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Toontown Offline: Level 50 Big Cheese Statue Boss Solo

all right what's up everyone this is the

final boss of Team Town as of now

so this is on toontown offline this is

the executive office which actually has

a final boss but you'll see what it is

in a little bit you probably anyways

here's my gag setup I'm bringing an

organic throw actually I might yeah

organic throw out the safest bet

so I'm bring an organic throw some sound

on a whole lot a lot of lure you know

some squirt a little bit of drop I'm

actually gonna there you go you can't

like I don't know how to make it so it

doesn't bug out when you become trap

Allah so when you already have trap it

anyway yeah so I don't have any trap

tune up there's tune up stuff and PO I

don't have any tune up stuff yeah that's

my setup

SOS cards I have the same amount of

cards as I did for on my main account

into enemy written so it's the exact

same amount of high level cards that I

have that I'm gonna be using

it's mostly gonna be these three guys

and flipy primarily and I'm probably

gonna use a Pete Harris ball

and then also for unites the only night

I'm gonna be using is the max teen up

unite because flippy is bugged on

toontown offline where he doesn't

actually tune anyone so I have to use

this max tune up after flippy and that's

only reason I'm using it for otherwise

I'm not gonna be using it so simply just

SOS cards and gang so here we go








here he is a level 50 big cheese statue

who is the final boss of toontown

offline yes he has around 2000 alpha so

here we go this is going to be very

interesting so the way I like to start

this flight and the way I'm going to

start this fight is I'm gonna be very

risky at the start and try to use my gym

Tanic here we go yes it hit oh my god

that is awesome ok so that's a free 180

damage right there that's the first time

that's ever happened that is sweet

good stuff good start good start it's

starting because he's level 50 cogs so

his his attacks do anywhere between 30

to 40 damage and it's very very hard for

you to actually hit and very hard for

you to dodge there's a mess so we're

gonna use all of our riskier gags in the

beginning Derrick try to get as much

damage off as we can and if you know

we'll just see what happens so if we get

anywhere to 40 health or below we're

gonna have to heal which we're going to

be using flippies and SOS lures

was it up a - Tanika that's the first

time that's happened alright so yeah so

we're at 39 so we have to heal which

kind of sucks but so remembering out the

SS lore and then the flippy this is why

I'm using drop first though because now

I can SOS lower heel and then use a

throw or something which we're gonna use

a wedding

I'm gonna be using a lot of flippies in

this flight a lot of flippies


there's the bug I was talking about

before searching good night never use a

wedding cake

a lot of damage there


then we're going to use the piano


yes sorry so we got all right you got

the to tan again we got it we got one

piano so that's still pretty good

cigar smoke

that does 40 damage

all right so now we're going to work yes

it hit nice


all right so we're gonna heal again



case you're curious you probably know

this but SOS the Lord can't mess to be

able to be at max lawyer Sam what that's

what's dropped and all the other suppose

cars they can't they can only miss if

you're think about max so if you see if

you see an SOS if you see if you use

like an SOS sound and you see it you see

part of the sound messed that wasn't the

SOS sound that was part of the sound yes

why sound can't miss if you're going to

hear sounds max Sam is like that's

always tuned up and stuff like you can't

mess of its max

aren't all right

yeah that soon Tanika that one piano

helped a lot

yeah your lures are gonna miss a lot

so organic lore would actually might be

good for this flight too because he has

a very high defense value American your

gags miss all Lots on him

nice ice actually not bad last time

either going up


we have 47 arts that we're so good

take an arm and heal now

now if you wanted to you wanted to

choose this fight you could just spam

Bessey's forever and just never die but

I mean I never miss I mean but yeah I'm

trying to do is I'm trying to do that

with at least the least amount of

rewards as possible so this is what

happens all by the way you also can't

use it you can also cannot fire this guy

and you also can't use cheats you can't

use any magic words it says what I do


yeah all of your cheats have been turned

to stone so you can't actually use


so you have to make sure to restock on

everything for you all right so guys



you can't dodge his attacks it's just

