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gushing rivers steep mountains and coral


India is home to some insane views check

out the most beautiful spot in each in

and state and Union Territory Dal Lake

Jammu and Kashmir


snow-clad mountains from the perfect

backdrop as you take a peaceful boat

ride on Srinagar thalmic so more eerie

lake Ladakh less crowded than the

pangong lake so Murray is an azure blue

paradise nestled 15,000 feet above sea



Kim Yuna's tree Himachal Pradesh


when the slanting rays of sunlight hits

pitler Valley Ski monastery

the scene is likely to leave you down

strong light sheer beauty golden temple

Punjab Amritsar CH Golden Temple is

impressive at all times but once night

falls the temple gets reflected in the

black waters of the pond around it and

looks simply surreal and good rub

thousands of the ours are lit around it

making the view magical rose garden

chandigarh when in full bloom the Rose

Garden of Chandigarh is a floral

paradise with roses and rainbow heels

and their perfume lingering in the air


Moni Hills Haryana


from panchkula you get a stunning view

of the morning hills with greenery all

around jama masjid Delhi few places

captured the soul of Delhi as well as

the jama masjid India's largest mosque

climb up a high rise around the jama

masjid to view this majestic building

set against the backdrop of old le tulip

garden or truckin


the world's largest tulip garden has

opened in the hill town of moon CRE in

Osaka millions of tulip swaying in the

breeze with the backdrop of ice covered

peaks this view can give Europe a run

for its money now harder for Rajasthan

japheth now Albert Ford is the best

place to watch the Sun set over the

gorgeous pink city Taj Mahal was the

British no words can do justice to the

beauty of Taj Mahal Agra grand monument

of love will fill your heart with joy

with its architecture and landscape

Mandar pervert Bihar when that pervert

in Bangka not only offers majestic views

but is also significant in Indian

mythology it is home to a unique

sculpture of Lord Vishnu the rann of

kutch gujarat

the run of catch is India's create

marshland with views that seem out of a

sci-fi movie and ending white lands need

the blue sky the horizon Sunset Point

Vadra Nagar Haveli dominant view a

beautiful hillock near chakra Thira

offers a mesmerizing view of the sea the

beach and the sunset life is peaceful

for a few moments at this untouched spot

Rani Falls multi-position the series of

waterfalls over a deep canyon have

earned Rani Falls

the title of Grand Canyon of India the

grenade rocks of the canyon ranged from

pink to red and Greece in column lanai



the Luna League in bill Donna was

created on a meteor crashed on earth

that makes the spot teary and offbeat in

equal parts shibaura for boa


the spot made famous by the movie bill

cha-cha-cha who report offers seascapes

on one hand and grasslands on the other


Paradise Beach Karnataka a nighttime

visit to go Colonels Paradise Beach

surprises you with a glowing scene due

to thousands of light reducing

phytoplankton agathi islands fluctuating


Agra the island is home to one of the

most exciting landing strips in India

located on a narrow stretch of land in

the middle of the Indian Ocean a l'épée



LEP is the best place in Kerala to

traverse across the backwater the lagoon

canals and palm trees make for great

Instagram shots Neal Island Andaman and

Nicobar Islands the various interesting

rock formations on the beaches of Neal

Island add a dramatic character to the


bumming bridge Tamil Nadu taking a train

ride across the iconic Parman bridge

should definitely be on your bucket list

the bridge connects the temple town of

Rameshwaram to mainland India our oval


Oroville in Pondicherry seems to have

come straight of the pages of a fiction

novel at the heart of the futuristic

township lies a golden globe like

structure called the matrimandir vulcan

Deford Telangana Hyderabad Golconda fort

used to be the capital of a medieval

suit on climb to the top of the fort for

a mesmerizing view of the city amravati

interpretation for the grand statue of

Lord Buddha amravati is a prime hub for

Buddhist pilgrims and a popular spot for

tourism mock Peshwa temple padishah


the 10th century Shiva temple in old

bhoomesh world is considered a gem of

OTC architecture with a pretty lotus

pond nearby it also makes for a lovely

photo background sun duk-soo West Bengal


at rectus and up to the highest peak in

west bengal will reward you with

gorgeous views of Himalayan peaks like

Makalu closely and even Mount Everest on

a clearing but try to Le Jardin if you

are a person who enjoys the journey more

than the destination the vending roads

and loop events of patra to Valley will

tug at your heartstrings

chandragupt falls chat Easter


India's widest waterfalls the chitrakuta

Falls can be found in jungle food the

deafening roar of the Niagara Falls of

India is best enjoyed in the monsoon

season good dong male chicken the second

highest lake in India the good dog Malik

is situated in not second the cephalic

freezes over completely invented

Missoula River Island Assam take a boat

ride over the Brahmaputra River to reach

the Missoula island the paradise of

nature will heal your soul with its

beauty and bounty syllabus Arunachal

Pradesh the high altitude syllabus in

Tehran receives heavy snowfall and looks

enchanting against the mighty mountains


looked at lake manapouri

my ranks look the click is famous for

the foodies that flowed over it making

it one of the most unique news in India


North Long Hill Missouri the steep

slopes of the dirt Lange Hills provided

thrilling hiking experience and

enthralling views

Dooku Valley Nagaland located at the

border of Nagaland and manifold the Zuko

Valley represents the endless beauty of

the Northeast with its word and Hills

and stunning sunsets need my help

Tripura India's largest lake palace the

needman can be found on the banks of

Ruger Sagar Lake in Malaga in goat River

Meghalaya probably the cleanest River in

the country boom goes river in turkey

has earned the nickname of the optical

illusion river that's because the water

is so crystal clear that boats appear to

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