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*2020* How To Get A FREE BLACK MARKET On Rocket League

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dude here and welcome back to the

channel today

we're gonna be looking at how you new

players or you know

existing players can get their first

mystery decal

black market i guess goal explosion as

well but what i'm really looking at

is black market decals because they're

my favorite to talk about not gonna lie

but i'm gonna give you guys some tips on

starting off on getting that first black


because i feel like that's a question a

lot of people ask the most how do you

get your first black market because it

seems like they're worth so much more

than every other item

but i think an experienced rocket league

player or trader really knows

that black markets aren't the best items

but they're definitely the most exciting

to have

i'm pretty sure so anyway guys the first

way you can really get your first black

market is absolutely free and

it's it's actually a really good thing

that this has come out it's essentially

the tournaments right

so the whole video is not going to be

about the tournaments don't worry

because tournaments give you

untradable items but you can still get a

black market from it

so essentially if you didn't know in

this new tournaments update you can play

uh tournaments that are set

certain time zones um we have one at 7

p.m one 10 p.m

you know you have loads of tournaments

and essentially you can compete in them

they're all 3v3

you can solo queue you can jump in with

your friends and whatnot and essentially

you'll earn these tournament tokens

by placing in different placements in

different ranks so let's say

you place in i don't know in a diamond

tournament you get first place

you'll get a bunch of tokens but you

don't have to win just to get tokens

essentially the further up you rank

within these tournaments

the more tokens you'll get for your

placement so let's say you come fourth

you'll get more tokens as someone who

comes 16th essentially

and every week you'll essentially get

given tokens depending on

your top three best placements so let's

say in three tournaments you get first

place essentially you'll get the tokens

for all those first places

but also when you win games you do also

get tokens

anyway guys where this is leading is

essentially the rewards from opening

tournament cups

range all the way to these black markets

now they include

the riser decal the righteous gate

oh the righteous gale gold explosion

which you can see there

and the digi globe gold explosion now

my favorite out of them is probably well

some of the painted digi globes look


but also the riser black market is uh it

looks really nice a lot of people don't

like it but in my opinion it's awesome

and essentially what you can do is you

can spend your tournament rewards

on these cups right here and there's

four different cups and each one

essentially gives you better odds of

getting the better items

now you can think about how you want to

spend your tokens on which cups

but if you place in champion then you'll

be able to get the champion cup

which guarantees you a painted item at

very rare rarity

or above so it's a lot of tokens it's 20

000 but if you're in champion

you will probably earn that many tokens

quite quickly

and you'll probably be able to buy quite

a few of them however i'm pretty sure

the diamond and the gold

tier cups are really good to open and if

you get lucky

then maybe you'll get a black market and

also there's no harm in not doing this

guys because it's completely free and

it's literally just you playing rocket

league anyway i feel like that took

quite a long time to explain

but that is one way in which you can get

your first black market but a lot of you

are probably thinking i want a tradable

black market so i can start trading

and i think a black market appeals to

most people when trading because i know

it's very easy to sell a black market

because you know it's shiny it's purple

and everyone wants it

so a really good way to go about getting

your first black market is

as follows so you guys know that drops

are now in

rocket league if i click rocket pass and

look at the rocket pass

you can get a bunch of drops now you've

heard about these a lot recently

and there's a reason for it there's a

lot of hype around these and they're

absolutely free so essentially in the

rocket pass

you can get a bunch of uncommon drops a

bunch of rare drops a bunch of very rare


um and essentially they'll all add up

and give you

a decent amount of items if you open

them so all you got to do is get to tier

90 on the rocket pass now my biggest tip

here for getting to that level on the

rocket pass

is if you look at the llama rama

challenges there is currently

five days left now that's not a long

time but if you go into these challenges

you can complete uh some of these

challenges to get drops but also there's

this one right here at the bottom that

says play 10 online matches

repeatable what that means is this

challenge right here

does not run out it just lets you do it

over and over again and you get 10 000


for every 10 matches you play over and

over again

so i've been playing matches and

obviously getting more xp than i should


just because of this llama event so if

you want to get to that higher tier

rocket pass quicker

or just level up in general quicker then

