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The BEST Wallpaper Apps for iPhone! (2020)

what's up guys my name is Brendan and

I've been recently switching up my

wallpapers quite a bit and pretty much

every single one of my videos now

somebody asked me for a link to my

wallpaper or where I got it from so I

figured instead of just constantly

answering those questions I would just

make a whole video on the best

applications and the best websites that

I personally use for getting some pretty

awesome wallpapers for my iPhone 11pro

iPhone 10 are pretty much any iPhone

these applications will support and

you'll be able to get some really really

awesome wallpapers to spice up your

device so let's not waste any time let's

go ahead and get straight into it and

the first one is called vellum so vellum

is probably the application I've used

most over the years in terms of

wallpapers I've been using this for

probably at least two years now to get

wallpaper as you can see here right when

you open up the application it's very

nicely laid out we have daily wallpaper

so it's a new wallpaper every single day

right there which is nice we have the

best of 2019 and you just have a bunch

of different sets of wallpaper so if we

go into this one right here you can see

this is the layout it gives you kind of

a description of you know that pack as

well that wallpaper pack right there and

the source for it and you can see all of

these wallpapers right here so say we

want to just have I'll just go to this

one right here so it gives you a little

tutorial there as well if you have not

opened the app before but basically you

have three buttons down here so you have

the middle button which looks like the

camera shutter button and that is how

you save the picture to your camera roll

once you give it access it downloads it

immediately and it's in your camera roll

just like that now you also get the

option here to blur and if you tap on

that you can see you could set a certain

amount of blur so basically if you

wanted to have like this on your

lockscreen but we wanted to be blurred

so it's not as distracting on the home

screen you can do that just like so

which is really really handy and then

you also have the preview right here on

the right-hand side if you tap on that

and we'll show you exactly what it would

look like on the lock screen tap it

again to show the home screen and it

will show you exactly what it would look

like on your specific home screen which

is really nice very handy there have

been numerous times where I thought I'd

like the wallpaper and then I previewed

it and you put it on my home screen I

was like yeah I don't like that at all

so it's definitely a nice feature there

as well just press that to go back and

they just have a great selection of

wallpapers in here so really no matter

what type of wallpapers you like like

space or you know minimalistic or

abstract paint whatever it is there's

pretty much gonna be a wallpaper pack

for you in here and it's very very easy

once again I just download it just like

so and then you can go ahead and change

your wallpaper very easily so vellum

definitely my favorite wallpaper app of

all time for the iPhone I use it all the

time when I'm looking for a new

wallpaper next up is an app called

clarity and this is a very very

interesting one so clarity has a lot of

wallpapers in here as well they have a

lot of different sections you can see

it's kind of categorized up top by the

different sections I like to go to the

free section just because they do have a

subscription model here which I believe

is ten dollars per year so I like to go

to the free here just because there are

a ton of free ways to get wallpapers but

you can do the pro if you want you can

see here these are different categories

and you'll notice that there's a wide

variety a big difference I guess you

could say between clarity and vellum in

terms of the type of wallpapers that are

included so you can see you know stuff

like bear and bunny would never find

that really inside of vellum so it's a

nice you know change from different

applications so let's just go to

something like Forbidden City right here

you can see there's even a link to the

photographer right there as well and so

let's just go to like this image right

here so you can see a few different

settings here so we have the export we

have the download we have the bookmark

then up here we have a little wand which

is your edit button so you go and tap on

that you can see you can add text you

add frame and you can add blur just like

so so you're gonna tap on something like

frame you can see you get a full-fledged

editor inside of this application which

is really cool you can see kind of the

background blur there as well which is

really nice if you can't just frame it

up wherever you want to us didn't give

you a really nice minimalistic look on

your device because you could change the

different styles of the frame there

which is pretty cool and definitely

gonna give your advice a really unique

look and of course if you want to

download it just tap download and

downloads right away it's your camera

roll once again you can blur if you're

go and tap on this and go to blur makes

it very easy to blur as well just like

so you can see there's a wide variety of

different wallpapers here you can also

search if you want to as well there is

also a daily wallpaper section here as

well so you see a bunch of the daily

wallpapers that are new for every single

day which is really nice that way you're

you know not seeing the same wallpapers

over and over again clarity is probably

my second favorite wallpaper app right

behind vellum so the next one is called

wall crafts so it's cool about

craft is that right once you open it up

it detects what device you have and it

basically says that all wallpapers are

adapted to your screen so you don't have

to worry about downloading like a bigger

or a smaller wallpaper it automatically

detects your device and you can go ahead

and click on get started it

automatically opens up the app knowing

what device you have making sure every

wallpaper is optimized for your specific

device so you can see here these are a

lot more I don't know what they call

it's a little bit different from the

other two applications like I said I'm

trying to give you guys a variety and

some diversity and the types of

wallpapers and pretty much all these

applications have their own kind of

unique style I mean they have a lot of

wallpapers and you probably will find

some of the same on some of the

applications but really they're all

pretty different they have a lot of

different types of wallpaper so it just

depends on what you like so if you're

into like wolfs or something like that

you can click on this one you can see

the interface right here so down on the

bottom we have a star if you wanted to

save it you could download really

quickly by just tapping on that it could

actually choose your size and this

application which you can't and the

