find the


what is going on bull nation this is

laserable coming at you with another

video and in today's video i'm going to

teach you guys exactly where to get the

burn doll to unlock firebreak

this has got to be one of the most

requested characters that a lot of

people are having a hard time find

and that is because the rng or the drop

rate of the bird doll has been decreased

exponentially but if you guys follow

this guide

and if you follow my route you guys are


75 sure guaranteed to actually get the


as long as there is a crate that spawns

now do keep in mind guys the crates

don't always spawn you're gonna have to

make sure you go

when the crate spawns so you guys can

make sure you guys get the burn doll

and even if someone already opened up

the crate you're definitely gonna want

to be paying close attention to maybe

sure kill you kill that person

so you guys could get the doll off of

them so what you will need to do

is land on the location that i'm landing

right now usually the majority of time

when you land in this location

inside the garage there will be a crate

as you see right now guys when i landed

there wasn't a crate and the majority of

the time there will be a vehicle but

there wasn't a vehicle there

if for some reason you guys land on this

location and you guys don't

happen to find a vehicle just keep

heading straight up the road like i do

and you will notice that there is going

to be another set of two kind of like

cabins and in that in that area there's

a possibility of a crate spawning as


because remember they did change the way

the burn dog comes

now you're able to get it from the small

crates and also from the big crates as


now once you go to this particular area

you're gonna notice that there will be a

vehicle here so here you can pick up the


you get on the vehicle and head over to

the area where woods bandana is located

in this area right here there should be

a crate that spawns as well

make sure you've got if you're driving

you check if the crates are there and

the crate's not there

head up towards the hill and there's

going to be three little gray

stations as well up there make sure you

check those stations as you see right

here these were already

checked already open so i just drove by

the scene by them to see if there was a


there wasn't no crate so what i do now

is head down to the bottom to check the

two garages

one to the left and one to the right the

majority of the time you're definitely

going to want to be on your atv

because you're going to want to make

sure you do this fairly quickly

after you get done with checking both

garages the left one

and the right hand side on the the ones

with the cabins you're then going to

want to make sure you proceed

and head up the hill once again to the

little gray cabins that are over the


like if you were going towards the end

of the map once you guys head to this


you're going to want to make sure

because some people tend to like like to

land on this area so you want to make

sure you are keeping a close

eye and you're keeping your ear ready to

hear if there's anybody there

if there is a crate guys in the rooftop

of this house there is a high i mean a

high probability

that the burning doll is there or the

person that opened up the crate

has the burning doll so i highly suggest


make sure you guys keep an eye now the

crate could spawn on the top of the roof

so you're going to check the rooftops

and also the crate could spawn

inside the house in the bottom first

floor you want to make sure you check

both houses i didn't check both houses

because there's someone there but

you're going to make sure that when you

go there you check

the roof of both houses if you guys do

the way i did it where i jumped

up top you can check you know both roofs

from that area you can check the one

that you're on and the one across

all you have would have to do is dip

down check the bottom of the house and

then go to the other house and check the


door not the bottom door but the bottom

floor if the crate has spawned there

and there you guys have it that is the

best route to find fire break

and the burning doll if you guys are

having a hard time finding any of the

additional characters

i have posted up video guides on how to

get those characters

so make sure you guys check them out let

me know what other character you guys

are having a hard time with

if you're having a hard time getting

battery let me know and i'll definitely

put that video out for you guys

don't forget guys if you want to stay up

to date to all things blackout make sure

you keep it locked to this channel and i

will catch you guys on the next