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How to Fix All Calculator Issues in Windows 10 Laptop/PC (100% Works)

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hey guys welcome back again hope you're

doing well I'm MJ - this topic is

Windows 10 calculator

this topic is suggested by mr. mean Ally

so he is facing some problem with

Calcutta so let's see how to fix any

type of calculator issue in Windows 10

maybe or Calgary is not working it's

opening very slow or it's corrupted

whatever reason you have in Calgary you

can repair it very easily erase all your

problem very easily I will show three

stop so let's start first good start

selling then apps here click on absent

future you can scroll down and search

the calculator simply type your

calculator in uribl calculator click

here and then advanced option and you

will get this error it's cream

so simply eraser the calculator app

click on reset and research so that's it

it is a fast and very effective way to

fix any type of calculator issue in your

Windows 10 PC so these are fast method

if you still facing problem then second

option is guru Power Cell go to start

and then type power sell the best match

will appear here right click on edit

this and run as admin server okay here

you need to type a simple code not a

simple code is a long code so don't

worry I have given this code in my video

description so just copy and paste this

code here like this copy this code from

my video description link and pass it

and hit enter so let it to complete all

processes after this hopefully your

calculator will fix so actually

reinstall you are a package of Windows

10 so the second option if is still

facing problem the third option is go to

start and open the East or take the

macro restore

okay and in the search just type


sorry okay tap the calculator and hit

enter the best match will appear here

just wait

come on do it first our Quran so here

you can see a windows calculator click

on it and then click on get so it will

install fresh copy of windows calculator

to a PC that's it so the three measure I

have shown to fix any type of Calcutta

issue in your Windows 10 pcs now for

watching guys catching next video please

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