find the

Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition!!!

hey everybody it's not venomous you're

saying just a psychotic don't dump it is

that psychotic because that's what it is

but if you're repeating the whole song

it's like when you like pretend to play

a piano with your mouth like a piano

with your mouth is your hand over the

video where I drove on and today I want

to have an ugly sweater competition and

I am making these three do it with me

and Eric was behind the camera we'll be

judging we went to Michael's craft

service what are the most travel

experiences of new life they had $200 in

20 minutes I was in a lot of 30 minutes

cuz Comeau lien had a panic attack power

we're gonna have 30 minutes to make the

ugliest best Christmas sweater and at

the end Eric is going to judge its just

wait weak modge podge and scissors oh

it's upstairs okay we'll come back in

the race all right when cool boat Eric's

watch the song it's over no it is over

in 30 minutes I have a bedtime okay

someone took six hours in Minecraft um

excuse me that's not true we'll get the

line took forever ffs i watch them carry

on me though Joe oh my god okay strength

literally do that oh my god it's a joke

oh but also I use strength why am I

getting your work get your homework done

we have to get this on somehow yes it

has to good to where it is okay if I

just might get like glued to itself well

that's your issue that's fine I'm strong

yeah you have to separate it to let the

hot glue dry cool but it's warm separate

away Oh

it's gonna snow through yeah I should

have told her thank you I don't know

what your Michaels crafts sharp edges

like give us updates on time like you

have yeah it's been hang on it what I'm

not really good candies in the way yes

okay can you baby from my vagina please

lay my hot glue gun you bought by the

way you cannot say the one that you my

hug was on sucks when I literally said

to you you said ex me at the store you

were like oh I was like oh well just

talk during this lady to talk

yeah when she's in a competition every a

game that would be easy to talk and play

is drawing on fellas who cannot see

right now I need to sketch a pattern

before I cut it right as we're just like

blowing and going oh I hate waiting for

glue to dry are you excited to judge it

you know she's gonna be mad at you if

you don't pick her yeah well yeah oh I'm

loving this excuse me sorry

you're in your own way - okay I'm

needing a hot glue gun

I love Jojo literally just put it on her

fan yeah I've done many races to happen

from putting on my hand

Jojo I'm not lying Samantha Hodges did

that in the fourth grade I love when you

tell this story because Samantha ha just

sounds like such a made-up name

like from a cake party - no way Samantha

Hodge it is I Samantha Hodges did that

to me in the fourth yeah they're all

gonna be searching Samantha Hodges now

misleading offers good I hope I want to

see what she's doing these days

okay you handed it to me I kind of gave

up with like the letting my shirt dry

like holding it oh yeah no I haven't

done that since the first clue well I

have to otherwise my toe pop up because

I have this thick wire bush you did that

to yourself

I am aware your smells so good Jojo

all that candy for the television I

think this has to stay in the packaging

aren't they wrapped in their own

individual sheets that say they're very

much oh why do I didn't s explain that

we had to buy shirts with stuff already

on them with designs already on them

because Michaels doesn't sell plain

sweatshirts yeah and so it was plain

t-shirts or this we didn't find a little

check now what Eric mind just gets bonus

points for selling good yeah it does

Oh where's my figs don't worry mine's

gonna smell like a Christmas tree well

mine's Christmas song where is the

height of the the the where's the the

pop rocks

Oh in this mess I don't know I've taught

all your candy had a wood area oh oh I

have a lot more candy

oh hi thanks for hanging my daddy under

your sweatshirt

oh my god that is so good I know what

you're talking about

wait I'm also done see they're coming at

ya I'm hiding it in my tree so it smells

like a real tree tolling you're not

afraid anymore have you left

Oh Cory made a noise no no you don't get

more time well I do because otherwise

I'm not gonna have a sweater that's your

fault or doing this obscure it's

later this is an obscure no we had 30

minutes yeah okay guys I didn't

literally I said that this we had a

clock at night I want to go to bed

eventually well I have a baby I never go

to bed so I don't have a baby so I

should have to do your problems

oh these stick themselves I don't even

have to use glue this is the best thing

I've ever seen in my life I love my life

are you working off of Oh genius

what Joe Joe's working with the pattern

that was already on her sweater that's

pretty smart

whereas Corey clay and I are just go you

making Santa I didn't know you're making

say I don't know what you were doing but

Santa's gonna be right here you're not

helping me

I have stickers no don't joke where to

go these are candies know that there

were doggies I kind of like the for

kitties Eric do you have a favorite so


no even though like to say that why not

it might encourage the rest of us to

work a little harder no hard to tell

mine is pretty sweet isn't it Cory's I

think it's gonna be like the most people

would actually where it's supposed to my

JoJo's is something you'd be on your

fingers I think that you do that but on

your it immediately might you enjoy it I

like I like I like the ruffs on it maybe

it is that okay no you're not working

with you and Here I am trying to find

you in respect I don't want to hold this

for you how much time Eric fourteen


oh I'm not close to being that oh that's

