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★ GTA 5 - Dump Truck Location and Gameplay

what's going on guys get you one two

three oh here with more grand theft out

of five and lately I've been looking for

a dump truck because look how massive

this thing is I am only as tall as like

half of the tire and this thing just

looks absolutely epic and I really

wanted to find one and finally I did it

took a long time but yeah I figured that

some of you guys wanted to know the

location as well so I'm going to show

you the location and then we're going to

do a little bit of gameplay and I'll

drive it for the first time so basically

on the map it's in this quarry right

here this is called Davis courts and

this is where I'm at and entering the

the quarry here I noticed that there

were like two more also over here or

maybe even three so this isn't the only

one and funny enough there was even one

next to it before like you know ten

minutes ago and then I kind of walked

away a couple hundred feet and came back

and then one was gone so now there's

only one here but yeah this is where

it's at not quite down in Los Santos but

not quite at the top of the map either

hugging the right side right in this

quarry so pause the videos you need to

see the location but now we are going to

drive this thing for the first time it

looks pretty epic it is huge and I don't

even know wow okay apparently this is

how you get on to it it's so high off

the ground and I imagine that this thing

is just going to demolish cars so I

guess we'll find out so far I like it

though it feels good I don't imagine

this being a very fast vehicle but uh I

gotta respect the fact that rocks are

put in something so giant you know this

might be the closest that we get to a

monster truck in gta5 looks like it's

having some trouble getting up this hill

it was like spinning out so basically I

just want to get to the road here

and chest it out now see there's another

one in the distance over there even

another one so they're the ones I was

talking about there are quite a few here

I just want to see how this thing treats

cars though hopefully like a badass you

can see it's got a pretty badass honking

horn I'm going to be coming back with a

story quite a bit because this has the

bulldozer and also the the dump truck so

between those two things there is a

reason for me to come here so let me

just get on the freeway here and we can

start going down the wrong side of it I

absolutely dwarf these cars oh my gosh

and oh come on run him over like get

your tires on them is this guy really

getting out to fight me what the hell is

he thinking I am in a freaking dump

truck and he got out of his little car

to try to fight me what why does that

thing explode so easily that's


I don't even know what I did I feel like

ran over a car and it just decided to

explode I don't know why that thing

would be so fragile but whatever there

you guys have it the location for the

dump truck in grand theft auto 5 check

out my channel for plenty more how-to

tutorials locations funny videos and all

that good stuff thanks for watching