try and

complete games as much as you can in

these next five days and you'll get

the benefits of that so that should be

the easiest way to sort of tear up that

rocket pass just play the game and

obviously you might as well

play tournaments while you're playing

the game because that's going to level

up your rocket pass

it's also going to get you those

tournament cups that's going to give you

the most chances

of being able to get the best items in

the game also there are weekly

challenges and season challenges which

you all know about which can give you


now once you've opened these drops

you'll have a bunch of uncommon items

rare items very rare items if you're

lucky some imports and maybe some


now if you've got any exotics or imports

you might want to look at selling them

but if you have enough you can do this

thing called trading up

now if you want to test your odds and

trade up some import items to

i don't know some exotic items then go

for it but my opinion personally is what

i do with all of those items

that you got out of the drops is go on a

trading website

and put them up for sale because there's

people like myself that are essentially

going to these sites

and they're looking for very rares out

of these drops because

what i want to do personally is make

videos on doing trade-ups

now a lot of people want to do very rare

trade-ups and rare trade-ups and import


from these drops because items from

these drops are the only items now

really in the game

that you can actually trade up so

they're actually

worth more than they really should be so

if you guys want tips on

selling items then i'll give you that

right here

all right so i've linked down below a

trading website that i use now don't

worry it's no

fishy sort of thing it's not like a

risky sort of cs go betting website

that sort of thing it's literally just a

website where you can post

sort of items you're looking for and

items you have to sell

and where you can see other people's

posts on what they have and what

they are selling and essentially that

way you can just contact them

on steam or xbox or epic games and then

you can sort out a trade if you want to

do one so

what you do is go to rocket league dot

com slash trading there's a dash between

rocket and league there

and you go to the trading section and

then when you're in the trading section

you literally select

items you want to sort of look for and

that way you can actually look for the

black markets you want

and sort of see what prices you need and

how many credits you actually

need before you can buy your first black

market but also

if you create an account on here with

just your email then you can

create a trade offer now with your trade

offer what you can do is put the items

that you got from that drop

in the trade offer and say that you want

some credits for it

i'd say go around maybe 40 credits if

you have very rares from there maybe 30

to 40 credits per very rare

that's a reasonable price and i reckon

you'll sell them quite fast

now you can put them at a higher price

but you'll probably find trades a lot


so hopefully once you add a trade offer

someone will find you and contact you

and then you'll add them as a friend on

rocky league through epic games or steam


xbox or playstation whatever and you'll

go through and you can talk to them

discuss a trade maybe make some even

better offers

and you'll be well on your way to having

some credits on

rocket league and another tip for you

guys is if you want to know what the

prices are like

currently on rocket league then you can

go to

and then select your platform and it

will show you a sort of list of all the

items in the game

and their prices so right now i've gone

to black market on pc

and you can see all the black markets on

rocket league here now the cheapest one

is torah and that is worth 200 to 300


which you guys could get easily from

opening those drops and selling the

items within it

but also this is just really a general

tip for looking at prices

when you're making trades when you're

looking for items to get and hopefully

this will just kind of motivate you guys

to sort of want to do trading if that's

the sort of thing

you're looking to go into with getting

these black markets and hopefully

using the trading website and the price

guide website

you should be able to find trades that

are definitely going to be worth your


pretty darn easily but guys if you are

looking for the cheapest black market

then you're looking for things like


spectre labyrinth biomass intrudium

these sort of black markets hexed as

well if you want to go for the more

expensive ones

then all you have to do is work on

trading through

all of those items that you get in the

drops and remember guys drops are

literally going to be given

to you for free every week because

looking at weekly challenges

we've got on a drop every week so far so

realistically if you don't think the

rocket pass gives you enough drops

then don't worry because just keep

tuning in every week

to complete your weekly challenges and

you'll get plenty more drops

so basically everyone who has the game

right now has the chance to be able to

get black markets

by playing tournaments or just getting

the free drops anyway guys hopefully you

enjoyed the video i'll see you in the

next one

good luck trading and goodbye

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