the rush well we're not doing that yes

we are

hey because all you're doing is gluing

candy to a sweat is fine question your

leg let's Jojo thought they'd get me

when they're competitive sorry we're

Scorpios beware I just have accessories

that you have to be added you don't have

to justify yourself to these Scorpios I

know Rachel what I hate you okay you can

have a five minute bonus kollene you're

sure to see cue up the entire counter

Christmas don't have C batteries move I

D batteries Cory went to a different

side of the island around us you know in

a real game show they'd have the host

come up to you right now and you're

super stressed and fight and talk to you

oh yeah that one it's my favorite part

my mom

okay now she's decorating her treat

because I'm the host

flatty competitor I love cookies

seriously Victoria this is why I could

never play sports Rijal I like a fun

Christmas sweater video I was like how

do I get them to do a video with oh crap

I forgot the competitive part with bro


puppy paint I am down for five minutes

that's what I thought beach shake well

fabric can't be washed

let's flats right before ours I can't do

puppy paint behind it's just gonna be

wet hello well I'm not wet on it Oh

watch out she was roaming a hot glue gun

at me and saying watch out

no the hot glue pad Darian Ballinger

does here scissors

who doesn't watch ponds like this

cooling pad sits in her hand I like

anyone answers that you put them down

out of my line of sight cortically gang

up on people they take no it's not I'm

really bad at making boats Jojo yeah how

do you make a bow oh you need my help

yeah hey I been helping everyone through

this thank you guys make this its how

been doing it to be I want to all my

butt my back you're gonna want a double

loop double loop good about I know and

also because you have more work to do

yeah they're popping yeah you know what

we're not doing anything in the back

we're also not doing this time limit

right for please I'm not gonna be here

till midnight

I won't eat too much longer but I'm not

gonna be bored I thought we had a five

minute bonus was that done enough we'll

see okay everyone being bullied why

everything is human aider which means I

stand up against bullying and Rachel's

bullying me Rachel you're bullying me if

I trying to take over my whole game it's

not a game it's a competition

oh my god it's really stressing leaking

your boobs my other parts what stopping

in my space rubbin it rubbing it

you want me to punch the glue stick over

here I'm she's in a competition right

now believe when Cooling's in

competition she can do anything she

wants one day I'll be doing craft wars

second chicken buzzer chicken buzz' Eric

can you put five more minutes on the


diarrhea diarrhea time silence

it's so intense it's just you and Cory

Hey okay Jojo is competitive - I'm just

being nice okay guys right now you are

we would be mean okay

yes yeah you have to be able to put it

on your body

Michael I wasn't having faith of mine in

the beginning and I know a bit of it

well that's great we turn it around


No oh it is 10:30

it is my official bedtime I think I'm

done so good oh my goood that's a Hodges

Samantha Hodges where the six over here

they're under Jojo she's porting Miss

Texas Oh hold on

ASAP I'm now that was literally from my

gun I can't find anything in this mess

finally my stickers right there

no the the bulbs all I have red yellow

and as I'm sure Colleen did something

when they lose think of it I was just in

my sick Oh God

lost it we need another glue stick

Killeen is just chucking stuff on the

ground I'm appreciative for my favorite

one I'm not chucking anything it's

appalling I didn't do it relax

oh my god believe you have to stop at

some point

I loved her five minutes no that was it

general consensus Killeen is trying to

start a democracy on my channel too

so you need to give them more of like a

countdown countdown because the timer

just goes off we had no idea what's

happening you have to make that brush

there you go see now they're agreeing to

the two minutes two minutes on the

children two minutes on the chicken you

gotta work on the chicken where did my

tiny woman's go it's right here

one-minute pulley your god five seconds

all right now it's time for the fashion


Colleen's gonna attempt to put this on

right now it's falling apart what's

happening something's wrong

let me think for a minute



one more one more


where's Kalinin I don't know it's cozy

prickly and I will have lots of

scratches tomorrow could you get into

part with a bunch of cats I'll say no I

just went to lovely Christmas what a



also Eric you have to come smell me cuz

it smells like a Christmas tree

well it certainly does yeah that's right


the whole thing is edible


oh my god this look this go home home

scrunchies on my beard yes a necklace

just he has his hydroflax and he has his

sandals he is a visco girl


oh it's gonna crown the winner oh my god

with the lights we all want light a

thing okay don't get me down we're not

all your children there's only one child

here that should be the winner

oh he's made categories of the awards

finds the practical you'd actually wear

award oh he gets the creativity award he

did go over you our runner-up mother

will be so proud to the outro okay guys

that's it for today I hope you enjoyed

this video we had a lot of fun filming

it and also had a very stressful time

helping it but the giveaway today is I

think the biggest prize I've ever given

away on this channel but the Christmas

season is upon us

giving gifting I'm gonna give away my

sweater what are you eating

eating paper I can't do a single video

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I am giving away my Christmas sweater I

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