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The Cheapest Car Insurance In America - My Honest Review

one of the biggest expenses that

everyone has is car insurance it's just

too expensive it's a monthly bill I used

to dread pain and now I have car

insurance I don't worry about it

Ruth the best car insurance company in

America let's talk about it

I was trying to find the right insurance

company that had the best prices and the

best coverage and over the years I've

had no luck going from company to

company I always felt like I was paying

too much until a friend told me about

route I was skeptical but I wanted to

save some money so I downloaded the app

and got a free quote I was instantly

impressed and I ended up getting a

policy their service is absolutely

incredible if you have an accident they

process your claim immediately which is

very important the claims process and

the price as well as the policy is very

impressive everything is so simple and

easy with route

I am completely grateful to route

insurance they have saved me a lot of

money with affordable prices great

service and many benefits such as free

roadside assistance which is my favorite

I love this company if you're interested

in saving money on your car insurance

I'll have a link to route in the

description box below here are five

things I love about route insurance

number one the ease of use everything is

in the mobile app from proof of

insurance to policy documents very

practical number two you can pick a

recommended coverage plan or you can

create one according to your needs

choose from state minimum to full

coverage they have it all once you get a

quote you can add or remove coverages

and adjust your limits

number three good drivers save even more

the better you drive the more money is

saved and the less you pay every month

or no more insurance agents no more

spending hours on the phone trying to

get a quote with roofing is done on the

mobile app super easy five and finally

my favorite thing about root is the

price it's way cheaper than most other

insurance companies for the coverage I'm

getting it's amazing route has cut my

insurance bill in half if you want to

save some money you've got to give it a


you won't be disappointed it takes two

minutes to download the app and get a

quote just click on the link in the

description box below and get started

really you will not regret it and you

will save a lot of money I hope you

enjoyed the video and don't forget to

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