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31 BEST Thrift Store Tips | Shopping Guide

hey guys welcome and welcome back I'm

Mary here and I'm sharing with you guys

my top tips for navigating the thrift

store one into your car before you go

just in case you have no idea what you

might find and use all the space you can

get make sure you have a blanket in the

car like I said you don't know what

you're gonna end up getting you don't

know if it's gonna be dirty dusty you

need to wrap it if it's gonna have glass

so it doesn't hit something else in

break a blanket is key clothes that are

easy to take off and back on no overly

complicated straps no jumpsuits no

excessive buttons it's a mistake trust

me shoes a slip on and off if you want

to try on shoes trust me and I love me

an ankle strap hands-free bag whether

it's a tote bag a messenger bag a

shoulder bag or a crossbody you need

your hands-free for shopping in the

dreadful case that there's no dressing

room at the thrift store you can always

use a long skirt to create your own

personal dressing speaking of dressing

rooms always check the merchandise that

just came out that maybe didn't fit

somebody well enough that has already

been kind of pick through sometimes the

best stuff is there just waiting for you

if something's really good carry it

around with you don't leave it there

trust me and if you have to take it to

the front hide it behind the register

you don't even lucky loose scooping up

your goodness and if it's really really

good and you bought it and had to leave

it there for some reason get back soon

you never know if someone could lift

that sold tag there could be a new

person working and just like that poof

your prize is gone someone else has

something really good that you want

don't let on I just kind of silently

stop and watch and see if they put it

back so I can hopefully swoop in when

they do and grab it because nothing

makes you want something more than

someone else having it and the same

thing for them nothing makes them want

it more if they know that you want it


if you're feeling overwhelmed I

recommend looking around furniture and

glassware first it kind of gets your

confidence up a little bit and if you

find a couple good things it gives you a


to keep going for furniture I always

look at the lines you can paint it if

it's in bad shape but you have to make

sure it's worth it if it's wobbly it's

probably not if it needs a lot of

upholstery work it's probably not if

it's caning the trip it's probably not

it depends on how cheap it is and how

much of an investment you're willing to

put into it

search off-season so winter is a great

time to find really cute five oh one

little silk dresses and summer is a

great time to buy cashmere you have to

think about what people are getting rid

of that they have it worn for a while

and what people aren't looking for so

you can find the really good stuff if

you're willing to wait a little bit

longer to wear it and the same goes for

thrifting out of town when I went to

Denver I scored on cashmere down fur

boots ski stuff snowboarding stuff that

we just don't have here even thrift

stores have sales at the goodwill a lot

of times it's a color that lasts every

week but always ask the salesperson at

the front because I guarantee you

furniture something is on sale you have

to know these things while you're

looking and always be extra nice to the

cashier as they say flattery will get

you everywhere and this is no exception

they have the power to negotiate to give

you deals of a price tags not on it to

overlook it for you and also like it's

just kind of nice to be nice to people I

always look for names of stuff like on

the bottom of stuff if it's you know

artwork whatever you can always google

and find out exactly what it is it might

even be cooler than you realize since

you're going to be doing so much

googling make sure your phone has a

charge if you have a car make sure you

have a car charger because nothing is

worse than not being able to snapchat I

mean not be able to Google what you're

looking for and I don't always like to

dig sometimes I'm really into digging

sometimes I'm not you have to find that

balance where you're really looking and

looking for everything that you could

see without missing stuff and knowing

there are more thrift stores in the sea

some people say they never find anything

at the thrift store and I think it's

because it's a numbers game

this is hit and miss and it's not always

a hit the more often you go the less

digging you have to do and just your

chances go up plus you get to know the

sales people and they'll hook you up too

and if you see someone pushing out a

rack or a new cart go over there it's

everything let's brew

I knew from the back and they bring

stuff out all day long every day it's a

thrift store you never know what you

might find and some people say that

thrift store items smell I say don't buy

smelly for short items okay I really

don't like if it's a little stinky

moving on you might never get that smell

out just because it's cheap doesn't mean

you need to own everything even at the

thrift store you need to have discretion

because after all you want to go back


remember the jewelry case you never know

what you can find in there and sometimes

it's really easy to overlook it there's

all kinds of fun little bobbles that can

be had an ultimate score is when you are

looking around the thrift store and you

see like oh my gosh this is my size I

really like it oh my gosh this is my

size I really like it then you think oh

my gosh one person probably donated all

this so then you start looking

everywhere for the stuff that they

donated because they're your size and

you guys have the same taste with

thrifting you never know what you might

find so you do have to keep an open mind

but if you find a white t-shirt that's

in pristine condition that is a score

and a half because it's almost always

have blemishes rugs are also sometimes

really hard to come by so you really got

to make sure unroll it completely see

what it's sort of made of and what's

wrong with it but do you find something

like that in really good condition

buy it and I try to keep baby wipes in

the car at all times

it's good for just everything the dog

you never know but also your hands you

so it's good to have disinfectant or

baby wipes just to clean off in between

stores thrifting and kind of junking in

general is definitely a family tradition

for me and my aunt used to always say

that everyone quotes gold is where you

find it and what it means is you can't

judge where you're going to find

something you can't always dismiss

something you can't always say never or

always say always you never know where

it is so remember when you're going to

the thrift store gold is where you find

it and finally the most important rule

of all first rule of thrifting don't

talk about thrifting or you don't talk

about what thrift stores you found your

really good stuff at because it's kind

of like Fight Club and if it's really

good don't blast this the world on

YouTube and you know what have fun don't

take yourself so seriously I think that

there are so many fun

you can find so many really cool DIY

projects ultimately like I feel like

it's just democratizing like anyone can

find anything at any price and you just

don't know what you can get and to me

the treasure hunt is the most fun part

of all and I just love finding cool

things that I never even knew that I

wanted and made my life complete so I

hope you guys had fun if you're an avid

drifter let me know where you are and

where you like to thrift and maybe your

best rip store fine and I love you guys

so much I hope this was inspiring and

maybe you'll hit up a thrift store

sometime too I'll see you next time

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