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Cheapest Auto Insurance in New Jersey in 2020

so if you live in New Jersey you're

likely wondering what the cheapest price

for insurance could be and what the best

companies for insurance could be so

today we're gonna go over that I'm gonna

explain the three most common cheapest

insurances that you can buy and also

some of the best insurances we're gonna

see how those correlate with each other

I'm mark with think insurance what I've

done is I've taken several different

websites so I'm using nerd wallet I'm

using bank rate I'm using value penguin

and a few other ones and I'm actually

gonna kind of jumble their advice into

one video so you don't have to do this

research the other reason I'm doing this

video mark why the heck are you doing

this is honestly because this is what

you guys are searching for so when I do

my research on videos I should make I

get a lot of questions about New Jersey

and what kind of prices and what rates

you can get for them I did break this up

into two different groups so I've got

kind of a commonality which is a little

bit of an unknown because when I say

commonality that's like your good

drivers good drivers with an accident

sometimes a ticket things like that so

the general person that would fit the

New Jersey law that's gonna be one group

and then I have teenagers as another

group because a lot of the questions I

have are teams looking for different

insurances I'm going to try to post this

on my blog or my site don't worry I'm

not gonna ask you to do quotes actually

the company I use doesn't even offer

quotes in New Jersey there's a phone

number of references you too so if you

want that go to my site tells it and

your tell it you're in New Jersey and

they'll kick it back and say you should

recommend calling this 800 number and I

don't get paid for that I get nothing so

just so you guys know this is completely

the best feedback I can give you guys as

of 2018 that's where we're gonna my

research started is because some of

these companies went all the way back to

2018 to today now every company that I'm

doing the rates on are based on this

year 2020 2018 there's six point three

million insured drivers on the roads in

New Jersey that being said New Jersey is

actually one of the safest place to get

car insurance because they have less

deaths than most states because of that

death rate a lot of insurance companies

are in New Jersey which helps if you're

in the state that I'm in which is

Michigan there's not a lot of insurance

companies compared to New Jersey because

they don't want to deal with our limited

medical right that's too much for them

to handle it's too many claims they just

leave you guys do have a lot more

competitiveness which is really good now

that being said the rural areas are

large so because there are so many

people there's still a lot of claims

there's Nicks there's dents there's

there are injuries there's things like

that are still happening more than

normal because of that the rates have

gone up and that's essentially what it

is if you pay a thousand out you got to

raise the rate to cover up for that

amount according to bank rate and I

don't I don't completely agree with this

one so you guys can give me your opinion

they said the average cost of insurance

is about two thousand and one dollars

per year that one didn't really ring

true to me because I feel like New

Jersey's a lot more expensive

according to value penguin this seemed a

little bit more accurate they were

seeing three thousand thirteen dollars

per year so definitely me a comment

below let me know if you guys are paying

more or less than those now if you're a

Newark they actually said that that was

one of the highest cities inside in New

Jersey according to bank rate you're

about $2,800 a year according to value

penguin you're over $4,000 per year

those are kind of the averages that you

can expect let's dive right in

most of the companies did something I

really like they average the coverage is

based off 100 per person 300 per

accident they typically did full

coverage where I think what's happened

is value penguin may not be doing the

same full coverage I believe they're

doing $1,000 deductible and that's the

common but in some states most people

want a $500 deductible so the rate may

be a little bit higher than what we're

looking at if you're carrying state

minimums the state requires you to have

15,000 bodily injury per person 30,000

per accident and then property damage if

you damage someone's car covers up to

5,000 that's what's required I highly

recommend you go above that way above


but that's just what they do they have

personal injury protection of 15,000 all

the way up to 250,000 that's just

basically medical if you get injured in


it is a no-fault state so if you get

hurt you could injure it or anything

like that you're gonna go off and go to

your own insurance you're not gonna go

to that person or to that person who hit

use insurance those guys will do it in

the background cheapest insurance bait

great says Geico is the cheapest nerd

wallet says njm New Jersey manufacturers

value penguin says that State Farm is

the cheapest that was a little bit

unique very rare that I see State Farm

cheapest - anywhere anymore they are the

biggest but it says that they're the

cheapest what about the people that are

looking for just the cheapest they're

looking for the best

well nerd wallet says New Jersey

manufactured overall is the best deal

now you penguin is also saying New

Jersey manufactured is going to be the

cheapest for overall for the for the

people that want the best service and

then according to nerd wallet they're

saying the best one overalls New Jersey

manufactured as well that alone kind of

tells you the answer here is the only

gripe that I have is where value penguin

says State Farm is the cheapest for

minimum liability that may ring true but

it doesn't seem like they usually are

I've really rarely see State Farm come

in that competitive the second best

according to Baker eight you got New


you got Geico New Jersey manufacturers

progressive who if you've watched my

other progressive videos you'll see

about them then State Farm was fourth

now if you go to nerd wallet they're

saying that New Jersey manufacturers

Plymouth Rock I see them come up

competitive a lot and then Geico then

travelers then progressive that's where

the best companies overall value penguin

they're seeing the cheapest for minim

liability State Farm Geico is a cheapest

for full coverage New Jersey

manufacturers it's for drivers with an

accident and then the best for customer

service is also New Jersey manufacturers

those are the companies and that's what

they're saying I completely agree with

the majority of them I think in every

case whether you're a teen or a regular

driver I would say New Jersey

manufactured be your first phone call

the next one honestly I'm gonna throw a

little bit of a curveball because I

would say call three companies I would

call travelers because they offer so

many different coverages and I

I think that they're not the cheapest is

because they don't just give you the

cheapest thing they're looking at your

situation and saying you should carry

these limits instead of the basics you

should have these extra coverages

instead of this and then they give you

options I love that part about them so I

would say travelers would be my second

call and then my third one would be

between Geico and progressive okay those

would be the three companies that I

would call in general now as a teen I

would call New Jersey manufacturers

first I would call Geico second because

in almost every state Geico tends to be

competitive with young drivers that's

just a majority of the things that they

do and then I would toss up between

travelers and progressive so if I'm only

calling three I probably would call

travelers just for that same reason even

though you're a younger driver they are

competitive in your state with teen

progressive would be kind of a backup

options if I didn't like those ones my

last option if you're just gonna call

crazy you can call lots of companies my

last options would be to call MetLife

MetLife for some reason in New York and

New Jersey tend to be really competitive

not as competitive as the ones I

mentioned before but they're a good

company that overall is fairly

competitive with young drivers so there

you have it guys those are the top

companies in New Jersey as far as the

cheapest and the best as far as they go

if you guys want more specifics on those

companies let me know below help us all

out anyone that's in New Jersey let's

kind of start a conversation let us know

in the comments below what your

situation is who are you insured with

where have you gotten good rates maybe

if you're willing to give the city that

you're in because each city does matter

that would be great otherwise just let

us know if you've got one or two cars

I'm insured with State Farm and I'm

paying X amount of money I was with this

company here's why I left them that

would be very helpful for anyone else

that's in New Jersey that watches this

video I'm mark with think insurance if

you liked the video thumbs up subscribe

if you want more otherwise I will see

you in the next one