Hanging above the stage is a human bear trap

16 serrated blades all held open by a single rope in a moment

I'll be suspended by my ankles and raised 20 feet into the air

The rope which holds the trap open will be set on fire

the Rope burns through in approximately 53 seconds

Leaving me 52 seconds to make my escape

before the trap comes slamming shut tonight could and

catastrophic ly let's begin

What would you think about if you had 60 seconds left to live?

It's been said your entire life flashes before your eyes

The most important moments go by in an instant

The people you love the people you lost the people who made a difference

tonight up give for myself



Put the teacher of that

You're very heartened Freddie it may get extra phone calls if you say to teacher so it's fantastic

I mean reading really difficult to watch because it was so dramatic

I've never seen anything like it and

My word you could win this on that that was incredibly

Mr.. Darcy, you just get better and better each time that we're seeing you you have true Star quality

And I thought and start to finish that presentation was

absolutely perfect that was fantastic support, Mary I

See I said to Alicia. Oh my God. He's not going to do it

He's not I completely and I had me like me was mesmerized nobody in a really good way

And my heart was absolutely racing. I was you know I can't say but I really was my pants

It was astonishing absolutely astonishing and the best thing is that you did take the TV off again

You know what does be you've done three very very different

Things since you've been on the show and each one has got better and better. I like the fact that you are so cool

I love the way you present the act. I thought the production as you were in a suspended Midair was fantastic

It was really tense, and I think we are seeing the birth of the star here with you. I really do believe that

You know there's always some criticism that you know the shows for Britain's got talent and we ask people from around the world

personally I think it's an honour that you should choose Britain's got talent to perform on because it's made the

Competition so much better - thank you. Thank you

to win Africa laptop

I'm willing to risk my life to be here and I'm so grateful for all the support and to even be here on this platform

Sharing what I do with with everyone if an honor, so thank you well, we're thrilled you agreed coffee

Fantastic if you think dongseok has just conjured up a winning performance and the number four for the line is gone. I know two or

44:24 all

of you log on at six forty four twenty four or even bought by the up four lanes or not we've seen all of the

Upset one more time left here at forum Jockey, okay?

One day every pinder. Why are you on Britain's got talent? I'm a nice fella

Right and who is your assistant my mum? Could you kill your mum doing this?

when you're ready

to ignite letting mom

realize your mama real medic


Very fiddly have you ever made no ever go close? Yes, tempted to go out there?


I can see if they're real kidding and my God we just do two everywhere the game

All right, can you make sure not to move I'll be shocked. Yes, okay? Can I have a go egg rolled up?

Nina, honestly, I know what I'm doing. What could possibly go wrong

As if you've never auditioned to me before have you okay?

Oh my God

We're telling you what the girl can be honest I kind of felt my life during the program either you nearly killed Simon Cowell

Amari, we have to pay you to throw the night just a little bit nearer I

Can see in the next round that David x you could take the place with me you'd be willing to do that

In which case I'm going to say yes

If I can be behind time and I'm going to tell you

Well job well done. Good work. I was not scary meaning could be between the legs, okay? Well next time

There's a nice rat feel good

Welcome. Thank you, and your name is names Ben black, how do you 36?

The name is Ben Glass from Springfield, Missouri, and I'm a performer I

Grew up on a farm originally, so I love outdoors

I still appreciate where I'm from but I've always wanted to explore man

See new things I've been blessed its formal over the world

So I've come to a britain's got talent because I believe that this is the biggest talent show in the world

Performing that the royal variety performance it's like performing for the white house in America, so that's my personal goal this competition

My act involves cross those very dangerous instead of tell someone to get really hurt

Or the chance of course the thing about my act is everything is 100% real with that. There is a danger because

Someone was they get hit with an arrow. They'd be having a very bad day

Okay, what hasn't been best like what have you gonna? Do thank you?


