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hey guys welcome back to my channel I

hope you're having a fantastic day so

today's video is highly requested just

ever since I decided to get my own

apartment and basically be an

independent person so the main question

everyone has asked me is Kiera how do

you find a cheap apartment so if you

guys do not know my apartment um I do

live outside of Boston and my apartment

is 675 a month which is fairly cheap

considering the market is outrageous

nowadays but I will tell you guys on a

couple tips and tricks on how I was able

to find such a cheap apartment in a very

decent neighborhood I really hope these

tips and tricks help you guys out

while apartment search and even house

searching I do not know anything much

about house prices but I know that these

little tips and tricks can definitely

help you in either or each aspect of

that certain search topic so if you guys

do find this video helpful make sure to

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and let's get straight on into the video

okay so this is me not jumbling around I

written down everything step by step so

hopefully I am not all out of place in

this video I hope these do help you out

as much as they did for me so the first

thing that I do want to discuss is to

check your budget check your budget go

through all your bills that you have

whether if you're living at home go

through your home bill write down all

your bills that you have because this is

going to determine how much you can pay

for rent

so if perhaps you have you paid all your

regular main bills and you're looking

for an apartment and you realize that

you have about eight to nine hundred

dollars left over with bill with with

paying your bills then you want to look

for an apartment that's at least 825

because you do want to have that extra

cash for food for gas for your car in

little essentials around

house so you definitely want to go

through your budget this is gonna

determine on how much you can spend or

how to even look for a cheap apartments

because if you do not go through your

budget at all then you have no idea on

what you're trying to spend are you

trying to spend $1,200 a month or an

apartment or you're trying to spend at

least 700 less and one thought an

apartment so definitely number one tip

write all your bills down and calculate

how much money you have left over at the

end of the month the next thing is to

look more into the area that you're

looking for to live in now this is to

know that neighborhood do information on

that neighborhood because it's time to

say that crime areas more it's more

expensive with when it comes to

insurance so I do not live in the city

area where I live in a little town I'm

not going to say exactly where I live

because of privacy reasons but I live in

a little town outside of Boston and my

car insurance when I lived in my mom she

lives in the city more her my shirt my

car insurance was $80 with basic

coverage my car insurance right now with

me moving to this little town and

nothing ever really happens here my car

insurance drop down to fifty two dollars

a month so I went from eighty dollars a

month to fifty two dollars a month

because they live in a low crime low

traffic area so definitely try to get to

know the neighborhood that you're

looking into because that's gonna

benefit to you if you are looking for a

small town it's gonna benefit you with

insurance it's gonna benefit you with

other properties in order to save money

and with that being said it is cheaper

to live in towns than the city now

living in the city can cost you from

1200 to 1400 and if you can if you're

able to take an uber or you know in

Boston we have the T which is a train

operation thing where you just pay a

monthly fee um and you get back and

forth a lot of people do that but it is

ten times cheaper when it comes to rent

so definitely consider on moving to a

small town area obviously my telling you

guys to move into the woods or things

like that but keep in mind that living

in a city is gonna cost you more on rent

because everybody wants to be over there

everybody wants things close to them and

you might be paying less money when it

comes to taking uber to work if you live

about 20 minutes to 15 minutes away from

the city but you're paying 10 times

cheaper rent you want to wait out your

options that way I know I wanted to move

to the city so bad because I felt that

it would be a better experience for me

and that I would be able to get out more

but little did I know that going towards

the city is a lot cheaper than me

actually having an apartment there so

you know definitely look into that as

well the next little tip I can tell you

guys is to stay far away from fancy

apartments fancy apartments I'm talking

about the apartments that have a pool in

the lobby that have a lobby period that

have uh elevators that have all those

things those little those little nice

fancy things that you're seeing you're

paying for it might not show when your

rent where it might not show pool area

$58 no but they're gonna jack up the

price of the apartment only because the

place is considered a high standard

luxury living establishment so you

definitely want to take in consideration

to maybe go towards more of these simple


I know studio apartments are there I

know they're not the most convenient for

everybody I got really lucky with this

apartment being pretty wide and having a

separate bedroom and stuff but studio

apartments are definitely the way to go

if you do want to stay in the city

because you know you might pay a good

$900 for a studio versus the 1300 to

1700 for those fancy apartments that

have a pool and all those kind of things

that you necessarily do not need as of

right now in life next tip I have for

you guys is to try to talk to your local

apartment locators or a retailer place

where it is for you know real estate and

stuff like that because they know the

area and if you just sit down and talk

to one of them I highly doubt they're

gonna charge you if you just maybe asked

5 minutes or 10 minutes of their time to

maybe them they can map out what areas

are cheap when it comes to apartments

and stuff like that they can definitely

point you towards the right direction

when it comes to finding a decent budget

a decent area and all around everything

what you're looking for so you're not

wasting time running around the city

trying to find apartment definitely

word-of-mouth is the way to go or trying

to ask for help is the way to go when it

comes to looking for an apartment the

next tip I have for you guys I know this

is super crucial and a lot of people

don't really like this but try to look

for an apartment that is 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

floor because landlords charge those

apartments less because everybody wants

first floor first floor is so convenient

and everybody just likes to be in and

out of their apartment but when it comes

to 2nd 3rd 4th it is kind of hard to

bring um your bed your couch all your

belongings upstairs so they do charge

less I know in this apartment

I think downstairs pays a good 800 and

IP 675 even though I live on the second

floor and it's not that bad it

definitely was a hassle to get in some

of my stuff through the door but it's

