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How To Get The Cheapest Car Insurance Possible!

hey what's going on guys I hope you guys

are having an amazing day so in this

video I want to talk to you guys about

my car insurance journey so I'm 21 I

have a reckless driving so obviously

it's been a complicated one so I have

the reckless driving a speeding ticket

and one non fault accident so it wasn't

my fault yeah so apparently I'm a risk

to car insurance companies surprising

right but still $900 is just ridiculous

okay so I wasn't originally paying $900

I was actually paying $700 but what

happened was that because of a speeding

ticket that they apparently didn't pick

up but it happened before I even started

the auto policy and they just picked it

up they wanted to jack my insurance by

$200 a month even though during the six

months that I was insured with them out

perfect driving now one speeding ticket

not one at no moving violations at all

so I would have been paying ten thousand

eight hundred dollars a year just in car

insurance and just for the record I had

progressive insurance they were the

cheapest insurance I could find actually

by far

Geico wanted like thirteen hundred

dollars a month Allstate the same thing

like twelve thirteen hundred dollars a

month so progressive was the cheapest

car insurance so yeah guys I was paying

$900 a month and it just it just wasn't

a good feeling forking over nine hundred

dollars a month every single month just

it's just like dead money like that so

you guys are probably wondering at this

point how did I get my car insurance

down over 70% so I was going to be

paying $900 a month I've got it down to

two hundred and eighty-five dollars a

month that's six hundred and fifteen

dollars a month that I'm saving in my

pocket and to be honest that's why I

really love Tesla's because my cost of

ownership for a Tesla is practically

free because I gave first of all get

free super charging on my car second of

all charging your car I'm at your house

is really not it's an electricity bill

bringing my solicitors to bill up like

50 60 dollars I would be spending right

now like three four hundred dollars at

least a month on gas okay so the

insurance company that I'm using

it's called route insurance you can

download the room insurance app on your

iPhone or Android and the links room

insurance will be in the description so

rou is for basically for people who want

or need to save as much as possible on

car insurance

I almost gave

whatever you're paying on car insurance

right now if you switch to route they

will get you savings the cats - they're

insanely cheap insurance quotes is that

they track your driving using your phone

so if you have room insurance do not

ever text and drive because they can see

what if you're using your phone while

you're driving which after six months

will bring your policy back up

probably not back up to what you were

paying before but they will still raise

it a little bit if they notice that your

driving habits change yes so pretty much

what they look at is they look at how

smooth you brakes so don't slam your

brakes how well you make your turn so

when you when you're taking a right or

left turn just slow down and don't you

know don't do a fast

and what tons of the day that you're

driving so in the app it says that they

don't like when you drive too late at

night just just try not to drive late at

night I still drove late at night and

you know it didn't really affect me too


so what you're gonna do is so once you

sign up for rural insurance you're gonna

take a it's it's a two to four week test

drive so you're gonna download the app

and then once you sign up they're gonna

have you take a two to four week test

drive so all you have to do is just keep

your phone on you while you're driving

it for those two to four weeks that are

gonna see they're gonna test out all

your driving habits and based off the

back they're gonna give you a quote for

the next six months now that quote is

contingent because they still track your

driving after after you get the quote so

after six months if your driving habits

change and you didn't you know you

started driving like a crazy person

they're gonna raise your insurance up so

just keep driving you know safely you

know I kind of like it oh you know it

does suck I'm not gonna lie it does suck

but it's way better saving six hundred

fifty dollars a month and also a flip

side to this is it's kind of cool

because it's it's you know just it's

just promoting me not putting all your

needs to drive my car safer you know not

to not slam my brakes which in the long

run it's gonna keep my car running

better it's gonna keep the the parts of

my it's just gonna make my car lot last

longer if I'm out

not out here driving crazy slamming my

brakes racing people and all this and


now with speed they don't they don't a

speed is not really too much an

important an important factor what they

mainly track at track is if you're

driving close to other cars it's no good

they could tell us oh good

you need to slam your race on the for

you real quick obviously they're gonna

know that you're driving close to other

cars you're gonna be driving the same

speed or maybe even a little bit faster

as long as you're not close to other

cars you're gonna be fine they really

care about those hard breaks oh my god

you guys don't know how relieved I was

when I saw that $285 quote that $900 a

month I'm not gonna lie guys that was

killing $900 a month just for car

insurance that's a lot of money and not

to mention my insurance now is better

perform progressive paying that $700 a

month I didn't have roadside assistance

car rentals or free lift rides not to

mention with route on certain holidays

they give you free lift rides so now I'm

21 with the record I have you know I've

changed I've grown from that and I'm

able to be in the car that I want to

thanks to rural insurance I do want to

thank you guys for making it to the end

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