One of the things we might be in the firing line at some point

Oh, God now

Hey hey, uh how you doing all right get a cell phone. I can both okay. Thank you

my skull


This next part I need some help simon


What I have here is a series of six crossbows

each of these crossed those are into the other ones they're going to trigger each other and

Then the last one is aimed at an apple place right above my head

Now I'm out be blindfolded

But I'm going to shoot with my sense of hearing so what I need for you when I say simon go

Stand here like this and let's go, please

Oh, God buckle buckle buckle a gaudy. Oh

Diamond go

Why sit in the boat stuff to do that we've got a class

Climbing high in the way of that

- ha

Okay, right that was unbelievable. Let me go to table you had an opportunity to kill Simon Cowell, and you blow

It's Incredible act. I've never seen anything like it. It was absolutely stunning

Then you are hot you take a shot, and you definitely hit

It's kind of like watching a really sexy

Robin hood and maid Marian it felt really dangerous. It's incredible. Thank you so much

I don't want to take too much credit for that because I

Tried a small role in it, but I thought the app is great. I've never seen anything like it in my life

I mean it was amazed, and that's not Magic. That's real right absolutely incredible

Okay, we're going to do the boat in part Mark David a very easy yet impressive

Exactly yes for me

Absolutely yes for me then we fall for you

- you

Suck - it was incredible

He only held another noggin. We won't because I'm writing notes doesn't mean you have to now

I am I will advise to the home and you might sit like that really

You just need two people

Hello, who are you? My name is CV, and what have you come to do? I'm known as a regurgitate are

It sounds disgusting but let me show you okay?

Well when you're ready

What speedy is about to do is?

Extremely dangerous and should not be attempted at home if you do it may cause serious injury or even death

So what I've got here. I've got five half dollar coins marked one two three four and five now

I'm going to swallow these if you're listening carefully you will actually hear them click as a drop inside

Everything that goes in comes back dried

number one

Now you obviously cannot be the first one there is nothing to hit number two

hahaha three


number five

Good, so I have saw the five coins which number would you like me to return number three coming up for you?


Bone dry if I show you there is a number three

Now you forget to coins together one good one and four

If I show you those we have number one and four

This is the one couple hour which everything what number would you like suicide?

one more coming up

The Bank is closed

The last one has gone too far no worries. We have a billiard ball now. This is a genuine fall

If all goes in which will automatically push the money up, and then the ball will return ball down money up messes nothing

the Roll

I didn't know what I was going to think when you go. I've to be honest

I didn't think I was going to like it. I did find it fascinating I couldn't take my overview

here it was

Pretty compelling to watch pretty weird, and it made me gag a few times

This is not a trick. No. I mean, it's not magic. I mean you really are swallowing all that. Yes

It's something I learned as a child I used to as a kid swallow my Pocket-money

So I lived in a children's home, and I used to hide my pocket money as a child and bring it up again seriously

Here yes, or no, I think you pursue

Odyssey values definitely yes, thank you

Friend Scott Palette is all about finding variety acts and you epitomize the variety act. Thank you miss. Thank you



I definitely could apply right away to see one still through the to through that's wrong as well

Don't leave my club earlier, but thank you next time

Hello. Hello. What are your name? My name is Billy and this is my sister, emily ah

So how long have you known each other?

So billy and Emily um. How are you guys? I'm 28 and she 25

My name is Billy. I'm emily. We're from Birmingham. We're brother and sister and we are roll of Data

We started roll is getting removed kid. I was five and my brother was eight

Our mother she saw on TV some Roller skaters

and she thought all that elegant and safe and something nice that we can do together so she bought us Roller skates and

From that moment on we were hooked. I love skating my sister

I will not get with anyone else. Give my big brother, and I've always looked up to him. I'm performing with my best friends

Today we want to make our parents proud and we're going to give it at all

Then it's time to find a great show and hopefully the judges and the audience will love it

Take it away this pages


I'm sure a truck


What on Earth drama now?



That was very dangerous like I was so worried for your head

You're fearless and like fresh spin on Rollerskating. I oppose fantastic

felt dangerous

And fresh, so I congratulate me for being something so exciting to roller skating and for Britain's got talent


You know I've seen a lot of Roller skating acts on this show

Normally, they are horrific because you kind of do what thing you do on a stage a rollers go?

As I've actually never seen an act like that in my life. I'm it's incredible really

I'm gonna kick this off with a big butt. Yeah

Very very easy as well done. Nothing. Yes for me. It's a big fan. Yeah

Yeah, validation from the crowd. I'm not going to college normally I ever wish school. What are you crazy?

