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I Bought All The Beats Headphones On Wish..


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we've been double flame I just switched

the legs hey John John


alright ladies and gentlemen as you just

saw we made an epic beats commercial and

now it's time to actually buy ourselves

some beats off of wish and see what type

of products they have how much they cost

and then eventually how good they

actually are so let's type in beats get

straight to a baby I type in beats first

thing that comes up is air pump the

takeover is real fam you can't fight air

pause 2021 upgrade it says there matt

black within their red anyway it's $18

says their regular 574 as usual not

understanding where they got that from

we got a couple of decent reviews here

some 5-star reviews that's always a good

sign my boys loved it can't beat the

price let's get the original in red 20


added to the cart baby now these look

pretty similar but this is a different

ad oh they got a whole bunch options

high quality version newest version

brand-new version low quality without

charger update version I want the brand

new version that's what I'm looking for

let me get it in black all black 25

bucks it's a little bit more expensive

but it's the brand new 2022 why is it it

said 2022 version it's had a joke we

should get some of these we need at

least some of the wireless two or three

so you know that earbuds instead of just

the headphones and these claim to be

refurbished so I don't know what we're

gonna actually get whether that's for

real refurbished or not but we're gonna

add it to the car and there's only one

way to find out it does have really good

reviews though so that's that's pretty


the 2021 again new refurbished beats

original it comes fast so imma get those

ones in blue why not I to wait oh wait

wait 200 bucks so what I just saw a

hundred and ninety five that's a remove

no thank you

hell no back up okay what about these

ones this looks like a little bit

different of an ad select size get the

black and red doesn't give us any other

options but it does say refurbish beats

by dr. dre solo 30 bucks for those not

bad 35 reviews seemed decent okay

complain and what about these ten bucks

one size color it's ten bucks oh no it's

a protection

they almost finesse me fam I just caught

it the last second it's a protection box

it's just a case for your headphones

it's not actual

headphones that's not what we're here

for okay this is interesting

four-and-a-half reviews not many let's

get the ordinary version you know just

straight-up ordinary 25 bucks I don't

know if these are gonna be different or

not I have no idea what we're getting

ourselves into right now I'm just buying

a whole bunch of random ones and we're

gonna see what comes in this one shows

it pops up on your phone the 2022 newest

updates one to one refurbished beats by

dre studio three Wireless matte black

noise cancelling headphones one review

wasn't good does it say it doesn't say

anything no whatever we're getting it

let's get the high quality version I'm

gonna get in blue the new touchscreen

mini tws wireless bluetooth earbud get

them in gold some gold vibes we got a

good amount seven total I'm gonna get a

couple more there are a lot a lot and

they look like the same kind of product

let's get white 25 bucks okay I'm gonna

get one more pair we're gonna get grey

and white all right so we've got nine

different pairs of headphones here

hopefully they all come in I'm gonna

place the order and then I will see you

guys when everything gets here we're

gonna test these out and see how the

Beats headphones as knockoffs on whish

compared to the air paws off wish

because if you guys remember the air

paws Pro video they were actually really

good knockoffs some of the regular air

pods are they're pretty hit or miss but

we haven't tried pretty much any other

types of headphone brands besides apples

so today we're switching it up I guess

Apple's still kind of owns beats so in a

way we're still doing Apple headphones

it's Beats headphones we're gonna place

the order and I'll see you guys when

everything comes in all right folks

I'm ready to roll welcome back to

another video today we bought all of the

beats off wish and I'm not talking about

the vegetable or is it if it's a

vegetable beats it's a vegetable that

one's not up for debate

there's just Tomatoes as always we've

got Jay and the rest of our en studio

audience thank you guys for coming thank

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come back and show you boy some love now