others so you can do a portrait or a

landscape or just the original I usually

like to do just the original size and

then you do have a preview button down

here in the bottom right the tap on that

shows you a preview on the lock screen

and then you can't go from wallpaper to

wallpaper by just swiping it over like

this if you just wanted to see a bunch

of different ones and the full screen

view so a lot of cool ones in here as

well you can see they are categorized up

there as well by rating exclusive double

when you tap on this right here you can

see a lot of the different options in

there as well I have used this

application I just downloaded it you

know at the end of last year in 2019 so

I don't have a ton of experience with it

but they do have definitely a lot of

different you know more unique

wallpapers than some of the others you

can see here there are also some locks

here as well so I guess there are some

you know and that purchases as well so

you can see there 9 bucks a year no ads

exclusive wallpapers double wallpapers

things like that so just another thing

to consider but anyways moving on to the

next application that's gonna be wildly

so Wally is another one that a lot of

people probably heard about it's very

similar to something like Reddit maybe

so if we go ahead in here you will see

that it's very much categorized like

something like Reddit where it has like

a voting system so you can see here we

have recent popular and featured if we

go to popular right here it's going to

know popular by the amount of

likes so really nice you know obviously

most people are gonna go popular and

find some of the more popular ones but I

like to go to recent and just kind of

find some of the new ones you will find

a lot of duds in here just because a lot

of people upload these you could see

like their picture of the people to

upload these wallpapers but it's kind of

cool to see some of the more low-key

ones and ones that aren't as popular and

- everybody's downloading you know what

I mean so there's a lot of good

wallpapers on here that once again these

ones are a little bit less abstract and

a little bit more I'm not sure how I

could describe a little bit more like

real life like nature and things like

that so this is definitely a great

application for that but you will find a

good variety on here as well you can

also search up there in the top right

over the top left we do have our menu

here you can create your profile and

things like that

if we go to one of these wallpapers

right here you see it's very easy just

tap on download you will have to agree

to that and then you could choose

rectangle or square right here just tap

on square to do that so this app

definitely is not as minimalistic and as

simple as something like a vellum or a

clarity you can see there you have kind

of splash screen you have to kind of go

back which is kind of annoying but it is

cool that you get credit all right they

could see the credit I guess of who

actually made the wallpaper the

photographer and things like that if you

tap on them you can see all of theirs as

well which is pretty cool pretty much

its own like social media so social

network for wallpaper creators and just

wallpapers in general so wall-e

another great application for getting

wallpapers the next step is called

unsplash now unsplash is probably one of

the most popular applications out there

one of the most popular websites really

for free photos so basically you could

search right here if you want to but I

like to just go to the wallpapers

section right here and then go to iPhone

wallpapers that's where you can find a

lot of really cool wallpapers for the

iPhone so you can see here it's a lot of

cool things this one would probably look

good if it was blurred unfortunately you

cannot blur inside of this application

like you can and a lot of the others so

you will have to do that manually with a

third-party application or with

Photoshop or something like that but

what I like about this application is

that if you press this little eye down

here in the bottom left it actually

shows you a lot of details about that

photo what it was shot with the focal

length the shutter speed the aperture

and things like that so it gives you a

lot of cool details if you're into

photography about the photo that was

shot which I really like

I think it's really cool a lot of tons

are going here just to look at pictures

not even to download wallpapers just to

look at the pictures and how they shot

it but it's really cool to see

like that and you could just go ahead

and download just by tapping on that

then it downloads and saves straight to

your camera roll once again you can't

blur which is kind of unfortunate but

there is a nice huge selection on

unsplash and the final one is not an

application but it's actually a

subreddit inside of Reddit so this one

is called iPhone wallpaper so if you

just go to Reddit and go to iPhone

wallpapers you will see this right here

and there are a lot of wallpapers always

posted in here constantly every single

day and there's a lot of unique ones in

here there's a lot of ones that I have

not seen on any other website and of

course it's nice because the people that

post them usually leave a link to the

full size download in the comments if

you go to the comments right here

usually they will leave a link if the

actual picture doesn't link anywhere

that's not in full rest so pretty good

spot there's also another one just

called wallpapers to just go to our

slash wallpapers you will find quite a

bit of wallpapers and these are not

specific to iPhone so you'll see a lot

of like laptop and you know MacBook or

iMac wallpapers but you will find a lot

of wallpapers in here for iPhone and

iPad as well so this is just another

source another resource for you to use

if you are looking for wallpapers and

once again that's not as streamlined

it's not as easy to do just because you

will have to click on a link and

download it and there's no blur or

anything like that but I just want to

show this as well because this is

another place where I've gotten

wallpapers from in the past and as you

guys can see I do like to use the blur

on my home screen on my lockscreen this

is what I have on the lockscreen and

that's the same wallpaper just blurred

though for my home screen and it looks

like that I really like the look of it

very colorful very clean yeah guys

that's pretty much it those are some of

my favorite wallpaper applications that

I use when I want to freshen things up

on my devices so let me know what you

guys think about these applications

which one is your favorite or do you

have another favorite application or

favorite source for wallpapers let me

know down and they comment below so if

you guys enjoyed the video I would

appreciate if you give it a thumbs up of

course make sure you do subscribe so you

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anyways guys thanks again for watching

and I'll see you soon