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Where is car insurance cheapest | What Company is cheapest

I went through a couple websites today

and I was looking through and I was just

curious what states have the cheapest

rates and how much are they well let's

go through the bottom five and then

we'll go through the top five and maybe

I can shed some light

some of them I'll know some of them I

won't I'm actually doing this live so

we're kind of figuring this out together

so according to insurance com

Maine is the cheapest state for

insurance if you're gonna do full

coverage in Maine you are only gonna pay

a thousand and sixty two dollars per

year for insurance that's pretty cheap

that's less than $100 a month for full

coverage now keep in mind there are

areas that are riskier than others so

depending on your location you may be

paying 150 or 200 dollars a month in

that state but the most common or the

average is less than $100 a month now

with out full coverage you're talking

three hundred and fifty five dollars

total that is dirt cheap let me make

sure these are these are yearly policies

this is no way yeah this is a 12-month

policy $89 a month for full coverage in

Maine New Hampshire which actually my

company insures that state we should

advertise some more it's also a thousand

seventy so really close to eighty nine

dollars a month for full coverage in

that state and then Virginia is about

not quite twelve hundred dollars a year

so it's roughly about a hundred dollars

a month to have full coverage in that

statement that is cheap Ohio is next I

didn't realize Ohio was so cheap there

about 1200 although I think it's gone up

a little bit since these reports have

done this is like a 2019 report that I'm

looking at yeah

without full coverage less than $1,000

and then Idaho was fifth for not doing

full coverage says Wyoming South Dakota

and Iowa are the cheapest you can get as

low as twenty seven dollars a month for

car insurance which sounds like a

commercial you see those on Facebook all

over pay twenty seven dollars a month if

you're paying more than 50 you're paying

too much one I don't know companies that

want only that type of business because

there's no way they're gonna make profit

enough to get that sure these type of

people don't have claims but

you'd have to have like a thousand

people to cover one claim that's

ridiculous so the top five the most

expensive and this is something I'm

questioning because it says Michigan is

the most expensive although triple-a

would love you guys just came out with a

report and said they were like the

fourth most expensive so I think I think

that they're wrong let me know in the

comments below what you guys think I

think Michigan is the most expensive

statement period the next one is

Louisiana and I think the reason being

is not because their initial prices are

that expensive although they're not

cheap they're expensive because if you

have a claim in Louisiana your price can

double it's crazy I don't understand how

they calculate that state but that's

just the way it is Nevada I don't do a

whole lot of Nevada they're saying Oh

prices by the way sorry the average for

full coverage is thirty five hundred

dollars a year in Michigan I think it's

closer to thirty two hundred that's my

home state so pretty close that's with

full coverage without full coverage is

about two thousand dollars so almost

almost 100 and like 50 bucks hundred and

sixty dollars a month for just P opt

that's that's ridiculous Nevada is 2486

then Kentucky in Washington DC those are

also about two hundred dollars a month

that's if you can do full coverage

versus their minimum coverages now

they're getting down to six seven

hundred dollars a year for the more

expensive states now keep in mind with

these states these online things are fun

to do they're fun to look at just

answered some general questions we don't

know what the bodily injury limits are

so I'm assuming they're doing 50 and 100

that's the most common

fifty thousand per person hundred

thousand per accident

it's comment online it's not coming to

buy which is really weird but it's

whenever I do these like researches are

oh we have 50 100 oh that's our test

quote and we did full coverage with the

thousand dollar deductible well crap bro

everyone does 100 300 that's the most

common coverage and they usually do a

five hundred dollar deductible come on

stop making the numbers fake right hey

let's make this work everyone in my

agency I would say 90 percent of the

people in my agency that I work with are

higher than that there to 5500

full-coverage is usually $500 deductible

that's just the common that we use and

then comprehensive might even be lower

so take this a little bit of a grain of

salt because yes these are the expensive

states in the cheap states but those are

based on the coverages that whatever

this company chose Walmart that's great

and all but who's the cheapest company

for these guys now that is something

nobody can answer for you although I

will tell you the average company that I

see on this specific website has put

progressive as one of the most common

and I get it because they're one of the

most versatile companies in general

they're not always the best fit but they

are very versatile when it comes to

fitting the mold of most people and then

assurance I tell people assurance in a

lot of different states them and Geico

those companies between progressive

assurance and Geico those guys are

really heavily averaged to fit the mold

for most people so if you're a younger

driver if you're a little bit older

driver maybe have a ticket those

situations those tend to be more of a

generalized company that is a fit for

most people

but when you get more specific like oh I

own a home I need you know a half a

million I need an umbrella for a million

or two million dollars now these guys

start to kind of fall apart because not

that they don't do it and not that they

don't do it well is they don't have very

specific specialized coverages so they

don't have those additional features

like 3% cashback every six months that I

don't have a claim I get two and a half

percent back in funds great job you're a

good driver us as a company or insuring

a lot better drivers here we're gonna

give you two and a half percent back oh

you had a claim great accident

forgiveness you're not gonna see that

with some of these guys so there are

specialized things with each company but

in general those are great if you guys

are interested in seeing the top five

companies I just did a video on that so

there's top five companies for 2020

otherwise that kind of coincides with

the progressive one I just did I let out

of the bank I did a video based on

progressive being one of the most

versatile companies so I didn't list

them as one of the best companies for

2020 even though I'm not insured

through them a lot of people I work with

aren't because like I said specialized

insurance each person is a fit for

different companies that's we're working

with multiple companies comes into play

that's why I love working at that type

of agency where I have 17 different

companies or 10 different companies or

however many to look at as an option

anyways guys I hope you liked the video

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