J's about to be hyper now but like I

said we bought all oh my oh it looks

like a crackhead okay like I said we

bought all the beats off of wish we've

been doing this years where we buy all

of the whatever on wish and one of the

big brands that you guys have been

requesting is Beats now I haven't bought

I think actually I might have bought one

beats product in the past maybe two but

I decided to buy all of them that I can

find so we got all different kinds of

headphones I don't know if everything

came in because we've been having a

couple issues with keeping track of all

of the things we've ordered cuz well

it's just like Amazon shipping center in

here we just have way too many packages

and I lose track of everything but we've

got at least eight sets of headphones

we're gonna test it out I think one of

them might be like the earbud style and

the rest are like the classic beats

style headphones and yeah but I'm

interested to see how these perform how

they sound and how they look because

they are way cheaper than the real deal

and if they even look decent and sound

decent I would say it's probably worth

copying these we do know that the air

pods we bought from wish actually turned

out to be pretty solid and quite a bit

cheaper but with that being said let's

get right into it and check out our

first pair of Beats ooh all right we got

the Beats Studio 3 Wireless with up to

22 hours of battery life there's no way

these are real right Jays are actually

wearing real beats right now what do we

have here I feel like if they just made

the box and the plastic it comes in look

a little bit better this would be

believable but let's take a look at the

actual product itself we got the Allred

beats oh yeah this it looks like [ __ ] it

feels like oh my god like the the

cushion that goes around to your ear

feels painful to my fingers I can't even

imagine what this is gonna feel like my

actual head okay we can turn it on oh

yeah these aren't garb these are really

garbage okay there's no like you know

with the real beats they like kind of

suctions to your head a little bit this

doesn't do that yeah it's loose I mean I

do have a small head but okay let's try


you know first we got to see the audio

that's the one redeeming feature we

might have here let's check out the

vibes play some tunes


it's not bad it's not good but it's my

bad am i talking really loud the audio

is actually surprisingly good so there's

that oh yeah I forgot you have meats on

right now it's you audio is not bad and

it does connect your phone really easily

I don't think you're fooling anyone on

planet Earth

into thinking these are real beats maybe

it's possible but I would say it would

be few and far between now these are

beat solos so not the exact same one

there's small ones

oh yeah there's even just on your head

they feel so much better

are they wireless I don't think I think

these are wired so I can't actually use

them with my phone oh God

like this is just miserable to have on

your head these feel so lovely so easy

to snap I'm just I'm just testing it it

would be way harder these you good yeah

not nice I mean they are twenty bucks

but they're pretty off okay we're gonna

check the next ones now I also don't

remember which ones were which cuz like

there was the updated version there is

the ordinary version there's a whole

bunch of versions of the beats you guys

remember when we were buying them I

don't remember what's what but hopefully

you guys do whatever the full red ones

were you know maybe they're just the

ordinary versions so the other ones will

be better okay now these are the white

and gold looks like the exact same box I

think I can actually tell you guys with

what version they're supposed to be no

no all red ones you just have claim to

be refurbished 20 21 new refurbished

beats by dre now these ones we have

let's take them out let's take a closer

look the refurbished ones are obviously

Dookie and these are basically the same

same look on the side here they're just

a different color they do feel a little

bit better across the the headband here

but them on you get the exact same feel

I'm sure the audio is gonna be the same

but we'll just double check

the audio is not bad I feel like this is

what gives it away so far I'm not too

impressed I really hope we have

something that's different in here we're

not just literally opening the exact

same thing just in 8 different colors Oh

nope same thing ok the box is different

size this box was larger and it's

English on the back here maybe we've got

something this is slightly differently

okay these are black they're great

there's a little bit of a discrepancy

there we've got a different one ladies

and gentlemen right off the jump this is

a nice cushion oh oh ok I don't know if

you guys can see this but look already

and just like I didn't even do anything

and it's peeling oh that's ugly

okay now looks like we what we gained in

ear comfort we lost in headband quality

that makes sense even the slide is like

so sticky and you're trying to extend

them if they don't fit on your head they

do feel better on your ears okay we're

going to try this out besides this this

is disappointing oh I don't think the

audio on this is gonna be good it's

allowed it does the noise canceling job

decently well but it's a little more

tinny you know I mean like the audio

quality is not quite as good as the

other ones I don't think here try it

it's not terrible that's one thing I've

noticed is the audio on these isn't

terrible but it's not great if they

could just take these off put that on

the other one it would be good so

hopefully one of them has combined those

two features but you know not all of the

headphones I bought are the exact same

but something tells me these ones are

going to be because they came together

okay so we've got a blue a black and

