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today I have a secret tool to help

significantly lower your costs on

something we all overspend on hi I'm the

YouTube deal guy Matt granite some

serious inside are savings coming your

way all of the big deals I feature

Matt's daily is where I have

you covered you can find my most recent

deals and offerings right there but what

I'm gonna share with you right now is an

underutilized tool to put it into the

nickel and diming in the price gouging

and all of those crazy things that


with car rentals we all rent cars

whether you're traveling for the

upcoming holiday travel season or

Thanksgiving by the way this is not a

sponsored video Knows paying me to share

this information with you so I'm excited

because in the work that I've done with

USA Today travel and I've done research

for television networks I found that for

someone like me where I'm traveling

literally every week for the show that I

host in New York City for my YouTube

channel and for constantly finding

different ways to get to warehouses to

check products and unbox them I've found

something really not many people use I'm

gonna show you the price difference is

between this and another resource and

then second of all just a quick reminder

that if you are not renting from an

airport you're gonna save around fifteen

to thirty percent less I know airports

are convenient so for the sake of some

of what I'm gonna show you I'm gonna do

those pick up options at airports but a

reminder sometimes a a ten dollar

override or lyft ride to the Hertz or a

limo that is a mile from the airport you

can save significantly versus actually

picking it up from the airport kiosk I'm

gonna share my screen with you right now

and show you the incredible savings for

the sake of this demonstration I'm going

to use car rentals calm they're a

resource that I've really enjoyed in the

past but they're basically just an

Expedia search engine and I'm gonna show

you how the other tool that I have will

get you much lower prices so let's do

Tampa Florida as an example let's do the

weekend of October 18th and the 20th

let's do a pickup of 12:30 p.m. I'm not

doing conventional times because again

we don't all pick up our car rentals at

9:00 a.m. and drop them off at 9:00 a.m.

the next day I'm going to also do a 6:00

p.m. return time because that's highly

unconventional I'm going to show you

what Car Rental comm pulls up which is

again the information you would find if

you sir

anywhere else now with this being said a

reminder it will be slightly less

expensive if you go somewhere else

so they are giving us a sponsored

listing where if you pay in advance

through hotwire you don't know what car

you're getting you don't know what

company you're going to you'll get one

hundred and sixty dollars thirty one

dollars a day but if you were to do a

cheaper option you're looking at a

hundred and eighty three dollars for the

weekend that's ridiculous that's not

even a holiday weekend with the cheapest

option being a strenght a car for $38

and one hundred and eighty three for a

standard car or an economy car awful

really bad let's see what Auto slash

comm can do so for Auto slash comm this

is what you need to do same thing let's

do the airport and we are not returning

at a different location and let us do

the same thing October 18th to the 20th

and let's do 12:30 is our pickup time

and let's do 6 o'clock as our drop-off

time let's do the least expensive option

and I'm gonna uncheck all of these

options let's just see what they come up

with simply enter your email address

they will not spam you and they will

within a few minutes email you the best

deal you could possibly find you will

not end up on any list I've been really

happy with the fact that a human being

is overseeing the rates their customer

service is great now let's look at the

comparison so we're gonna stop the video

and then this will be three minutes

later or so when the information comes

emailed to me it's actually four minutes

later and I have an email from auto

slash comm gonna click on it and show

you the rates that it gives me for

significantly lower prices I'm

immediately presented with better

options which include a hundred and

thirty nine dollars for an economy car

now keep in mind car rentals calm for an

economy car is giving me 183 Auto slash

is giving me 139 significant savings

you're saving more than forty dollars

that's awesome but this is where it gets

exciting if you want to rent from a

major brand like budget where you can

still pay later

I'm getting an

SUV r8 with Auto slash for 151 if I were

to rent an SUV using car rentals calm or

really any other service let's look at

an SUV the cheapest rate that I'm able

to find is two hundred and forty five

dollars there's a daily rate of 76

somewhere in here up there we are 307

again this is based on taxes and fees

that's insane three hundred and seven

dollars to rent an SUV for a weekend

Auto slash again giving me that same

rate for half price you want to pay

later with Priceline there we go and it

is incorporating some type of affiliate

or coupon code to lower that price with

Priceline it's through a partnership but

you can see right now this is it it's a

midsize SUV I don't require a credit

card the same times you're getting the

same class of car at a significantly

lower rate now I could show you dozens

of examples where you will find the

savings are substantial it's

unbelievable with one tool how much

lower your prices can be now when you

check your dates keep in mind that it's

also worth looking at options that

aren't at local airports but hey these

are big savings these are big deals and

more importantly if you're looking to

save huge that's all you need to do math

thing Leigh deals comm is where you can

save big on all of your other purchases

on all of your other deals but this is

the type of thing where I like to impart

this information to hook you guys up a

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you saw right now leave me a comment let

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that does is the joke that don't obvious

leave that information out but I'd love

to know where are you going to give any

travel plans not the dates just a joke I

love you

thank you for watching I wish you a

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