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How To Spot A Good Used Tire

all right with li purpose of save on

tires Inc over on Gratiot about six mile

and we're learn about new versus used

versus take off tires take us through it

how do I know if it's a good used tire

Lee good ears tell you always the best

way to do it you gotta look at the tire

over over the tire from left to right

make sure it's got even wear as you can

see I'm going to the set to the side is

people wear and make sure the tread has

got to be over the bottom line is this

we can tell it's when you go over the

bottom line right here

what's this tread white at the bottom

line right here see the stretch it's

over the bar line that mean the tire is

done this is the guy who's tired you

look at it this side right here is still

good but still again it is not good

because it's ball from left to right

tire is gonna be happy enough to tread

over the bottom line from left to right

so this is a good use tattling here you

see this tab right here he's got good

enough transverses this guy Walt that

has two right here but doesn't matter

your tire the car might slip special

when he turns from left to right his

ball bolt tread so this is garbage

we don't sell it this is a good time

right here there's got even wear from

left to right over the bottom line

that's a good used I know there's a

right here

grano take off Sam is brand-new this is

a brand-new tire right here you still

have the sticker on it and the color

lines sometimes you have curved lines

some don't but as you see this is a

brand new take out this air bar line you

can see how high the tread is from the

bar line and versus the other one had