I guess the dream country. Oh it was really in good

My name is Merlin. Yeah, this this is test

What's the act please basically I escaped from ten meters of chain and then I'll juggle fire underwater. I'm like it at Rick

It's a stunt. It's really danger. You are in ask apologist a well an escape ologist a breath holder quickly. Yeah

So what's the dream here man?

who would you like to be the next do you know you I want to be the

Modern-day Harry Houdini's one of my heroes see if I've studied him a lot and some escape something, okay. Good luck. Thank you sir

Let's cook gore disastrously. Wrong. You could really hurt himself. Let's go

Okay, okay, and I'm going to fill Merlin's helmet with water

So can you ought to be derived okay? Okay?


Now money is going to attempt to get out of ten meters of padlocks change and then juggle fire

Underwater okay, okay. This is real. It's really dangerous



Like the emerging. I like people who are just bordering on to being complete loonies

very Impressive

But you're always telling people to juggle fire whilst underwater with Piranha fish and all that kind of stuff

It just looks so stupid when you have that thing on your head you attract me. You know

I just couldn't imagine that on the raw variety I've got a lot of other tricks that mostly really crazy stunts

How extreme could this go Merlin I could die

Everything ah here's yes, or no, I'm gonna say yet Merlin. Are you done?

No, I think that you've got the whole package, so I'm gonna say yes

They're learning you know what I think you are complete enough in that case, but I like you, so I'm gonna say yes

Congratulations won't happen very well though. Yeah, it went well. Thank you very much, olivier. Well is as well as it could yeah

You wouldn't get overdue now would you be monkey with a samurai sword yeah? Yeah after it

You're not going to turn a dull even is yet report

whoa, oh

Really me not the other one

He's put a pineapple on his head


and I'm

Cause I've been Aaron at the professionals park hospital get uptight at all

I think I'm getting the idea about what's going to happen here

Oh, God. I'm so proud of us right now

oh my


but if

Got a sword on me, but yeah, that's way

Some art weapon your weapon yeah, right okay? It's for nose Rainbow, but nice to meet you. Thank you. It's

All y'all got a gun issue?


now your name is

Alex mahalo now. Why have you entered Britain's got talent?

I emptied many got talent shows around the world which one

America France Russia, I won't russia

And Mexico why us after all the others the first show I seen was Britain's got talent

It was so inspiring they made me who I am

My name is Alex mahalo on 26 years old. I am from

Moldova Eastern Europe


I'm gonna show something that the judges and the audience had never seen before I

Started to practice when I was a teenager called rainy evening my parents go to sleep try to be like Super quiet

So they won't notice of what I'm doing because they didn't support what I'm doing it was my own little secret

It was actually a bad decision because sometimes there's blood sometimes. There's your breakfast on the floor I

Came here to do Britain's got talent

Because the winner gets to perform for the royalty

But I'm not really sure that the queen can handle what I do

My act. It is very dangerous everything has to be perfect the small mistake who cost me my life

Okay, Alex. I don't think I want to ask you what it is, but is it dangerous? Oh, yeah?

on a scale of one to ten how dangerous

But I'm pretty much risking my life in front of you guys are a little best of luck. Thank you very much



nothing close the polls please doing


lighthouse action

a few more questions

Is respect I lose that?

Camel for me. Why just witness

You know you just can't bear to watch you have to keep one eye open. I think the royal family would still make

Incredible I was really really happy bubble bubble

God, it wasn't brilliant, but I would just relieved that you were still alive at the internet interact with lutely thrilling I

Actually thought you were going to Die I

Did this is going to be one of those auditions? I will never ever forget and I've seen a lot

I'm not even going to ask what you going to do next but I presume. It's something more dangerous

It was just a warm-up. This is a

Can we vote David are very easy? Yeah?

Alex you got four huge Gators congratulations

Imagine being him. I mean it couldn't be any cooler piggy wow

Just wow oh my God. I just in all my life in one second. Good night. God bless people

It wasn't amazing it all right. Good night. Connect. I just see you into the car there ya know that you have the rule

Drive right, okay. I wonder what that's really high as ever. I'm kidding