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In this video I am going to show you how you can find the cheapest flights online no matter

where you are going.

I am going to show you my personal booking techniques and a super secret book tool you

probably haven’t heard of yet which potentially can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars

on your next trip.

My name is Mike I am a travel vlogger youtuber and entrepreneur and in the past few months

I have traveled to Bangkok, Bali, Cape Town, London, Munich all over the world.

Because we travel so much, I developed a booking technique that saves us a ton of money every

time we fly.

In the past year I have booked almost one hundred flights online.

And I’m going to share all me tricks with you today.

Not only am I going to show you how to book cheap economy and coach but also how to get

cheap business class and first class flights.

Using the tricks I am going to give you today you are never going to overpay for a flight

ever again.

So if you are wanting to save money on airline tickets or trying to put together a luxury

vacation - this video is for you.

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When talking about how to fly cheap there are a few factors that you have to consider.

One of them is where you are traveling from and where you are traveling to and how flexible

are you with your departure airport and destination airport.

The second thing is how flexibel are you with your date of travel.

The more flexibility the easier it is to find cheap airline tickets.

Another key factor to finding cheap flight is actually to find the best booking sites.

But really the secret to cheap flights is combining all of those factors into one magic

booking strategy.

If you want to fly cheap you’ve got to be smart.

So as I mentioned flexibility when booking airline tickets is one of the key factors

in actually succeeding in finding the cheapest flights.

That in term means finding the best booking sites means finding the most flexibel booking


There are some good options out there like or

They let you enter 3-5 departure airports and 3-5 destination airports and you can be

fairly flexible on the travel date.

but for what we are looking for that is not good enough.

Also many of the booking sites don’t show you all of the airfares because some of the

fares are so discounted that the booking site wouldn’t get any commissions anymore.

So found another secret to cheap airfare.

Finding those fares that not even the booking sites have.

Well I stumbled upon a website that combines all those factors into one beautiful beautiful

packet and I am going to show it to you right now.

So the website I want to show you guys is ITA software matrix which is actually powered

by google now.

So what you are going to do is go to So this is the site that is going to come

up and actually this whole website is pretty self explanatory but I am going to give you

a quick overview.

Let’s say I want to fly from Miami to Vienna.

I put in the departure Airport which is Miami and then the destination airport Vienna.

No I don’t have a set travel date that I need to be in Vienna just for this example

lets take the 1st May.

So I will go to outbound date.

1st of May 2017 and I can say departure on this day only.

So lets stick with that.

And I want to fly back on lets say the 7th of May.

Down here I can pick for how many people.

I’m just going to leave it at one adult.

Cabin the cheapest ticket available.

Although I could choose premium economy, business class or first class.

Now then I can define how many stops I should have on this travel.

The stops actually mean how many layovers are there going to be on this trip.

I am going to leave it at no limit.

So when I hit search the software takes a while because it is going through a ton of

different flight routes and flight options.

it takes two or three minutes just leave it be it will find the results don’t try to

refresh the page or anything because you will loose the fares that you found so far.

So here we have the first results.

The cheapest flight it found was $ 1,025 with TAP Portugal which flies from Miami to Vienna

via Lissabon.

I don’t know thats not to cheap usually I am able to book business class for that


For economy I am sure we can do better.

Lets go and tweet our settings a little bit.

Now I told you the more flexibility you have the cheaper your tickets are going to be.

So what I’m going to do is I am going to see what airports would be ok for me to depart

from and which airport would be ok to fly to.

The software actually has a great tool built right into it.

If you go here and click on nearby next to Miami you can see which airports are located

in a vicinity of 75 miles.

No you can set that value to anything you want.

I am going to go to - let’s say - 200 miles.

So right there it is showing me a ton of airports.

And I am going to say Ft.

Lauderdale is ok for me West Palm Beach is ok for me.

Bahamas not so much.

Alternatively you could just select all airports if you like.

Lets give that a bash.

So now you see it brought in all the airport codes right into this field here.

Now lets go to the destination.

Now I now Vienna in general is a very expensive airport.

So lets see what alternatives we have.

Now because its Europe there are a ton of airports you could fly to and the trip from

that airport to Vienna is only going to be very short.

Train fares are very cheap in Europe so thats a good alternative.

So just to try this out I am going to select all again and bring this to my search field.

So now as I said I am fairly flexibel on this trip.

I don’t have any set dates where I have to be anywhere I can still plan ahead which

you also should do when you are planning a vacation.

So I can say instead of search exact dates I want to see calendar of lowest fares.

So when I click on this I can say the earliest day I want to depart is May 1st and I can

define the length of stay.

So I said I want to stay for 7 days but I would be able to stay 7-10 days so I put in

7-10 days.

Again it's going to be one adult flying.

Cheapest available no limit on the stops and search this.

Now this search is going to take substantially longer than the first search because now he

is searching through thausands of routes and this might take up to ten minutes.

So I'm going to grab an espresso and come back.

Alrighty that went faster than I though I didn't even have time to get my espresso.

But now the computer has shown us a calendar of cheapest fares.

And look at that - now we have a price of $612 vs. $1,025 thats a 40% thats more than

40% discount to the previous.So now I can just go and click on this airfare and It will

show me which airport it actually picked out for us.

But now when I look at that in detail the price went down even a little bit more.

The cheapest price we have right now is $572 that almost $500 cheaper than the regular

fare we found.

Now the airports its showing me is flying from Miami to FCO and FCO is actually the

airport in Rom, now Rom is just a little bit too far away, I think the train ride is somewhere

between 6 and 7 hours.

I am not really going to want to travel that far away so lets look at the other options

it shows me.

Right here I found a flight for $712 from Miami to Prague and Prague is just 2 hours

away from Vienna.

So thats perfect.

So if I book this ticket I've saved a ton of money on this flight.

Now lets say the airports that you picked are too far away you can always still go back

and modify your search a little bit.

You can delete the airports and define airports yourself.

So you can say I want to go Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Tampa for example.

And destination airport I want Vienna, Munich, Salzburg, Prague and lets just go with that.

We can increase the flexibility by a little bit.

Just to get a cheaper flight.

So here he seems to have found a flight for $699 lets see where thats from.

Excellent so this flight is from Miami to Prague and then back again from Prague to


There are still a few options you can look into.

There are different flight times, there are different stop overs, there are different


Just pick whatever you like most or which is the most convenient for you.

And then you click on the price.

Now this going to bring up a page that has the summary of all the booking details, all

the flight details.

But you can't actually book your flight on this website.

What you are going to have to do is either try and find the flight with these exact dates

on, or Expedia.

You could try going to your local travel agent and booking it with them or what you can do

is I have another super cool tool its a second website which is called

They way this works is you take your fare code which is in here.

You just click anywhere on the website press cmd+a or ctrl+a on a windows computer copy

everything you selected and paste it into this website.

Now this is going to show you the whole flight itinerary and you can go and book this flight

with priceline directly.

So once you have done that put in all your details on the booking site, book your flight

and - you know what for that money that you saved on that flight invest more in your hotel

or invest in food or invest in good drinks or coffee.

I have a second video that goes more into detail on travel hacking.

Things like fuel dumping.

Check out that video its how to fly business class cheap.

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the next video.

Good bye I am going to book myself the next flight here.