find the

How to get the black lightsaber in Star Wars the Force Unleashed

oh no guys it is the angry Irish here

coming at you with a little bit of a

tutorial video and it is how to get the

black lights in for crystal and Star

Wars The Force Unleashed buno not dos so

if you look at the lightsaber crystal

menu like I did you can see that there's

many different variations of many

different colors blue green gold yellow

purple red and so on and so forth

except for the black lightsaber crystal

black lightsaber crystal is very unique

as far as Lord goes there's only been

one recorded black lightsaber crystal

and that is from Pre Vizsla from Star

Wars to clone wars to TV series and it

was supposedly stolen from the Jedi

Temple during the Mandalorian Wars so

that's a very interesting thing to bear

in mind for you Lord that's out there

now how your guys are gonna go ahead

again it is first of all you need to be

on the final level and that is the Death

Star level where you go into the ink

Queen Death Star to confront Vader and

the Emperor and save the rebellion

senator such as Princess Leia Bail

Organa and so on and so forth his ol

general Kota so what you're gonna want

to go to is you're gonna want to go to

the force combos and you're gonna want

to scroll all the way down to dashing

blasts it'll cost you one force red

sphere you're gonna go ahead and

purchase that now the combo for this is

shift II right okay bear mine shift eat

that's on the PC this trick will work on

all different platforms it's just a

matter of your different combinations

are different because you know two

platforms or controllers level plot so

what you're going to see what I'm doing

here is I'm going through into the area

outside of the Emperor's throne room I'm

pushing in this generator that Juno will

direct you to to atsc will come at you

at both sides of the area so bear in

mind of those so I'm pushing in this

generator then these gravel ups will

open up and basically what I'm going to

do is I'm going to jump on the left grab

lift left to the left side of the

generator is what I mean

so finally gonna make it all the way to

the top but what you can see here as you

can see is there's the Jedi holocron and

it happens to be right above where the

beam is gonna come out of first so how

you guys want to do this is you guys are

gonna want to keep your dashing blast

ghetto I keep that dashing blast with

you you want to go back onto the lift

all the way from the bottom it's going

to send you all the way up what it says

you all the way up it's gonna start

pushing you once you reach the roof boom

dashing blast immediately right them

there you get a lanta to the platform

it's going to take you a couple tries

this took BA

while took about 30 minutes to figure it

out but boom once you figured out

there's your holocron go ahead and pick

it up and there you go you get your

black light super crystal we're gonna go

ahead and watch this in slow motion here

so go ahead and check that out frame by

frame there ya light at the last second

like I said guys out so you get the

black light super crystal and now you

can look like previz Allah or you know

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see you guys in the next video bye bye