find the

5 easy way to find car battery in granny|| car battery all location in granny game


hello friends so welcome to my channel

uh loophole and I'm going to show you

five place where you can find the car

battery is nothing so go to the planet

and it find me nothing to find that me

no problem just go through the spice

bedroom go to the first bedroom yes in

this room and you will find here car

battery yeah so my video is so helpful

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now the second situation so in this

intimate situation with it go through

the toilet

I need everything with the claritin

because I find it so easily I have

connected all things so with the planet

if you come here and find watermelon so

you come here and find watermelon we

have to take the most control to open

the door yes

pull it drop the picture and pull the

liver and code to that rule yes in this

room and if you find yeah if he mode

control take this single control and

open music and open the door just just

under the stairs so open this door this

will turn green and you will find your

car battery yes I'm so happy today

because our Indian for self done a great

job they had destroyed three three

interest pieces so I am very happy do

this is the third situation if you come

here in the toilet and you you find here

a car key so if you find here car key

you just go to the car

and okay nice coming I have to go from

another day

let's come here and open this tag locker

and you will find here weapon key take

the people key just taking dawn do

anything to take the papen key and cool

and take the crossbow and tranquilizer -

and I will hit the home and if if

you find it difficult past it carefully

and I will hit this screwdriver and take

the screwdriver he will take the




just pick up and go and open the locker


unscrew this stream just take the safety

and open the safe box you will find the

copy in the safe box appendix a box then

the seat box and here is garbage car

battery door this is the full situation

so in this whole situation

you have to cram the toilet no need to

both the toilet you just come here and

find gasping upright gas can apply them

to this place and take duct tape and key

and hit the crossbow and tranquilizer

darts easy and Koya and take the weapon

yes and you take a big one

yeah chanclas are draw granny we will

hit the in 22 t and a Czech

mother - and I will hit the screwdriver

and we will take the screwdriver


open this

yes for my screwdriver and take the

Playhouse key and open the Playhouse

because car battery is in play house I'm

very happy today because India has

turned the stripe surgical strike to I

come too late all aliens and I thank the

rain Modi and buy all air forces and

ghosts will fill fighters pilot who have

done this marvelous job so in this trip

situation you come here and if you find

the meat just coal to the TDP room you

will find the car India Oakland is cold

coming cozy because crime is there so

see you not catch me


go here in this terrible


and today Pakistan is 2/3


in song so I will take this car battery

and boom we have I have told you all the

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