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*NEW* ALL Car Locations In Fortnite! (How To Drive Cars In Fortnite!)

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today i'm back with another video you

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we're gonna be talking about how to

actually drive cars where to find them

on the map

how you can actually use them how you

can charge them up fuel and all that

type of stuff

in this video so if you are interested

in this brand new fortnite cars update

as you guys see right here

august 5 don't poke the bear as you guys

see all of them right now

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now i'm gonna be playing a video in the

background hopefully you can see it and

stuff like that

basically what i'm actually gonna be

showing you is one example of where you

can find these cars and

all of you guys decide for the you know

for the rest of the video

uh of exactly where every other car

location spawn will be so you guys can

clearly see

in the video i am at salty springs

depending on how far into the video i

decide to put it right now but basically

you can tell

hopefully that there is a car right

there i'm pretty sure i landed on it i'm

pretty sure i'm driving it i'm not

once again i'm not sure if you guys are

seeing what i'm seeing but

basically you guys can most definitely

tell that these are obviously going to

be spawned in the gas station locations


uh there's a lot of locations where they

have developed gas stations such as

caddy corner

salty springs pleasant park and i

believe there's another place

uh up on the racetrack around anarchy

eight nine

acres it's not about fatal fields sorry

about that that those are four

guaranteed spots so far that they are

actually spawning in and there is a 30

uh like i believe 35 percent rate of

them spawning for each and every single

car we got

i believe four cars in this or three

cars we got the truck

you got the sedan and you got obviously

the bear

so the bears the one i actually picked

up i drove around i crashed into another

guy hopefully you see that or maybe it's

coming up i

once again can't tell well you guys see

maybe the video is done right now but

uh yeah uh basically you guys can

obviously tell that the car

mechanics is obviously a little wonky

right now driving and turning isn't like

as good as it you know as i thought it

would be

but personally obviously this is you

know an early

release of what the cars are going to be

like i kind of like their speed right

now where it's at you don't want to go

too fast one don't want them to go too


i like the speed i like everything like

that and also the fuel

does actually deplete i believe it

starts with 50 gas and it slowly


through as you actually drive and uh how

far like

actual fast you go the faster you go the

more it depletes stuff like that

so with that said uh that will wrap up

the video i'll try to find uh how you

guys can like actually find uh

you know every single gas station i'll

try to like put up like a map

display of it if i can if i can't i'm

super sorry guys but

letting you guys know they're at the gas

stations at every single uh

map or everywhere you go and there's a

35 uh spawn rate for

every single car that actually does and

i believe there's a max of 10

cars i can spawn in a lobby so with that

said that is going to wrap up the video

hopefully you did enjoy it's been your

boy just hk

and i'm out peace