manageable you can definitely get

through it it just it's a good exercise

so just put it that way and you'll

definitely save money on rent when going

higher up on the building side the next

thing that I can tell you guys and this

is exactly what I did is to look online

and be alert offline I was every time

that I would go and break at work I was

looking online and I was looking at

list I was looking at other things other

sites around the area towards Boston I

was looking everywhere and I also had

notifications so in case something

popped up near me and around my price

range I would get in the notification

the minute I got out of work so

definitely take advantage of what we

have which is online because majority of

all landlords posts everything online

it's very rare that you will just see

someone selling an apartment without

having pictures or having a description

online so take advantage of that and

also definitely be aware of it while

you're offline set up notifications set

of timers if you're really looking

towards getting a really good cheap deal

definitely have your phone by your side

with that because you do not want to

miss an opportunity I remember when I

found this apartment it was a rainy day

I remember like it was yesterday and

they had 58 minutes of it being post on

Craigslist and I've seen the pictures

and I automatically emailed them right

away and the rest is history so

definitely keep online in your mind the

next step a half of you guys is to

search at the best time now in your mind

and everybody else is mine probably

things that spring and summer are the

best ways to search or days or seasons

to search when it comes to an apartment

because it's so beautiful out and it's

sunny and the weather is amazing that's

wrong you want to look for an apartment

or a car when it's just crappy weather I

know it sounds so wrong but dealers with

cars and also with landlords they kind

of tend to put their apartments lower in

the winter in the fall because nobody

wants to go look at them because it's

cold for one for two everyone's too busy

holiday parties or doing their own thing

around the winter season so my best bet

for you guys is to look for your

apartment during the fall and winter

most likely people are moving out always

around the spring and summer people are

moving in and trying to purchase

apartments or houses so keep that in

mind I was really lucky again like I


I found this apartment in the spring but

it was also a really rainy gloomy day

when it was springtime you know it gets

really flooded over here and no one

wanted to come look at this apartment

except for me so this rule applies to

everything you definitely you want to

think the opposite way when it comes to

what everybody else is thinking look for

apartments when it's crappy weather I'm

pretty sure 100% sure that you will find

a really great deal the next little

advice I have for you guys is to check

your credit rating nowadays it is sad

but most a majority of all apartments

and landlords do go by our credit score

I know my landlord went by my credit

score and also my background history so

my credit score was in really great

standing so she i definitely got this

apartment better than other people did

but I also did make a folder of I

laminated a couple things I'm ending

myself really well when I got this

apartment but the credit score is a big

deal especially when it comes to living

in the u.s. we kind of are judged by our

credit score when it comes to purchasing

big items or wanting to do anything when

it comes to improving ourselves

everybody or every business wants to

look at your credit score I know it's

kind of hard to say if you do not have a

credit score try your best to maybe

build it up I know a lot of people are

against this everybody's different you


I built my credit score up from nothing

to almost at like a perfect credit score

and you know it was really bad back then

to build it up because I didn't really

have the mentality to think like oh it's

just a score I don't need it

at the end of the day I did need it for

to get this apartment so say if my

credit score was completely trashed and

the person behind me that one of this

apartment had an amazing credit score

I'm pretty sure that she would have got

this apartment more than me so because

having a poor credit score makes it look

like you don't pay your bills having an

awesome credit score

makes it look like you pay your bills it

kind of shows that you pay your bills

so definitely look into your credit

score because that is super important

and last but not least my biggest tip

for you guys is to be patient

I waited ten months ten whole months to

find this place if you can be patient as

much as possible if you do not have time

then go hard and hustle and look for

that amazing deal

but the biggest tip that I can give you

out of all of these is to be patient

I remember when I was just three months

into looking for an apartment I was

crying in the break room and I said you

know I don't want to be 30 years old and

live at home with my mom and her cats

and you know I was even though I love my

cats but I was in that stage where it's

like I want to grow up I want to be on

my own I want to be independent I want a

chance and eventually when I just

lowered my standards down and I began to

be a little bit more patient and a

little bit more positive I found this

place so it's kind of like manifesting

your dreams I'm a true believer of that

if you guys want a video on that let me

know because I it's kind of like

predicting the future but not really in

a creepy way so I knew in my head that I

wanted wood floors an apartment I wanted

no carpets I wanted a modern paint


I wanted something in this amazing town

that I live in and everything that I

manifested and I wrote it down in a

notebook it came true so you know and

that is also with being patient and

positive so keep that in mind out of if

you get something out of this video just

be patient it will come to you just like

as a right now I am looking for a car so

it's been about four months I've been

looking and I'm just being patient I

have a car in mind in my head that I

want and you know I'm being patient with

it eventually it's gonna come my way and

you know it's gonna be okay it's not the

the world if you do not find things

right away if you do not find that

amazing apartment right away it will

come to you if you're patient and

positive so with that note you guys I

really hope you enjoyed this video I

really wish you the best of luck when it

comes to finding an apartment I know the

minute I got this place I was I felt so

many emotions so I just felt achieved

because I found it myself I'm doing it

myself and it's an awesome feeling to

just be on your own so I wish every one

of you luck when it comes to being at

your own apartment or looking for your

own apartment and if you guys do end up

finding me our apartment let me know

down below how your story went I'm

always interested on how people found

their apartments because there's always

a story behind it like I said it was a

gloomy rainy day for me and I decided to

just go and look at it because nobody

wanted to in here I am now so definitely

definitely take these tips into

consideration and I guess I will see you

guys in the next video