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How To Rent a Car For Cheap Anywhere In The World - 2020! $10 Per Day?

I recently got a comedy in one of my

travel videos that my costs were

unrealistic and there is no way that I

could rent cars for as cheap as I do can

you believe that Hannah said I have been

loving your videos but I do have to say

your costs are so unrealistic the

cheapest I found for renting a car was

$30.00 per day and Jake said the Coronel

caught my interest as well I want to

know the details of the rental company -

you are correct I was able to arrange a

$30 per day for a 2020 model hatchback

oh the pain to question my integrity oh


I'm tore up over this so I decided to

create this video to show you how I rent

cars for so cheap please please run the

intro while my self-esteem recovers




okay I'm back and my self-esteem is

recovered I've been traveling the world

for over five years full time and along

the way I've learned quite a few things

that I really didn't know in the

beginning and today I'm gonna take the

time to show you how you can rent cars

for what most people would say is

unrealistic or super cheap over the

years I think I've had almost every car

skin you can imagine pulled on me I've

had insurance ones where they say my

insurance doesn't cover it when it does

bs expenses outright lies and my

personal favorite is they'll decline

your credit card whenever you don't buy

the insurance if they want to sell you

so to get started let me share an

experience I recently had with what I

would call a really slimy car company

this is my Madera Car Rental experience

with gold car rental I had a car rented

for what a hundred and twelve dollars

over 14 days which works out to under $7

per day when I show up they told me that

I had a diesel car I didn't and then I

had to pay $5.00 per day more as a

diesel tax I show the guy my booking and

he's unfazed he's still in scam mode and

I tell him hey look I just want to get

the car that I rented he tells me this

is the car that you've rented and if you

want though I can book you another car

but it's gonna cost you more money well

haven't been around the block before I

knew what was going on so I went ahead

and called up the booking agent on this

and you know I could really what I was

doing was calling his bluff so I

actually get on my phone I'm going

through the number sequence and now he

knows that I'm for real and I'm not

gonna let this sit so he goes ahead and

asked me to see the booking reservation

again when I show him the booking

reservation now he magically says that

oh it's different in our system so from

there we end up proceeding and now as

we're moving on he wants to sell me the

bogus insurance well I'm not gonna say

it's bogus I mean the insurance is real

it's just at such an inflated cost that

you're never going to want it so

eventually I get the car rented and when

I go to pick up the car what do you know

surprise surprise there's damage that's

not on the damage report we go round and

round over that and ultimately I end up

renting the car but I knew I was dealing

with a scammy business and today I'm

gonna show you how that worked out and

how you can protect yourself and get the

best deal possible the first thing we

have to do is understand how the car

rental companies make their money if we

understand how they make their money

then we'll

how to position ourselves to make sure

that we're not taking advantage of now

did you know that most of the money the

car rental companies make is done after

you book the car and at the counter on

all of the different add-ons some of

these add-ons include you want to

upgrade to a larger car you need our

rental insurance because your insurance

won't cover you now most of the time

your regular car insurance will cover

you for rentals and if it doesn't then

it's very likely that your credit card

will cover you for the same rental

period and if you still don't have

insurance then your best bet would be to

buy third party insurance which is going

to be much cheaper and better coverage

than what they're offering you at the


another profit Center is prepaid gas and

this is where they save you the hassle

of having to fill up on your way back to

return the rental car and they just

simply charge you an exorbitant fee for

the gas one of my favorite is phantom

damages and this is when you return the

car all of a sudden they want to charge

you for scratches that we're already

there and here's the scary part if you

read their fine print many times each of

these scratches it's gonna cost you five

or six hundred dollars per scratch to

get fixed now imagine how much money

they make if you have three or four

scratches on the car and you have to pay

for those and then just think what