really rare he's usually will always hit



I can look at the floors right now

we still got plenty more that came from

come here

how strong cloud

47 again


take it

he'll time once again


oh you one more nevermind we dodged it

nice come on rich Jesus he's just not

falling for Lord today is he maybe I'll

try I guess I'll try something else

instead I'll try just you know sometimes

it'll work

what would I do without you be what I do

without you

is where the fight starts getting a

little bit slower because the interval

for what his HP is orange is pretty big

and also you know we have to rely on for

sending our so let's try magma you have

it works sick of course that's just how

it is

all right last cloud looks are using

some sound they don't need to lure for

so me we can lure their mouths but it's

not it's not required because we don't

get the bonus damage off a bit so be

faster just to use the sound out right

before that and hope that it hits so

we're gonna hit the Opera next



thankfully it's not using cigar smoke

that much I rap 42 so we're just add

enough so we can use a foghorn damage






and flippy


now we're actually going to use a whole

cream pie here because this will

actually do more damage than the foghorn

when these floors over does 44 plus 20

to 60 damage as opposed to just 50 raw

these marfox


and then after the next foghorn we're

gonna use oh nice after the next foghorn

we're going to use a pea nice is red

sweet nice we are going to

we're gonna try to lure because yeah

Berkut ride aboard Vostok bulbous heads

nice sucka cool so we'll lure him hit

him with the cream and then we'll use a

well-heeled will use Oldman heel with

flippy and then



just in cases like screws everything


I guess I'm trained uses least amount of

her words as possible so we're gonna use

a Pete because Pete will give us more

gags and it'll also shoot more damage to

the having to way to use a bunch of

cards so we're going to use a P and then

just spam cakes and Thank You Pete

unfortunately doesn't restock your level

sevens that would be the most optimal


on baby it's worth a shot

might as well just use the might as well

you try to use these pianos


well we're gonna be at 32 yeah we're

gonna have to yield Han

that sucks


now I could take a risk and try to hit

him but now it's like yeah there's a

higher chance that yield he'll kill me

because that glower power can do

anywhere between 30 to 30 I think so

that will kill me if the multi


fortunate we're not getting very lucky

but she's uh these pianos some people


but I forgot the event with lures to

stop to rely on the load on you know low

accuracy gag two heads

okay last piano come on

nice very nice all right so one four



it's yet to 38 please light a cigar

smell okay we're gonna be a 13 oh no

we're gonna have to heal ah dang it

all right we're gonna have to heal yeah

unfortunately so that like yeah so I

could be risky but if he does use cigar

smoke I'm dead like you know so like 39

is sucks really sucks fortunately

getting really unlucky in this last leg

here which kind of sucks we got really

lucky in the beginning like the

beginning phase went really fast but now

we're starting to feel the pain a little

bit here


last cake oh nice it's red almost there

I swear I'm gonna try it magnet again

it's gonna be funny actually no what

let's just use a cloud man let's let's

just just squirt see we can finish him


hey that should do it yep there we go

and that's it that's the whole 50 big

cheese for you



so that's all I happens at the end is

they just chase you out the the huge

just chase you out so overall that

wasn't bad we use how many puppies we

used a lot of flippies a lot of a SOS

largo mostly flippies because i have a

lot of us of us florida to juggle

between so it wasn't that bad but yes so

let's go actually back to false by THQ

and you'll see what happened now we're

gonna try to go back there it's actually

kind of cool now besides the the

underwater bug but look the statue is

gone like the statute the statue in the

middle is not there anymore and if we go

if we try to go into the executive

office doesn't matter


yeah so you can see ever now I don't

know if we did no clip not I maybe

there's template I thought there was a

way to get through walls but there's

none what are we going to the club what

if we go to the club house coming


I kind of feel it let's just take a look

now you can its doesn't rendering

walk away but yeah so yeah that's it

that's the quote-unquote final boss of

to town right now a really really fun

battle even though you know takes a lot

of rewards but that's sort of the whole

idea is supposed to be very very hard

but yeah thanks for watching