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10 Best White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $30 2020

don't be the person that brings the gift

no one wants we've got you covered for

all the best white elephant gift

exchanges this holiday season has a

bonus almost everything listed in this

video whether funny useful or serious is

under $30 let's get started at number

one is this portable car heater this

portable car heater can quickly heat up

the car's interior without waiting for

the engine to warm up it can not only be

used to warm up your frozen car but also

used as a fan to cool you in the summer


at number two is the magic instant dry

hair towel dries your hair in 3 minutes

and absorbs water 80 percent more than

regular towels in a natural and

efficient way

this magic instant dry hair towel is the

secret key to save your time every day


at number three is the silicon shoe

covers that protects your shoes from mud

rain snow sand suitable for going out in

rainy days and outdoor activities such

as camping fishing car washing golf

garden etc keep your shoes dry and clean

all the day


at number 4 is the calming pet bed this

calming pet bed has a simple yet

effective design that provides your pet

with a comfortable warm and safe place

it is made of high-quality and thick

fabric that will keep your pet cozy and

warm in a way our Emin isn't to the

mothers fur coat


at number 5 is the retro TV Bluetooth

speakerphone holder this phone holder is

totally awesome when it works it's a

perfect Bluetooth speaker and retro

radio once turned off it's a mobile

phone holder even a piece of art when

placing on the table with its classic

television style this retro speaker

offers you an entirely new experience

while watching movies games or

television shows on your phone


at number 6 is the flopping fish cat toy

this real-looking flopping fish cat toy

is a crowd-pleaser for both cats and

people alike the toy is made of plush

fabric and stuffed with high-quality

peepee cotton than 100% catnip the fish

head body and fish tail have catnip

added in making it easy to catch cats

interest and perfect for biting chewing

and kicking there are no chemicals or

any hazardous substances inside

available in three different sizes and 5

different patterns it is suitable for

both your cats or kids and adults alike

choosing a larger size

this fish pillow can be a perfect

decoration for your car sofa and bed at

number 7 is the foldable eco-friendly

shopping bag these foldable eco-friendly

shopping bags are made of thick premium

600d Oxford cloth they feature foldable

wheels so that you can switch between a

shoulder bag or a full-sized shopping

cart the zipper at the top allows the

bag to be of average size without taking

up space once you open the zipper it

will be turned into a shopping cart with

wheels immediately another favorite

feature you will surely like is its

large capacity it looks like an ordinary

shopping bag but once unfolded it can

hold up to 40 kilograms




at number eight is the cat paw Sox wish

you were as cute as a cat wait no more

this adorable and cozy cat paw Sox will

transform your feet into a fun and furry

cat paw


at number nine is the portable lint

remover it gives your old fabrics new

life by giving them a quick shave

without damaging the fabric keeps them

clean soft and looking like new


at number 10 is the magnetic magic use

the magnetic magic cube is a great way

to train your thinking and develop your

intelligence and creativity you can get

cool and amazing structures with those

magnetic balls from pyramid sphere tube

to the more difficult shapes