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BEST FREE VIEWS of LONDON (8 Great Locations) | Budget Travel Guide

London is a city full of viewpoints... So I spent the last three days searching for

the best free and budget options for seeing that iconic skyline for yourself

these are my top 8 free London views

at number 8 is 20 Fenchurch Street, home of the Skygarden

Offering stunning 360-degree views with the backdrop of a Botanical Garden

it is completely free but make sure you book a ticket online at least a week in advance

I've left a link in the description.

Next up, we a few awesome angles of St Paul's Cathedral.

One New Change is a shopping centre that gets you right up close to the famous dome.

Just across the river is the Tate Modern

above the multiple floors of art installations there's a 360-degree

terrace with an awesome view of The Shard

Number 5 is a real hidden gem. About ten miles out of the city center is

Richmond Park. Tucked away amongst the trees on King Henry's Mound, there's

a telescope pointing down this government-protected view all the way to St Paul's

Next I headed east. Now this one isn't free but you can use your oyster card or contactless payment for it

The Emirates Airline is a pretty unique way to see some views of the Thames, Greenwich and Canary Wharf

Nearby in Greenwich Park, a walk up to the Royal Observatory will reward you with this amazing view of the city

Now if you're on a budget, but you're still prepared to pay a little bit of money

you can grab afternoon tea or drinks at loads of bars at the top of skyscrapers

One of my favorites is Vertigo 42. Now some of these places do have a minimum

spend and sometimes you do have to book in advance, but they're still bound to be

cheaper than places like The Shard and the London Eye

and I've saved the best until last. In beautiful Regents Park is Primrose Hill

Grab a drink or a picnic and just take in the skyline amongst the peaceful surroundings

you see this is why I love travel filmmaking, because it forces you to look

at places in a whole new light. Whether you've just arrived in a city or

you've lived there for years, getting a view of the skyline can give you so much

context... And it doesn't have to cost a thing

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