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How To Book a Cheap Cruise for $50 Per Day (2019)

my name is Doug Parker host of Cruz

radio and today I'm going to show you

how to cruise for under fifty dollars

per day now before we go to the cruise

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up so let me start by saying that if $50

a day is sort of an arbitrary number yes

you can find a cruise that'll cost you

$50 a day even really less actually and

this video will definitely help you find

those but once you've found that bargain

cruise you'll want to do a little

research in what you're getting for that

amount just to make sure it's what

you're looking for it's pointless to get

a great deal and hate everything about

it keep in mind while we're talking

about the $50 per person per day rate

for the cruise we're not including

gratuities in that price we're simply

just talking about the base rate of the

cruise alright so let's talk about how

to find these cruises that are going to

be significantly cheaper than what you'd

expect the number one way to get a cheap

cruise is to take a repositioning cruise

also known as a transatlantic or

trans-pacific sailing so a lot of cruise

ships spend the winter months in the

Caribbean and then these summer months

in Alaska or Europe so they have to

reposition the cruise ships to get to

their new ports of call for that season

these cruises generally average around

14 nights in it's more about getting

this ship from one place to another than

actually going through the ports of call

and that means two things more sea days

in fewer port taxes if you love sea days

this is a way to go because you'll

typically have six in a row on my cruise

between Spain and New York City last

year it was a six day stretch on

Carnival Horizon keep in mind you'll

also need to get the airfare though to

get to the ship or do get to get from

the ship so that could factor in some

cost unless you're using miles or points

for the airfare number two is the cruise

during hurricane season obviously not

everyone is willing to take the chance

of sailing during hurricane season and

that's why you can often find great

bargains the North Atlantic hurricane

season runs in between June 1st and

November 30th and there's a sweet spot

there you can get a really good deal

especially during the most active time

this normally is between late August

throughout the whole month of September

now if you're cruising during hurricane

season do keep in mind that if a storm

pops up it could reroute your cruise say

you were supposed to go to Cozumel your


could be

to the Eastern Caribbean to avoid bad

weather and the cruise ships tend to

stay at least 200 miles away from these

storms also considered travel insurance

and you're cruising during hurricane

season in case your flights get messed

up delayed or canceled or what have you

you don't want to get screwed up there

number three is to book a guaranteed

cabin a guaranteed cabin is the cheapest

type of stateroom to booked because the

cruise line has complete control over

your room assignments so you're

basically at their mercy you're booking

passage on the ship and saying hey put

me where you want to put me of course

that means you don't always get the most

desirable room like you could be above a

nightclub or below a crew area but

sometimes you'd also end up in a really

good room as well I had a friend who was

sailing they rolled the dice and bought

a guaranteed balcony and the day of the

cruise they were upgraded to an aft

balcony so I mean an aft Alcon he's

normally double the price of a regular

balcony so the good deal there number

four is the wait for the kids to be back

in school so even though cruise pricing

is very fluid it still has patterns abs

and flows a good rule of thumb is that

you'll pay less when schools are in

session so most of the major cruise

lines make their revenues from families

so when they can't capture that family

market because of school they tend to

lower prices just to get you on the ship

also the first week or two after

Thanksgiving is a time where you'll find

great deals because it's coming off that

Thanksgiving holiday people are

returning to work or not spending money

because of Christmas so the cruise lines

are willing to adjust their price just

to get you on the ship at the end of the

day the cruise line just needs to fill

those cabins once they get you on the

ship they're gonna take your money one

way or another right number five is find

yourself a good travel agent this is one

thing I learned after years of booking

my own cruises the agents are really

dialed in to the promotions and to the

rates at the cruise lines offer in

different rate codes as well for

instance my agent told me I should

consider booking a back-to-back three

and four night cruise to make it a seven

night instead of going on a newer ship

on a 7-night cruise I would pay almost

doubled again this boils down to

preference it's also easier to deal with

price drops when you have an agent

because they typically will keep track

of it for you and they're there to take

care of the details of it you know if

there happens to be a price trap because

they're looking out for your best in

triste number six is consider a

lesser-known cruise line so the big

three cruise lines are carnival royal

caribbean and norwegian followed by

princess celebrity Holland America and

so on since these lines are established

sometimes the prices can be a little

high depending on where the cruise ship

is sailing from if you find a cruise

line this may be lesser-known for

instance MSC Cruises in Kaustubh they

often have fantastic prices in fact MSC

has a sailing in 2019 for as low as

twenty eight dollars per night now keep

in mind that these are European cruise

lines and the service and experience may

not be what you're used to on a

mass-market line so you'll want to do

your research first but I mean the price

is there number seven booked and ordered

ship a lot of the Oder ships are usually

the lowest price we see this a lot with

ships like Carnival sensation Norwegian

sky and Royal Caribbean's Majesty of the

Seas these older ships are pretty much

dedicated to the Bahamas runs and they

do three and four night sailing

sometimes five night ceilings but they

don't have a lot of the bells and

whistles that we see on newer ships

because I mean there are 20 plus years

old typically or close to it so that

means they're cheaper to book and number

eight look for airports with lots of

cruise ships we all know the law of

supply and demand in this case it means

that the cruise ports which have a lot

of inventory have cheaper rates as an

example Port Canaveral in Miami have a

handful of weekly departures that go to

the Bahamas so the cruise lines have to

offer competitive pricing to get you on

their ship here in Jacksonville Florida

we only have one ship that does four and

five night cruises so there's no

competition the cruise line can pretty

much set the price wherever they want it

and most of the time they do alright so

in closing here are the eight ways to

find yourself a cheap Cruise is to

booking a repositioning cruise booked

during hurricane season look at

guaranteed cabin wait for the kids to be

back in school find a good travel agent

go with a lesser known Cruise Line book

and older ship and last but not least to

look for a cruise port that has a lot of

cruise ships in my experience cruise

pricing is a lot like airline pricing so

if you see a rate that really impresses

you you should just go ahead and book it

and throw it apposite down just make

sure that deposit is 100% refundable

this way if you do get cold feet you

won't get penalized if you'd like this

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