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How to find out the Kelley Blue Book value of your vehicle | EZ Tips Ep44

today we're gonna talk about how to find

out the Kelley Blue Book value of your



the reason what we're making this

episode is because a lot of people get

these values wrong from Kelly Blue Book

they have the tools but they get the

values wrong and the reason is because

you have a lot of options a lot of trims

a lot of different stuff that you can

pick and it will change the value of

your vehicle so I'm going to show you

here real quick how to properly do it

and find out the proper value so you're

gonna go to Kelly Blue Book the app and

you're gonna select use you're gonna

pick the year of your of your vehicle so

let's say that I have a 2004 let's say

that I have a Jeep Wrangler and I have

the wrangler rubicon sport so you get

all the options all the trims and it is

extremely important that you select the

one you have you have to check all of

these things on your vehicle because

it's gonna change the value once you

pick the trim of your vehicle it's gonna

pop you to the options - and this - it's

gonna put a mileage I believe the

mileage that Kelley Blue Book uses is an

average considering the year of the

vehicle and the model of the vehicle so

make sure that you change it because

it's already giving you one so make sure

that you change it to your actual miles

so they say that my Jeep has 145

thousand miles all right so let's pick

the condition I think I took care of my

Jeep so I'm gonna leave it a good six

cylinder transmission super important if

you pick automatic and it's not an

automatic the price is gonna change a

lot four-wheel drive and all the options

so let's say I don't have power windows

on this Jeep

so on select this on select the power

windows I don't have cassette stuff like

that make sure you go over the options

that they're giving you and you actually

pick the the right for your vehicle the

the correct ones leather I don't have

leather let's say that it's a hardtop so

I select that I'd scroll all the way to

the bottom it's asking me for colors as

well look at this that's gonna be for

color so I'm gonna pick that I have a

green Jeep and that's it I go and I hit

apply this is gonna throw me to a

different page and here at the bottom

you can see it gives you the steps or

the the screens that you have so I just

passed the first screen and going to the

second screen now and I can scroll to

the next one I can scroll here values so

this is what I wanted to get to this is

the the actual thing that we were trying

to find out so the values I have four

different values which one should I use

the one that you're gonna use the pens

on what is it that you're trying to do

with the vehicle so you have the fair

purchase price this is the fair market

range this is market price CarGurus auto

trader all those platforms give you a

market price usually the market price

it's not the price for what you're going

to sell that vehicle the reason is

because us as dealerships and people and

all of the market it's trying to go

below market so that way you can sell

much faster you can get people

interested in the vehicle so usually

everyone tries to go under the market

value suggest the retail is actually

higher so it's giving you what you could

potentially sell that vehicle for its if

you can do it you can do it that's the

way I'm gonna put private party for a

good 2040

Wrangler this is the price that a

private party me if I want to sell a

vehicle that's the price that I could

sell it for that's the price if I want

to go to Facebook if I want to go sell

it to a friend if I want to go to

downtown and start talking to people I

have a jeep I have a Jeep that's the

price that you could sell it for now the

trade-in value for a good 2004 Jeep

Wrangler it's different it's lower the

reason is because trading you're traded

and in to a dealership or you're selling

it to a dealership which is a business

they're gonna take your car but they're

they have to resell that car so it's for

this 2004 Jeep the trading for in good

condition is a thousand and twenty four

dollars and if you see underneath it

also gives you a trading range the range

it's important as well because not every

jeep that has the options and the color

and the conditions that I'm telling the

application it's gonna be worth the same

every every used vehicle it's gonna be

different at the time that you're gonna

sell it so maybe mine it's gonna be

worth a little bit more than the trading

it's gonna be worth nine thousand

because I took such a good care of it

but maybe my friends it's gonna be seven

thousand so the trading price is the one

that you have to keep in mind if you're

going to a dealership because you wanna

know your prize you want to be able to

negotiate but you want to be able to

have the correct price because otherwise

if you get to a dealership and you in

your mind you're thinking that you're

gonna sell it for the 12,000 or the

11,000 you're gonna get there you're

gonna see a car that you like you're

gonna tell them hey I have these

straight in but I want 12,000 they're

not gonna give you that there's no way

that you can negotiate your way to that

because it's

unrealistic and you're just gonna be mad

so the best way for you is to really do

a good job when you're researching the

values on Kelly Blue Book the options

the trims the colors everything on your

specific car and once you have that

information trading value or private

party whatever you are deciding to do

with your vehicle take that information

and and go ahead and publish it or go to

the dealership