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What’s the BEST TV Under $400?

I'm actually super excited about this

video I mean it's all fine and good to

be checking out the latest $5,000 dfgd

or you know if $5,000 oled displays but

that's not what most people are actually

buying so James here went online and got

some of the most popular displays or TVs

that you can get there are 4k under $400

let's try that over time all 4k under

$400 anywhere from around 50 inches to I

think from 49 to 55 sweet so we're gonna

let you guys know which ones are the

best in terms of the color reproduction

viewing angles interface and features

and we're gonna do it all in the next

eight to nine minutes that's what you

know what Linus doesn't know is that

there's an office a game mechanic built

onto this oh really

so as you can see each one of these TVs

do not touch that has a concealed

message in front of it corresponding to

one of these prices oh so I have to

decide which one is which yes that's

right you're gonna look at each of these

TVs and then you're gonna tape one of

these prices to each one how one of them

is 220 bucks I'm looking forward to this

but that's not all

they're steaks sorry what if you get

them all right

you get to enjoy a bowl of your favorite

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you're just there's no milk you're not

expecting me to get them all right

there's almond milk in the fridge if it

comes to it kind of tastes like spit but

alright let's get started the first

thing that stands out to me not just

about the scepter here but about all of

these displays is how couple of

generations ago looking the bezels are

not just in their thickness because

they're I mean they're reasonably thin

how they never bezel do you need but in

the way that they're sticking out from

the actual panel itself like having them

flush against the glass has become a

trend over the last couple of years the

other thing is that they are all using

this two-foot style of stand and it

never occurred to me before cuz I just

didn't think about it but yeah it must

be cheaper to have the weight like all

the mass of the TV sitting on top of

something instead of having to build a

skeleton on the inside that goes up the

middle and is strong enough to be

supported by just one point like the

back is metal instead of plastic and

there's not a ton of I Oh what the hell

it doesn't have a network jack there's

no home button on the remote because

there's no dashboard because it's not a

smart TV this is super unresponsive to

what the hell I think part of it is the

receiver like just getting the signal oh

yeah if I get down here it's fine

so this is clearly one of those ones

that's designed to be mounted above your

fireplace because you have no taste wow

this is super basic so like that's

really cheesy the logo is the the bar

dude it gets worse and give the volume

it moves you're not getting any points

for cuteness guys is the default setting

for motion compensation off I didn't

mess with that so yeah okay well that's

that's good I guess and apparently it

has HDR but I don't really understand

what HDR middle low and high means I

happen to know that the peak brightness

on this thing is around 250 nits

okay so it's not HDR no matter what we

can try because we have an Xbox here

with some HDR games okay cool

another tell for cheaper TVs in general

is poor scaling when you throw an off

resolution at it so even though you're

not necessarily gonna get you know pixel

perfect scaling you know for 4k pixels

to one 1080p output this is extremely

ugly I'm still pretty sure that they are

playing some pretty funky games with the

with the color here also

wow those pixel of response times suck

even just watching the text pop up in

this menu is gross you know I gotta say

the back lights of cheap TVs have gotten

a lot better over the last little bit

like I don't notice any hotspots and the

corners or anything like that even when

you've got black bars and brandon does

it seem like there's a bunch of like

over sharpening going on that's that's

really gross like that's not even you

know having a low-end processor and not

doing enough processing on the image

that's doing bad processing on the image

and that's something that I can't

condone picture settings here we go

sharpness okay now it's a little soft

that smearing is still nasty but look at

his hair now so much better

to its credit HDR does seem to be

working but this is not a great HDR

experience so you know where you have

these reflections off the armor or

anything like that it doesn't it doesn't

look great

you know same thing here but at least

it's interpreting the data now the smear

enos still looks gross but the foliage

is no longer being completely destroyed

by that sharpening filter that they were

applying out of the box so 30 maybe 35

seems to be a better bet as far as color

accuracy goes I don't see anything that

you know really draws me out of watching

the movie or anything like that

but I would say that the gamut there's

no way it's very good 93% of srgb yeah

okay so that's then hot garbage and not

accurate at all so we're way off on

magenta blue cyan basic basically

everything except the yellows and I'm

actually kind of surprised because

usually with them

that we've seen on the very low-end

separate kind of punches above the price

tag with like the cheapest 4k and the

cheap 144 Hertz monitors that we've

looked at they've been cheap and you get

what you pay for it but they're not bad

I there's no way I mean I'm not this is

not my final answer but I'm fairly sure

that this is better just based on brand

name I'm guessing that TCL is gonna come

in pretty cheap it's also really small

so I'm thinking this is like a pretty

budget TV but obviously with better

features I can see TCL is taking

advantage of that Roku partnership and

they've got an integrated Roku so not

just a smart TV but a pretty

feature-rich one build quality wise

nothing really stands out here it's

about the same thickness about the same

you know robustness feeling has an

