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Grand Theft Auto 5 Online : How To Get A Tow Truck in GTA Online

what's up guys Nick here from AR 12

gaming back in Grand Theft Auto online

with another GTA 5 glitch for you guys

now this is how you can get offline

vehicles into online and it's pretty

cool I was doing it with a tow truck

some of you guys will want to do it with

like Franklin's cars but those ones are

kind of a waste of time

because you can't actually insure these

vehicles or make them your personal

vehicles or anything like that so do it

with like the hearse the tow truck stuff

like that school stuff like that anyways

what you want to do there's a little bit

of a setup for this you make sure you

want to make sure your spawn location is

set on last location and you also want

to have no free spots in your garage so

if you do have any free spots just go

fill up your garage with whatever you

have and you also want to have 0 cars

being either destroyed like in Mors

mutual or also just on the street so

that's what I'm doing right here I'm

just filling up my garage with all my

cars then after that what you want to do

is just walk out of your garage take

your car and just go drive over to los

santos customs and just stand outside

then anyways after that you want to

leave GTA online basically this will

spawn you into your single-player game

and then once you've done that you want

to find the vehicle that you want so in

this case I'm doing it with the tow

truck you can do whatever whatever

vehicle you want you can do with the dub

statu if you want to do that you can do

with the hearse whatever vehicle you

want really but no you can't insure the

vehicle so like Franklin's vehicle kind

of not good I'm not sure if you can

upgrade them I haven't tried that myself

but I know you can't insure them or make

them in personal vehicle but anyways

after you've done that you want to go

back to GTA online once you're in the

vehicle of your choice so a lot of that

to load up and you'll spawn relatively

close to los santos customs

anyways find a car that you want or that

you don't need to steal a car anyways

what you want to do is park it in los

santos customs like this so it stops the

door from closing make sure you do that

then anyways this is where the glitch

actually takes place go over to the Xbox

Live Store and then as it pops up like

this when the screen goes sort of black

you want to sign out of your Xbox

account ps3 or ps3 yeah this works the

same way you can do it just like this I

know there are some people who want to

like pull out the ethernet cord that

works as well but I just did it like

this I just signed out and then after

that after you've waited for 10 minutes

for the game to load up game you want to

head back over to your game pause the

game as soon as you get into a game

you'll see a little prologue thing and

you want to load up one of your previous

saves now this will actually require you

to log back in so what I'm doing right

here it says alert log in or sign in

whatever and then do that and then

basically you'll be put back in to GTA

offline normal game and once you do that

you want to go back and find the vehicle

again so yeah you wait your 10 minutes

for the game to load again I feel like

me anyways I just called up a taxi went

back to get the tow truck so I'm with

Franklin here I did switch over

characters that didn't really matter I

don't know what that did anyways you

want to go to the same los santos

customs you went to before so i'm in the

tow truck here just drive over to there

and park it in front of the door here

now i'm just parking it here and then

what you want to do after that is go

back into GTA online so the tow truck if

you're doing this with vehicles that you

can upgrade park it in the same way park

it under the door so can't close the tow

truck you can't upgrade so just park it

in front of the door like i did i'm not

sure the exact placement let's just

close enough anyways what you want to do

after that is go GT play GTA online and

then that's pretty much your glitch

right there uh that's it and you can

have your tow truck whatever you want

your hearse anything like that in GTA

online and is pretty awesome it's fun to

drive around in these cuz rockstars

trying to outlaw them and stuff like

that but anyways there you go

GTA online tow truck it's really really

cool just to have these back I remember

these back back when the first game

first came out just having some fun with

these so it's good to see them back in

GTA online anyways guys hopefully this

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again very very much for watching and I

will see you in the next one