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Top 10 Japanese Vending Machines in Tokyo Haneda Airport

in this video I wanted to show you guys

some pretty cool vending machines in

Haneda Airport so did you guys know that

Haneda Airport has some pretty cool

vending machines well in this video I'm

gonna take you around and show you some

of the more interesting vending machines

here at Haneda Airport sometimes when

you're at the airport and you have

nothing to do because you're a little

bit early why not check out some of

these interesting vending machines all

right let's go check them out let's

start with this line of joy tastic

vending machines on the first floor of

terminal 2 this is one of my favourite

vending machines and has ramen from all

over Japan like Osaka Fukuoka Okinawa

you can try all the different in centrum

it's perfect for souvenirs to bring back

home I don't really know if it's from

Hokkaido but it has some ramen let me

show you


Gong ramen it's supposed to have that

blue eye ramen noodles and this vending

machine has curious from all over Japan

it has a black curly white curry and

even sake curry which I actually want to

get and bring home okay curry I'm so

excited to try this look almost home I

saw there was a bottle in here and check

it out Fukuoka vending machine

they have ramen they have molten of a

and they even got towels it's pretty

cool and they even have a 24-hour hot

menu it's as a casual frozen foods

because who would want semi-formal

frozen foods

alright let's try one


Reisen karaage really sit still warm to

the touch look at all that steam still

it's kind of disappointing I was

expecting more chicken nuggets who only

wants to chicken nuggets it's pretty

soggy as expected it almost is like

shumai hmm yeah so other vending machine

stuff might be pretty good I wouldn't

recommend this it's like a pretty cool

concept but like frozen food what can

you expect and I guess this area like

honey desert just has some awesome

restaurants in general so maybe not try

the hot food it's still pretty cool

anyway alright let's move on to the next

one XE might go try this it didn't come

in so chopsticks I mean who could

it's get good roses but I get I'm bad

it's not good let's try the rice at

least rice is actually pretty good all

right let's move on to the next one and

is the vending machine you can get

Princess Sophia cookies Mickey Mouse

cookies and even Winnie the Pooh tins so

if you missed Disneyland and Tokyo then

here you go

the kids old she'll be happy and this is

the cumin one vending machine kumamon is

from the area Kumamoto here in Japan and

he has all sorts of stuff it has wallets

and pouches and even soy sauce it's so

random and that's one of the reasons why

I love this place is it's like looking

like get any likes weird and crazy stuff

in these vending machines now let's roll

down to the next spot b1 right next to

the cake Uline entrance we've got the

OGS door and there's this yo geo coffee

machine it's a cosmetic company all the

way from Kyoto and this is their company

logo and we're gonna get one just to see

if the micros on face actually looks

like the my close up face you can choose

here how much sugar you want how much

green and then how like strong the

coffee bean flavor is pretty darn nifty

it actually looks pretty much like your

face all right let's crush your face up

mix it all in mmm not bad it's not bad

I'm not actually a fan of hot coffee I

really like my iced coffee but not bad

at all Proactive huge as a vending


they even have some Hello Kitty brushes

so fresh and clean

all right let's cruise down to the

International Terminal after you go

through some restaurants and this dope

bridge you'll get the festival Plaza

right behind me is an Emma vending

machine basically you buy these like

little wooden tablets you write your

wish on it and it's supposed to come

true who doesn't want their wishes to

come true they usually have it at shrine

or temples but you can do it at Haneda

Airport so make your wishes come true


alright let's write down

all right 1 million subscribers by the

end of this year by 2019 let's do it

guys let me put it all the way at the

bottom corner who knows if it'll happen

but you got a dream big and there is a

Hello Kitty popcorn machine for the kids

I want to get some popcorn this is a

ticket look there's salt caramel and

there's butter flavor

let's get butter flavor


Wow it's still hot but I don't really

want anything bomb parts are just gonna

give it up all right that concludes my

Haneda vending-machine

tour let me know in the comments section

below which one was your favorite

vending machine also let me know if you

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