Ethernet jack obviously three HDMI ports

including audio return channel but what

I really want to see is the menu how

snappy is it so much snap here picture

settings let's have a look at what their

defaults are so it defaults to brighter

this is perfect actually for the room

we're in right now yes you get the HDR

notification so it formally says yes we

support HDR but at what peak brightness

I don't have us back for the TCL bat

that's it TV picture settings like

where's the sharpness and like tint and

stuff we figured out the menu issue

you've got to select an input in order

to actually change these settings so you

use the asterisk button then you can get

into it and then if we go into picture

settings okay movie oh we can actually

see what it's changing so movie it turns

down your sharpness and your color and

sets it to warm

I wouldn't necessarily prefer that

however if you look at our color checker

report yeah look at this oh wow movie is

like bang on this is like almost

professional grade like you could edit

photos on this couch really okay I guess

I will put it in movie mode that totally

smashed all these other TVs ha that's

really impressive so this is pretty

annoying the Xbox is picking up HDR 10

video support now but only after we went

into this

settings menu not the other settings

menu went to TV inputs went to HDMI one

and manually change the mode to HDMI 2.0

it was on auto before and we had power

cycled the Xbox there's no excuse for it

not picking that up but it wasn't moving

for better this time I can already tell

from this loading circle that the pixel

response time is better let alone from

the actual movie

yep it's nice and dark

what panel technology you think it is

hard to say I lied I have a guess I'm

guessing that it's an IPS Lake because

I'm getting a fair bit of glow off axis

I actually I think that they're all VA

except for one oh alright

well the LG a would not be VA so now we

know now immediately upon loading up our

movie this is noticeably noticeably

better HDR so the bright points like the

flames the reflections off skin they

stand out far more than they did on the

other one but with that said this is

clearly not thousand nits or even eight

hundred nits peak brightness like it's

very mediocre HDR there's no local

dimming or anything like that some

people complain of a really plasticky

smell oh wow it does smell I feel

ridiculous look at your life and

consider all the decisions you've made

that I brought you to this this one

smells a little too but not nearly like

this one it's got like kind of almost a

burning plasticky smell I mean I don't

think that it's necessarily overheating

or anything like that but it does smell

now here's one weird thing that doesn't

apply to this but potentially applies to

the 43 inch version we can't test this

ourselves but there is a amazon review

that says that the 43 inch version of

this TV the vase amount uses a

non-standard ready on it so it would be

really hard to find a mount for it then

that's right it's m6 instead of m4 so

you just screw this is sweet the Xbox

just prompted me to enable the advanced

feature Auto low latency mode that's

fantastic hey do we have the the latency

tester doodad oh yeah this my friends is

a time sleuth hey that ain't bad 24

milliseconds in game mode are we even in

game mode oh wow that's with it off it

went from very good to a little bit

better than very good

23 milliseconds just just shy of 24 very

nice if I had to assign my price tag

based on what I think it's worth I would

probably go higher but if I have to

assign based on what I think it costs

just knowing the TCL ism or a budget

brand I'm gonna say 279 so given the TVs

we look at so far and the price points

that you've assigned them this is

absolutely worth the extra 50 bucks like

by a landslide the just the fact that

there's a Roku included is already a $50

adder on top of that it's just a way

better TV that's bigger I get it but

bigger is not always better

I would suggest scooching your buttocks

approximately 18 inches closer and

buying that instead I Oh is pretty

similar you know three HDMI is again

you've got a couple USBs this time

composite component looks pretty

bog-standard to me but the higher degree

of polish with the software especially

compared to someone like sceptre is

definitely immediately apparent we

plugged in an Xbox it's like hey I just

detected an Xbox

once we're connected we've got support

for everything except Dolby vision so

HDR is their video modes it allows auto

low latency mode which is pretty sweet

and as far as the look of the image goes

it immediately picked up that we've got

HDR content incoming shoot they've got

their stupid smoothing on by default

let's go ahead and poke around in the

menu a little bit here

it's the settings button really this

tiny one down here auto Motion Plus

settings Auto should be off digital

clean view mmm no reason not to crank

the backplate well there's no obvious

image quality issues like the over

sharpening of the sceptre I will say

that this TV is not doing a fantastic

job of retaining detail in the low

lights I mean that's something that is

really noticeable on poor HDR

implementations if I had to guess I'd

say the peak brightness of this one is

actually even lower than the TCL that I

just looked at yeah it looks it looks a

little bit overcooked on the red maybe

the yellow as well actually looks like

the red is one of the more accurate

colors really yellow is bad okay and as

far as brightness goes it's about 275 to


brightness so noticeably HD aren't ya

yeah for crying out loud I just switched

it over to movie mode oh yeah when you

change inputs it yep it just just

discards their stuff no I I never ever

ever want this ever it advertises

Bluetooth connectivity but that's only

for audio you cannot attach your phone

or game controller or a mouse

by a bluetooth right and so even though

the like the copy promotional copy for

it yeah advertises things like screen

mirroring from your phone you can't

there's actually just no menu for like