happens if maybe you know 30 40 50

percent of the customers that come

through end up paying over and over for

these same scratches that can be a major

profit Center for a scandi car dealer

rental company another profit center

form is add-ons like Wi-Fi GPS or an

additional driver sometimes they'll just

give you an outright lie like you have

to pay this diesel tax and this was the

case with a gold star when I didn't even

have a diesel car rented they want to

try to force me into a $5 per day tax

and you always have to watch out for

just sign here sometimes the just sign

here is going to be really dangerous in

major car companies like dollar a car

company for instance they've been

involved in class-action lawsuits

because of the hidden language and the

clauses that nobody ever reads and

finally has a car company ever asked you

to sign a blank contract that's actually

happened to me a couple times where

you're signing the blank return form and

there's no date and guess what happens

when you return the car they put down

damage on the car and they've got your

signature and a date on it guess who's

going to end up getting scammed and pay


and this has actually happened to me a

couple of times where they tried to pull

this on me and there's ways you can

prevent that as well now that we've

covered what to look out for when you're

renting a car let's go over what affects

your car rental price number one is your

age number two is the country that you

are renting from and number three is

your drop-off location it's always gonna

be cheaper to pick up and drop off at

the same location alright now let's get

into why you're here how do you get the

best car rental deal possible I'm gonna

actually take you through the websites

that I use that will be a tremendous

help for you number one you want to

check the rate Expedia will

never be the best rate but this gives

you a ballpark idea of the average rate

and in this case it was the $16 per day

Chevy that is actually cheaper than the

14 dollar day Fiat because it has the

lowest overall cost including taxes and

fees the per day total is sneaky and

misleading with Expedia com so be sure

to look at it can I've highlighted it

here for you number two check Skyscanner

calm with Skyscanner I can get nine

dollars and seventy nine cents per day

which is a really good deal one thing I

don't like about Skyscanner is they have

you booked directly with a company which

i think is a bad idea and I'll explain

this later that said I still like

Skyscanner and sometimes I'll use them

and book directly with the company as

well number three check economy booking

comm with economy the actual

cost is ten dollars and ninety nine

cents per day and it is just a little

more expensive than Skyscanner still a

really good deal compared to Expedia one

of the things I like about economy

booking is that you can pay for all or

part of the booking with them and I'll

show you why this is important later

number for Europeans check Auto Europe

comm for car rentals a lot of people do

not realize how much rates can vary

based on where you are from for example

as an American if I booked with Auto

Europe the rate is twenty one point

seven nine euros per day but if I am

from somewhere in Europe like Germany

the best rate is only ten point five

euros per day the same booking agent and

the price is double for me as an

American on the same car that's crazy

how much would you pay for a rental car

well of course that price is gonna vary

on supply and demand and where you're

renting it from but as a general rule I

shoot for a goal of around ten dollars

per day when should you book the rental

car my rule of thumb is you want to

the car as far in advance as possible

because what happens if there is a run

on the supply the prices will go up

considerably all right now here's my

secret tip to get a really huge discount

you've already booked your car rental

well in advance and now one or two weeks

before your trip check the price for

renting the same car again on the same

site if the price is lower then you can

call the company and pay a small change

fee I think for me it was around $10

that they said they were gonna charge

and actually didn't even charge it and

then check this out for my Madera car

rental the price went from two hundred

and twenty nine dollars and 33 cents to

one hundred and twenty dollars and

ninety two cents for a total savings of

a hundred and eight dollars and forty

one cents now is that amazing just by

making a follow-up call a week or two

before I went to pick up the car I was

able to save one hundred and eight

dollars and forty one cents how's that

for a great tip that I know you have not

seen anywhere else on the web yeah

that's not worth a like' and subscribe'