another navy blue now keep in mind you

guys I at no point ordered three from

the same ad that popped up it was always

different ones well obviously these are

three of the same people who made these

they ship them all out at the same time

they put up multiple ads and I think

that's what happens a lot is

manufacturers will put up as many ads as

they can with hopes that it gives them a

better chance as you actually buying

their product but in reality it's the

same product okay this is the same as

the ones we just tried it's got the nice

cushion yeah at least the headband is

intact which is good I kind of like the

blue I feel like all this is is just a

way to check out which color you like

the best

I'm gonna open all these just confirm

that they are in fact the same thing

also guys let me know what's your

favorite color way for the beats and you

got like the white and gold ones the

best you got - all black here

oh they're different haha oh this is the

same manufacturer but maybe this is like

the old version and this is the new

version so they do have some variation

that's good to know

Black's nice I read like why can't they

just combine the two just put these on

this that's it that's all I'm asking

okay let's check the third one they're

literally the exact same I guess I have

to listen to the audio again oh it

popped up the other ones didn't do that

it shows you the how charged it is okay

maybe this is the updated one even

though it looks the same and they

updated the tech on the inside of it

let's play a check audio is a little bit

better okay now I'm gonna do a direct

comparison between these two my guess is

this is the oldest version because the

audio is the best but I just feel like

the old version wouldn't have these you

know what these are you ever been on an

airplane and they give you headphones

these are that's what the inside of this

is it's the same exact ones they give

you on an airplane

you're just old the wheelchair is so

great the fact that you're sitting in it

coffee oh you know 77 that's right you

guys hit the nail on the head in the

video when you guessed JS age who is

actually pretty funny a bunch of people

were like I think Jays 23 like how old

you guys think I am cuz if I'm making

fun of him being old and he's 23 what am

i 15 12 audio quality is not that much

of a difference but the ones that I

think are the older version seems to be

louder when you turn on even at a low

vol it's really really loud so this must

be the newer version cuz it pops up on

the phone like you've actually connected

some Beats headphones this one doesn't

this one doesn't and the audio is a

little bit better numero uno right now

those ones alright how many do we have

left spice it up a little bit this I

know is not standard headphones okay so

these are the beats Wireless tour threes

so we'll see how they compare maybe

they're better than the the headphones

we did get these from one of the air

pods videos because I wanted to compare

the air pods to the beat

phones off of wish and they're actually

pretty solid I don't know why they

didn't come in the carrying case I know

plastic doesn't feel great the case you

know it's not not super sturdy but see

what the audio quality is like oh

actually oh no those are really tinny I

would say these are the are worse than

any of the actual headphones we've done

so far today we're down to our final two

how many blue ones did I buy did I buy

three blue ones

what's wrong with and then we got the

black the red accent this one might be

the nicest color we're excited to try

these out I thought these would be a

nice colorway but I don't like all the

red all the way I thought it was just

gonna be a little red accent here more

subtle plus the B red does not match its

like maroon almost let's check out the

other one another one of the exact same

pair why do I do this I swear I didn't

intentionally by three I I can't

remember what I did when I was buying

them before cuz it was like a month ago

maybe I did you guys will have seen but

I could have swore I didn't buy three

blue ones

okay I'm gonna test these ones out these

are the last pair we're gonna test out

today I swear dude these ones have the

best audio the ones with the shitty

headphone cushion yeah these have the

best audio that's so weird I have so

many questions and really not many

answers at this point more of the story

is most of the beats are pretty much the

exact same if you want real-deal beats

you're gonna have to get real deal beats

like these are old solos and they're

still way way better than any other ones

I got off wish but these were like 20

bucks these are like 200 bucks I think

or 150 bucks if you want some really

mediocre headphones for a really cheap

price that look like beats this isn't a

bad option they do look decent

especially from far right like they they

kind of look like real beats

aesthetically pleasing I would say audio

isn't terrible I would say the air pods

will suck some of the air pods make the

air pod pros that we got we're better

knockoffs than the Beats but they were

like a hundred bucks you get what you

pay for it kind of thing but for 20

bucks they're not terrible if you're a

young kid you know you're 12 13 you want

some beats but you don't have the money

to buy it because what 12 13 year old

does for 20 bucks you can get these I

feel like that's not a bad option but

I'm gonna be sticking with I should we

should probably get some new beats these

are like old recycled beats I got from

like VidCon three years ago

that's the headphones we use for all of

our editing so

we need to upgrade I was hoping that

these might be the upgrade I think I was

mistaken I probably shouldn't have been

hoping for that but I hope you guys

enjoyed the video that's one thing to

hope for jury's still out on that one

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