selecting devices time to sleuth 80

milliseconds there's no game picture

modal down nope I think this is one of

those ones where you have to like trick

it what do you mean you just have to

manually select a particular type of

input device in order for it to go into

low latency mode so you can see even

game console I'm looking at 77

milliseconds here but if I go to home

edit and I change it to PC oh well you

know PC people they're far more

discerning here's 11 milliseconds of

input lag why don't console gamers get

to have 11 milliseconds of input lag

sounds I mean it's very impressive it's

really nice for like a budget TV great

but do it all the time

so in conclusion honestly looks pretty

good yeah the color accuracy wasn't

fantastic but I didn't notice any

immediately obvious gamut or color

accuracy deficiencies at least to my eye

and my main complaint here is that I'm

assuming it's just too expensive

compared to the TCL and that I really

wish that TV manufacturers were not

labeling stuff like this

HDR because I think it's ruining the the

brand of HDR for people who look at this

and go oh well it's just too dark I

can't see anything I'm gonna put this

one here for now I haven't actually

commented on the speakers from the

previous ones but I will say that the

Samsung is

not great

neither was the TC although the scepter

is just noticeably worse than the other

two at this point you know I wouldn't

have thought it possible but LG's nasty

smoothing might be even nastier than

Samsung's it's actually a little

chunkier than the Samsung a little

thicker actually has nearly identical IO

to the Samsung nothing about it stands

out how do you feel about the fact that

you don't have a Magic Remote

I like the Magic Remote but I also don't

think it's a huge deal because I had

originally requested LG to send us a

four to nine um 7300 whereas this is a

sixty nine hundred and the difference

being it's a budget focused holiday

model that doesn't have a magic remote

but how much is it saving me I think 50

bucks I wouldn't pay $400 for this with

a better remote there's no way LG's menu

does have its own idiosyncrasies but

because I'm familiar with them I know

how to turn on instant game response you

have to turn an HDMI or HD deep color on

to motion yes please go away

maybe it's like normies don't notice and

sports people notice and like it that's

basically it I was at the in-laws over

the holiday and they didn't even know

their TV had it on I was like it was

driving me crazy I turned it off when

they were as soon as the bathroom like

did I do that every time I'm a new


yeah yep yep so we made all those

changes based on the ISF expert mode but

now we have to go into the HDR version

and we have to go make the changes again

just like the Samsung so annoying


go for yourself thank you

optimized displace for move even Oh am I

wrong to just turn everything I can off

not necessarily there's some stuff that

I tend to leave on like low like a

little bit of noise reductions okay okay

I've got this dialed in the way I like

it and immediately noticeable

reflections off toothless right here the

clouds we were looking at just now

reflections off the armor I guarantee

you the peak brightness of this is

higher than anything else that we've

looked at already

boom you're right and 400 you look at

the saturation of the greens you look at

how you know just kind of vibrant it

looks without being

were cooked I can tell you guys right

now the color gamut is going to be very

competitive over 99% okay as for the

accuracy I mean it's hard to say once

you get within Delta ease of honestly

for me like watching a movie that I'm

not you know looking at a reference

display right next to it you know within

like a 2:10 I'm not really gonna notice

but I would suspect it's pretty decent

right again 94 that's disgusting

now let's figure out our low-latency

nonsense oh no it might rely on the

actual input telling it hey I need to be

low latency oh oh oh wait wait nope

LG has a game picture mode that might do

it this stuff should just be so much

simpler there it is boom 12 milliseconds

freakin fantastic I love that TVs don't

have crappy input leg but I hate how

it's a different methodology for

enabling on everything I actually want

to change my price guess based on what I

saw in terms of the performance of this

display and I'm gonna say that I think

that this one is more expensive I

wouldn't say it's full of a local

dimming good like it's not only good

anyway but it is so much better than

anything else we saw that I'm a lot more

comfortable calling it HDR even in the

first place so if I had to say which one

is worth the most definitely this one if

I had to say which one is the best bang

for the buck I'm going with this one and

Samsung assuming that it's at this price

point ends up sort of in no-man's land

where for an extra 30 bucks I easily

take that one and sceptre even at $50

less is just I wouldn't I wouldn't go

this route so I guess it's time for the

reveal then hey okay smart guy is this

your final answer you're locked in no

phone a friend's this it's so much

better that I feel like it's got to be

more expensive than this but this is so

much bigger thought I almost feel like

this could be the to 1990

anyone and those ones like it wouldn't

surprise me if the Samsungs more

expensive even though it's a much worse

TV go with your gut I've got 250 50s

here I'm gonna price them based on the

quality of the experience that I had so

I'm gonna hope for the best

it's 2:20 isn't it yes one for one he's

got one so far he's a serial four out of


why I'd have to kept for him because I

want to see you eat durian cuz he Vaughn

said you hated okay I was pretty common

there's no way either this isn't gonna

be 200 in 20 bucks do I get to rip the

so if this one's correct then you win

yeah it's a box of cereal with no milk

eat it dry it's delicious isn't it I've

no saliva even coz I've been talking all

day oh that's rough I need some water

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