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How to Find the Best Travel Deals

hey guys that's a year from traveler to

NEX I someone if it's the age to travel

multiple times a week I realized really

early that if I don't find good travel

deals and learn how to travel cheaply I

won't be traveling much over the past

five years I've found some amazing

resources to help me find the best deals

possible and I found some great deals

the key is the best travel deals don't

last long so if you see something good

you have to book it quickly

my biggest tip and the easiest way to

save money is booking the flight itself

basically it boils down to if you see a

good deal don't think just book it now

I'm not crazy I took this all the time

because of one simple thing by ball you

have 24 hours to cancel your flight and

receive a full refund and no fees no

questions nothing but and this is super

important only book your flight with an

actual carrier don't book your flight

with an Expedia or Orbitz search engine

because the 24 hour rule only applies to

the carrier so basically if I find a

cheap flight I booked it and then I

figure out if I can go after all right

now on to where I actually find the

travel deals starting with whites I

subscribe to a ton of newsletters and I

follow people up on Instagram and

Twitter to make sure that I don't miss a

deal but my absolute favorite newsletter

is Scott's cheap flights and I highly

suggest that everyone signs up for at

least the free version your next biggest

expense is probably gonna be your hotel

and unfortunately it's pretty hard to

find good hotel deals knowing this

though whenever I decided to go to a


I always use kayaks 7 alert kayak helps

me keep track of prices with a daily or

weekly report right in my inbox once I

feel like I'm getting a good feel I

booked it for tours events and even

restaurants and car rentals I use an app

called travel Zoo the app makes it

really easy to search for deals based on

the city or country that you're

traveling to and the best part you can

do this right before you leave because

there's usually tons of last-minute

flash sales and then lastly when it

comes to cruises the only website I use

is Crewe sheet I found that deals are

always the best and their interface is

the easiest to use so like I said these

are just the best in each category

remember that saving money on travel

usually means being incredibly thorough

and having multiple go-to places for


check out the article below for my full

list of all my go to travel resources

I'll see you guys next time