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UNDER $25 BABY HAUL || Deep Discount Baby Clothes Haul || TTC Baby #1

I am putting some stock in putting some

faith in the fact that we are going to

get our rainbow baby I am gonna get

pregnant and it is going to happen


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today's video I am gonna be showing you

guys are sharing with you guys my mini

baby haul my preconception mini baby hoe

I don't know what order those words make

sense him but basically over the last

couple months shortly after we started

trying to conceive and this didn't

necessarily test every single month I

would just wait to see if you know my

period came or whatever every month that

I would know that I was not pregnant I

would treat myself I would treat myself

to going shopping for a baby that had

not yet been conceived and I have been

doing this for a few months now I'll do

pretty much like one or two shopping

trips I'll go out and see if I can find

some deep discount deals in Steel's if

you guys watch my last video you saw I

have sometimes failed when I go into

stores cuz they it doesn't always work

out I don't always find what I'm looking

for but other times like you know you

start to long enough in to me it's worth

it because you save a bunch of money and

that's a win for me I am going to show

you guys everything that I have bought

so far and I'm gonna tell you exactly

how much I spent and you are definitely

gonna want to stay tuned for that hey

ready let's get to it

okay so everything I'm gonna show you

guys on the bottom row of the bed our

purchases that I have made this week

alone so this whole first row is just

this week so to start off we have a

onesie which I spent 52 cents on

and pink which I also spent 52 cents on

I have the receipt right here so I only

spent 111 on both of those items which

was a freaking a steal then we come over

here and I had this super freaking

adorable vest like this thing is way too

cute and this was actually it was on

sale but it wasn't on clearance I think

it was on promotion but there was still

an additional 40% off of that so I wound

up getting the vest which was originally

1249 I got it for 269 and then for the

vests and both of these shirts which are

for obviously later on down the road

because they are for a small child

versus an infant for all three of the

items I spend three dollars and 32 cents

less then we have more onesies so we got

this one that is kind of Halloween

themed and then this one that says I

love milk I thought they were both

really really cute this one was on sale

for 47 cents but I got it for 42 and

this milk shirt was a Dobler 97 and I

got it for 177 I also have a crewneck on

here that's probably what you see that's

why it was so much but yeah I spent

basically about two dollars and 13 cents

somewhere on there on that I went to

Target and I was looking in the regular

clothes section but I wasn't find

anything that was good so I went

actually buy where they keep the the

strollers and all that type of stuff and

on one of the end caps were these really

cute onesies I noticed them and they are

very much unisex so I thought they would

be a good deal or four of them it came

out to the three dollars in 17 cents so

they were marked down the 298

and it came down to 3:17 I don't know

how much they weren't originally let's

see originally they were only ten bucks

well I say only but I like a good deal

now in earlier months like last month

and I think all the way back to I want

to say November or October is when I

started making these purchases I got

this guy over here it's another long

sleeve onesie um I got it from Old Navy

as well online and this is one of the

more expensive things that I've paid for

this is $3 and this one was um 247 and I

purchased those kind of for one they're

cute but I was buying our other kids

some clothes and I was just a few

dollars short of free shipping so I

figured why not spend this on baby

clothes versus paying $5.99 and shipping

then over here I got this shirt and this

was pumping bases and up there onesie

and it says you are so loved and I just

felt like it just really resonated with

me because on this trying to conceive

journey that's what I feel like I feel

like our baby is gonna just be so loved

and so wanted we have been desiring this

and I definitely have been desiring this

for a long long time so when we finally

do get our rainbow baby I definitely had

to get that because it is like on point

with how I feel and how I know I'm gonna

feel about my baby so I got this from

eBay and I did an auction for it and it

came out to a dollar seventy-five with

free shipping so I only spent a dollar

seventy-five on that these three were

actually my first purchases I have a

tank and then two onesies and these two

were 87 cents both of them were each 87

cents and then I think this tank was

like 88 cents I had a receipt over here

for that I spend

262 yeah sorry my camera is not focusing

but I spent 262 on that so that wasn't

that at all

and then lastly I purchased another ones

even this one was on a separate occasion

and I know the tag says 249 but I know

me there is no way that I would have

went into the clearance section and

actually purchased something that was

that price I'm pretty sure when it

actually got to the register it was more

like 147 or somewhere around there or

less and then I got a 10% off of that so

I'm going to say what tax is included

that it was about a dollar 50 so this

guy I'm just going to say that I don't

have the receipt for it anymore so all

in all for the baby items that I have on

the bed that's everything that I have

currently I have spent it's it works out

to about if you include like taxes and

everything it works out to about $23 so

I've spent a total of $23 for 18 baby

items I think there is one outerwear two

tanks two shirts and then the rest are

onesies so and they're all varying

different sizes for different stages to

me that is a pretty sweet deal and I do

not at all regret shopping early for our

baby to come because I have things and I

got a really good deal for them I don't

know how many other people can say that

they went out and purchased 18 items and

got it for under $25 I just think that's

a pretty good deal or at least it is to

me cuz I'm like pretty frugal if you

guys know any ways to get even better

deals than that drop them down in the

comments below I will I will definitely

read them and I definitely appreciate

them I am willing to learn you know

anything I can to save money feel like

this is pretty solid to kind of get my

future baby's wardrobe already started I

know for some people it's insane they're

like you haven't even conceived yet why

would you go out and buy baby clothes or

baby items hey because I have faith I

know it's going to have

and I have faith that it will happen and

I'm excited and it makes me happy

for me seeing the clothes physically and

having something tangible that if I want

to go in the spare bedroom and look at

it and I can you know I'm not looking at

these clothes every day this is actually

the first time I have pulled these

clothes out since purchasing them I

actually have a plastic bin that is in

the closet in our guest bedroom and

these clothes are usually put away in

there each in their individual bags that

I purchased them in so even if I go

shopping again and then I open up the

bin it's not like I actually have to

look at any of the clothes if I don't

want to if I'm having a bad day and I

don't want to see it then I don't have

to look at it but it makes me happy to

know it's there because it makes me feel

like I am putting some stock and putting

some faith in the fact that we are going

to get our rainbow baby I am gonna get

pregnant and it is going to happen it

just gives me faith for all of those

things that is my little mini haul for

you guys I hope you enjoyed this video

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me know in the comments ladies who are

TCC or even if you've already had your

baby did you before you even conceived

go out and purchase faith-based or baby

items or clothes I know some people keep

like do like baby chesses and things of

that nature where they just keep on

adding things to it let me know down in

the comments for me i strictly stick to

clothes because I feel like with other

items that maybe plastic wood or metal

you can get a lot of recalls on them and

I don't want to have to worry about

trying to look up if something is

recalled depending on how long the

process will take I feel like it's a

good thing to do I'm not spending too

much money on it it's a treat for myself

that makes me feel good so I feel like

it's very good to do other people may

feel like it's not good luck or it's

it's bad juju or they don't want to jinx

themselves or anything like that

but let me know what you guys think I'm

really curious

to hear what you have to say that is all

I have for you guys today so I hope you

have a wonderful week and I will see you

in the next video bye