find the


yo guys how's it going mega Ross gaming

here today I'm going to be showing you

how to get on the real black market

where you can buy drugs guns stolen

credit cards stolen PayPal's fake

passports fake IDs counterfeit money and

just a whole lot more it's a really fun

place to just look at so I'm going to

show you how to do all that when I come


all right guys so I'm like I said I'm

going to show you how to get on the

black market where you can buy

practically anything so first thing

you're going to need to do is you're

going to need to go to a link that I

will put in the description you're going

to download something called torque if

you guys are like me you automatically

get suspicious when you got to download

something but don't worry guys trust me

I downloaded this I didn't get any

viruses nothing insane that you know

would really screw up my computer so I

if you like I said I'll put it in the

description so if your Mac you'll just

go if your Windows just going to click

here if your Mac click here if your Jean

your linen Linux or whatever you'll

click that like you click this and then

click there

but yeah so once you guys have

downloaded it you're going to need to go

through like a setup thing to where you

will set it up and then you'll get this

right here so this is the actual browser

that we will use to get into the black

market because you can't just go on

google and look up the black market it

doesn't work like that

and if you guys actually want to see a

video that I will upload about the

levels of the web the deep web the dark

web and then like the regular web I will

do a video on that later so just let me

know if you guys want to see that but

first thing we're going to do once we

get here is we are going to click

privacy and security and set it'll be

set to low but we're going to set it to

high so that way it just makes you know

more secure so the first one I'm going

to show you guys is the hidden wiki and

I will put this link in the description

with all the other links so once you get

this downloaded just copy it and paste

it so this one is pretty good

it actually takes you to other links to

where you can buy stuff so you know you

can just kind of look through here

yourself you know counterfeit bills

what else we got here double your

bitcoins you can buy credit cards here

get cheap low balance cards

she's got a whole bunch of stuff selling

a few iPhone 5s is probably stolen fixed

football games low price Apple products

hacking unlock smartphones gift cards

selling passports so yeah become a

become a citizen of the u.s. real US

passport um yeah this is the this is the

black market right here guys everything

I'm going to show you is different you

know websites for the black market but

this is just one of them um yeah

voila we are in the black market right

here so this this one you click on one

it'll take you to a link in don't be

surprised if some of them you click on

are dead like they don't work and that

would probably be a good handful of them

drugs most people will probably come


so yeah biggest network so if I click on

it probably won't work because it's

probably been shut down and then they'll

shut down for some time and then they

actually come back over this one

actually works so if I click here to

join I'm not going to go through the

whole process yeah I don't wanna do that

but yeah that one actually works it

wasn't working yesterday so like I said

it goes down for a little bit this one

says down so it may be working probably

not because it says down but that one

was actually down yesterday so see this

one's back up I can register if I wanted

to but I don't want to do that with you

guys staring at me so yeah next one I'm

gonna be showing you guys so you can

just click on these like I said this one

least you weren't working yesterday so

they probably go down up and down for a

little bit so next one I'm going to show

you is grams grams is a drug website

within the black market so I can look up

a weed and I can buy some weed and then

you buy everything on here with bitcoins

because you don't know the receiver and

the receiver doesn't know the giver of

the Bitcoin so you don't know the buyer

and they don't know the cell

so you want some uh good old mess here

you look up some meth and boom you can

buy some meth oh you want some crack you

can buy some crack and even if you're

looking for the LSD area LSD they

probably got some of that I would

imagine five hits 250 hits four hundred

six hundred twenty-five hundred fifty

ten five hundred and hundred two hundred

thousand hits nine hundred so yeah they

got a different areas of LSD this is

more LSD so yeah and you got a couple

pages here so that is a two of them the

next ones I'm going to show you you

actually have to create account and I

already have a created account on these

one so I'll just log in real fast and

then I'll get back with you guys this

one is called alpha Bay and I will also

put this one in the description so for

this one you need to select what you

want to look or just to look it up so

we'll look up a Glocks

because this one also sells websites

sells website sells weapons

unlike the grams one we looked at that

one you know you may find some weapons

but this one actually specializes in it

also so there's a Glock and I think

they're not really coming up because yep

I didn't click on that so you have to

click on weapons and then search and

then I would imagine yep now see now

Glocks are popping up here a lot of them

and then here you see eur/usd press so

that's US dollars then you got your

bitcoins so what you will pay in

bitcoins and that's its US value so here

we can look that up and now we can just

remove that see all kinds of guns here

they got a munition pistols and

long-range guns explosives hand weapons

and others so we'll select them all and

then search and so this is what we come

up with some brass knuckles a lot of

pocket knives

pistols nine-millimeter Glock 17 38

caliber beretta so yeah there's actually

rifles here too but they're not pulling

up and you know you guys can do this

yourself you can look if you want so

next one I'm going to be showing you is

called dream market and I will put this

in the description too so let me sign

into this one and then I'll show you

what you can get on this one alright

guys so this one loaded up and I clicked

on a drugs here you got your other ones

so yeah this is what happens when you

look up drugs and you can also search

for certain drugs

yeah search text um got your suggested

here we can go on other see what happens

when other comes up I don't know what it

is purses stash can so that's pretty

cool actually HD Wi-Fi clock HD Wi-Fi

wall clock condemn out I don't know that

his Rolex here um some glasses

no that is by custom cart I guess so

yeah all these are probably all these

watches are to be 100% honest with you

either fake which is um illegal I'm

pretty sure to make fake products and/or

they're actually real but stolen so

you're probably in a pan quite a bit for

it if it's real so what here you can buy

a driver's license so yeah um how I made

hundreds of dollars so visa these look

to be like a stories or advice or

whatever but you still have to order it

a counterfeit 20s so yeah there's your

counterfeit you can buy boobs

apparently so we'll get a digital

and yeah you guys can look this up you

guys probably notice I have skipped it

that's because a nude image come up and

you can't have that on YouTube but

anyway what I was saying was you guys

can look at this on your own which I

encourage you to do I think people

should look at it see what's on the Deep

Web and like I said I will be doing a

video about the Deep Web in the dark web

and the regular web the difference and

how to get to them and all kinds of

stuff and yeah I'll be telling you guys

how to do that and yeah this is how you

get on the black market and look at all

kinds of legal stuff so I hope you enjoy

the video if you did click that like

button and if you want to see the

difference between the web's and how to

get to them click that like button in

that subscribe button button and yeah

thanks for watching