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How to Style Your Throw Pillows


if you haven't noticed by now we are a

little obsessed with throw pillows so

much so that we even designed our own

textile line today we're going to show

you how to master throw pillows the

first thing you need to do is you need

to select the right size of pillow going

to be it'll dwarf your sofa but I

actually prefer my pillows a little bit

on the bigger side when they get too

small like this it looks kind of dinky

and I just don't love the way that they

look so we're gonna start out standard

size sofa I like to start with a 22 or a

24 inch pillow at the back so you'll

obviously start with your biggest pillow

at the back and then you start leveling

them forward so we've got our 22 inch

and then we have a 20 inch and now it's

kind of time to start talking about

pattern mixing and texture so I like to

have a mix of prints you have like this

organic print mixed with a more straight

line graphic print and those look great

together but having a solid texture add

some dimension and then you can see the

combination works really well and in a

more traditional setting you will match

your pillows on both sides of the sofa

but I tend to like a mash-up for all

different prints you make sizes so you

have like this big print on this pillow

and then a small scale print on this

pillow and you'll also see that on a

dark sofa you will start with a light

pillow so it breaks things up or if we

have a light sofa we would start with

the dark pillow at the back

to wrap it all up you want to start with

the size of your pillows we like to

start with a 24 and then move to a 22

and then do a little lumbar or a little

a tiny pillow in front and then pay

attention to the shapes make sure that

they're contrasting some organic some

straight lines and texture always

texture so that's how you're going to

style your sofa and make it look amazing

and we're also working on the video to

show you how to style your throw pillows

on a sectional and the bed so stay tuned

for those