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How To Find The Cheapest Domestic (USA) Flight In The Shortest Time


hey guys it's jake from stamp about and

today I'm going to teach you about a

free online tool that you can use to

book your future flights for the least

amount of money and in the shortest

amount of time it's a tool that we use

it stamp about to book every single one

of our flights so if you're like most

people you probably go to a site called

cheap flights or Travelocity or orbitz

or any number of these online travel

agencies it gets there you put some

information in all of a sudden 1020

pop-up boxes bill your screen with all

of these different flight options the

problem is you don't know you're getting

the cheapest flight unless you search

every sight every airline every airport

that you can fly into or out of and

every possible date that you can fly the

options are overwhelming you waste about

an hour of your time searching and you

still don't know if you're getting too

cheap this flight our solution of this

problem is something called the ITA

matrix it's owned by Google and you

probably haven't heard of it because it

isn't marketed anywhere the ITA matrix

is awesome because it displays all of

your searches and results on one page so

that it's not overwhelming and by doing

this it cuts your search time down from

60 minutes to about 10 minutes lastly

they don't work on commission so you

know that they're displaying the

cheapest place possible today we're

going to teach you how to proficiently

use the ITA matrix so that you can book

your future flights for the least amount

of money and in the shortest amount of

time let's get down to it so the first

thing I'm going to do is go to the

website which is matrix ITA software

calm and i'll leave that link in the

description below so that it's easy to

access later so here's a web page like I

said is not very flashy there aren't any

ads they're not trying to sell you any

car rental or hotel room deals or

anything like that it is simply the best

torn the web to search a wide variety of

criteria and get all of those results in

one page so the easiest way to show you

how to use this site proficiently is to

simply go through a go through a booking

so let's say I want to fly from LA to

New York and back round trip sometime in

January what I'm going to do just like

on any other web travel agency is you

you punch in your parameters into the

boxes on this first page so I'll punch

in LAX now with many major cities

there's usually a couple of airports you

can fly into or out of so a great

feature is that you can click this

nearby button and it'll offer you other

airports that I can fly out of so I will

select long beach and burbank i'll click

ok and a destination the same thing i'll

punch in JFK but i'm also willing to fly

into LaGuardia and Newark click ok so

what this is going to do is actually

search every combination between these

three airports and these three airports

now on other sites you might have to

search these combinations one at a time

and possibly a day at a time so the next

thing are our dates because I want to

define the cheapest fare I'm going to

always search see calendar of lowest

fares it's just the easiest way to

visualize the cheapest dates now let's

say I want to go in January click

January Thursday the second and the next

box is length of stay so what this is

saying is what is the minimum amount of

nights that you would like to stay and

what is the maximum amount of nice that

you would like to stay so if i want to

go over a weekend maybe i want to stay a

minimum of three nights in a maximum of

five nights and basically it will give

me the best prices for for three nights

four nights and five nights depending on

what day i select so we move on

everything else here looks good to me I

will fly economy I will uncheck allow

airport changes I don't really want to

do that and then I click search so

here's my calendar affairs as you can

see it's giving me January second

through February's second and up here if

I ever feel like changing any of that I

can easily change it in these boxes and

click update now the first thing you

might notice is this orange number and

every time you search a calendar affairs

it's going is going to give you an

orange number and that is basically

saying out of all of these dates here is

the cheapest flight but I don't want to

fly in a Wednesday I think I want to fly

in a Thursday so I'm going to look at

these thursdays looks like a couple of

Thursday's are to 58 and as you hover

over each box it will give me my range

of nights just above it in the yellow

box so it's saying 258 on this date is

the cheapest at three nights but also

for nine and five nights are also 258 so


go with four nights now here's the page

with all of my options so this page is

great because it contains all of your

filters so from left to right it goes

with prices always going to line it up

with the cheapest fare first the next

one is airline you can select which

airlines you want to fly or don't want

to fly departure times arrival times

duration from into you can change those

airports that you put in the beginning

if you don't care for some then they

also have stocks so I can select nonstop

one stop two stops and there's an

advisory button so if if there is a long

layover you can hover over any of these

symbols and will tell you what the

flight entails so this one has a long

layover this one says you might miss a

connection if there's a delay on your

first flight I mean that's pretty

awesome information that other sites

won't give you and this moon symbol

tells you that it's an overnight flight

so maybe you want an overnight flight

maybe you don't so let's go through this

and maybe you had a terrible experience

on united airlines and you never want to

fly them again so all you have to do is

click on airline and uncheck United

Airlines now a cool feature about the

ITA matrix is it also offers you

multiple airlines and this is basically

saying it is sometimes cheaper to fly

united to your destination and looks

like US airways back from your

destination however I don't want to fly

united so I'm going to also uncheck

multiple airlines now you see I have

airtran airways Delta Airlines and a

couple of others as you scroll down

JetBlue so however maybe I don't want to

fly very early in the morning or even

morning and on my way back maybe I can

only fly in the middle of the day

so now as you can see every time I

choose a filter my options are refreshed

and although i started at 258 when i

first selected the date because i didn't

want to fly united this price is now a

little higher but it has my criteria

since I don't want to fly united I'm

willing to spend a little bit more money

to fly a different airline so the next

thing you do is select your ticket now

this next page is all of the information

that you need so it's telling you even

total of miles airport information it

says hey there's food on this flight

food on this flight a movie is playing

on this flight and it even breaks down

if you care to know the base fare you

have taxes and sometimes fuel surcharges

and anything like that so like I said in

the beginning this site is awesome it

definitely narrows down all of your

criteria into the best possible flight

however it doesn't earn any commissions

because it doesn't sell tickets on the

on this website so what I like to do

it's pretty easy all you have to do is

select this information and I like to

put it into a simple word processor and

I'll paste it here and then all you need

to do is go to the airline's website so

i would go to delta in search of this

exact same criteria the date the time is

departing etc etc and you should be able

to find that exact same fare on that

website so i already looked it up

earlier and here is the exact flight i

looked up on ITA matrix and there's the

exact price i was looking for so then

all you need to go do is go through this

process and book your flight as usual so

at the end of the day it just took me

maybe five six maybe seven minutes max

to search through all of that criteria

and finding the cheapest flight possible

with other sites that might take up to

an hour to search each individual option

and so that's how you can use the ITA

matrix proficiently I hope you use it

the next time you look to book a flight

so there you have it make sure to hit

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below we'll see you next week