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Best Car Insurance Companies | How to Get the Cheapest Auto Insurance


best car insurance companies this video

is designed to educate you as to the

best car insurance companies and show

you how to save money on your auto

insurance at the end of the video we

will reveal to you a little trick that

has helped us save tons of money on our

auto insurance over the years the number

one mistake made by car insurance

seekers is approaching only the

companies that are most heavily

advertised the first insurance company

that comes to mind is not necessarily

the one that will offer you the best

rate the single most critical factor in

getting a cheaper car insurance rate is

shopping around for as many quotes as

you can why because different insurance

companies charge different rates for the

same coverage in addition insurance

companies Competitiveness differ

tremendously by customer location only

by obtaining several quotes that are

specific to your situation and location

you will be really able to discover the

cheapest rate that is available to you

how many quotes go for at least four

quotes from different insurers less than

that will not do the job

now usually shopping around for four

quotes can be a tedious and

time-consuming task but we will make it

here much easier for you in a moment

we'll reveal to you a little trick we

use to weed out the more expensive

insurers and discover exactly which is

the cheapest auto insurance provider for

your specific location but before that

here are some tips to help you identify

a reliable auto insurance company

whether you're looking for your first

car insurance policy or you're looking

into a deal that seems too good to be

true you need to know how to identify a

reliable insurance company here are some

characteristics you should look for to

determine if a car insurance company is

reliable 1 they offer competitive

pricing when it comes to pricing you

need to compare quotes with similar


competitive prices may not be the

cheapest ones but offer the best value

for your money - they are recommended by

friends and family do you have friends

and family who boast about the great

deal they got on car insurance only to

later complained that the support and

coverage was horrible you should take

note of those car insurance companies

and avoid them instead listen to the

friends and family who have had

excellent support during the claims

process receiving top-notch service when

it's needed most

is much more important than just a low

price 3 their business rating is stellar

some car insurance providers may offer

an excellent price and product but they

might not be well-known to you instead

of skipping over the little-known

provider do a little research

check out the business ratings from

authoritative sites such as the Better

Business Bureau if they have good

business ratings and a great price it

could be worth it to give them a shot

for they've been around for a while you

want to know your insurance company will

still be around when you need them and

nothing tells you that better than a

long-standing history use the car

insurance company's website as well as

your state's Department of Insurance

site to determine how long they've been

in business a reliable insurance

provider will have 10 years or more of

proven history in the industry if the

company has only been around a year or

two you might want to pass even if the

deal is amazing they haven't proven

themselves to be reliable yet 5 they

have good reviews online in the current

market Google and Yelp reviews as well

as social media reviews play a huge role

with real honest reviews you can

determine how reliably a car insurance

provider handles its customer support

and claims processes purchasing car

insurance from a reliable insurance

provider is an essential part of owning

a car no one will have perfect scores

all the time but reliable car insurance

providers will have reviews that lean

heavily toward the pause

now as promised here is a simple trick

we utilize to get the cheapest car

insurance available to discover the

cheapest car insurance rate that is

available to us we use this free service

toll-free at eight five five nine eight

one seven five two eight this is a free

by phone service that specializes in

locating the cheapest car insurance

rates they perform the tedious task of

shopping around and present you with the

cheapest auto insurance provider for

your location we call this service every

year before our car insurance expires it

allows us to discover whether there is a

cheaper car insurance rate than ours and

has saved us lots of money over the



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