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★ GTA 5 - How to Get a Bugatti Veyron | Location

what's going on guys gives you one two

three oh here with more grand theft out

of five and today I'm going to show you

guys the location of the Bugatti Veyron

just in case you haven't seen it yet I

know a few people a few other people

have made videos of it already but just

in case you haven't seen those videos I

figured I should upload it as well and

help you guys out so basically when we

hit the start button here and we see the

map it's in northern los santos and

right here as we slowly zoom in now fun

fact this is a in real life is modeled

after Rodeo Drive and on Rodeo Drive

there is a guy who's a millionaire

extremely rich and he actually parks his

bugatti on the side of the road just

like this and rockstar noticed that and

they said hey you know what well why

don't we throw it in our game so it's

kind of cool that this is modeled after

real life so this is the the fastest car

that you can buy in the game and

obviously doing it this way will prevent

you from having spent a million dollars

on it so this is a good route to take in

my opinion you can just customize it

then do whatever you want with it

and/or crash it into a wall like I just

did so a lot of different things you can

do with it pretty cool so guys with that

thank you for watching and yeah this is

how to get the Bugatti Veyron aka the

adder in grand theft auto 5