then i don't know what is next you need

to know how much you are going to pay

before you pick up the rental car now I

cannot stress this enough you must know

how much you have to pay the rental car

dealership before you arrive and pick up

your car this will help you know that as

long as you have the insurance there is

nothing else that you need to pay for if

you look at my economy booking receipt

you can see that the only thing I need

to pay when I pick up the car is 8.05

euros there is absolutely nothing else

that you were required to pay or accept

no matter what the two-bit Car Rental

salesman tries to tell you what do you

do when you go to pick up the rental car

well number one you walk up and you say

something like hello my name is Jerry

Romo and I'm here to pick up an economy

car I've already checked with my car

insurance and I'm covered plus I'll be

filling up the car on the way back so I

won't need any fuel plan number two the

salesman is trained to pitch you on

several upsells and most likely you're

gonna want to decline each and every one

of them number three you're going to

check the car for damages and make sure

everything is logged in the paperwork

and that nothing is missing from that

report and number four and this is

really important you're going to take

pictures all around the car and shoot a

video and you want to make sure

that the car company is aware that

you're taking pictures and shooting a

video for your records how can you tell

in advance if it is a scan II car rental

company well you want to check the

reviews on Google next you actually want

to scroll through the reviews and read

about the reviews to see what others

have said now in this case I actually

wrote a review for the company and much

of this review is what I ended up

sending to the company as well so I

would have a written record of it and

here's what I had to say the only reason

this company averages one-star reviews

on Google is because you cannot give 0

stars first they tried to force me into

a different car at a higher amount and

said I had no choice even when I showed

them my contract it was only when I

literally called economy bookings who I

booked this car through on the phone did

they look again at my booking and

magically say it is different in their

system the car was in fair to good

condition but had damage including a

broken taillight and by contract they

are supposed to provide a form to update

the condition of the car the staff

refused to follow the contract so I took

pictures of the car and a video and the

staff informed me I cannot take a

picture or record the staff rhodium and

gold car are the same company and should

be avoided at all costs in case you are

wondering the car rental companies like

this will scan you for damage you did

not cause when you returned the cars I

travel full-time and when I see a scam

company like this I take steps to

protect myself document the damage and

email the booking agents so there is a

paper trail with proof to protect

yourself do yourself a favor and read

the Google reviews in book from another

company and when I wrote that review I

meant every word of it now let's take a

look at the other reviews we've got the

first one is hidden fees do not

recommend next it was the worst car

rental I have ever been another one this

car company operates a scam it was the

worst experience I ever had with a

rental company do not get carried away

by the misleading low prices eventually

you will pay double or triple you get

the idea this is what the company is all

about and in this case it was just

something that I had to deal with now

why should you book with a third-party

agent the reason why I use a company

like economy bookings calm is because it

gives me an additional layer of

protection now imagine if you're dealing

with a scandi company and you deal with

them direct you have no leverage over

them if you want to complain they've

heard it before they don't care all they

want is your money but if you use a

third company then you've got leverage

and that's gonna be critical

so how do you run a car without being

scammed number one you want to read the

forms and check for any small print

before signing number two you want to

take pictures and video the car number

three and this is the secret sauce you

want to email the booking agent and tell

them why you think it's an unethical

company that you're dealing with and

here's a really important part be sure

to send them pictures and the video of

the cars condition when you rented it

now you've got documented proof of what

the car's condition was when you rented

it just in case there's a problem in the

future so how did my car rental

experience with Golkar turn out well

doing everything I just told you

economy ended up refunding

me my entire purchase price and giving

me a 10-year old credit for my next

purchase and I want to stress I have no

relationship with economy

this just happens to be a company that I

use and I don't profit in any way if you

end up using them as well this is why I

always like to rent cars from a third

party booking agent and if you work

directly with a scam company you have no

leverage but with the booking agent it's

much easier to protect yourself and now

thanks to this video

you know how this gold car rental

company was one of the worse that I have

ever dealt with from start to finish

when I was checking in another gentleman

was questioning charges and being

treated so bad he literally just up and

left and I presume went to another car

rental company and when I was taking

pictures of the car the gold car agent

said I was not even allowed to

photograph or video any of the staff

this is a really good example to use

because what I have shared with you now

you're able to protect yourself from an

unethical business like this alright I

think I've covered everything to make

sure that you can rent a car for a

really cheap price and know what to do

to protect yourself if you found this

video a value please give it a like and

subscribe and if you have any questions

or tips for me drop them below and I'll

try to respond to everybody personally

I'll see you on the next video