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SECRET TRICK! | How to Find the CHEAPEST FLIGHTS | Google Flights

Hey everyone today, we're gonna show you a secret trick to find the cheapest flights anywhere in the world using Google flights

So check it out

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I'm going to show you a secret trick to finding the cheapest flights anywhere in the world using Google flights. It's super simple

It's quick. So let's head on over to my desktop and show you how it's done

So if you're new to Google flights just go ahead and punch in Google flights into your search engine then it's gonna be the first

One that comes up here for you

It says flights - Google go ahead and select that and it's gonna load up the Google flights website now

There's a whole bunch of different options for you on the left hand side. There's a trips. There's explore. There's flights

Which one is what we're using today. You can also book hotels through here

But again today we are working on the flights area

and now most people when they come here what they're gonna do to search for a flight is they're going to type in their

Where they're leaving from let's say Seattle and where they're flying to


Put in their dates and hit Search and this is a great option if you're looking for a specific day

but if you are looking

For the best flight deals over a period of time that is not the best way to search this

There's a way better trick for you our secret trick if you go down here and click on this map

When you click on this map, it's gonna bring up a visual representation of pricing for you in different areas of the world

But this is where it gets really cool when you enter your parameters here on the left hand side

So first off you can select if it's a round-trip or one-way

How many passengers what kind of flight you want an economy premium premium economy business, etc

You can select all that there but down here where it says one-week trip in the next six months

Go ahead and select that and in here you can adjust some of the parameters

So if you want to go in February, you can select February for two weeks or you want December for one week

You can select that

We're gonna leave it on all and for one week and this is going to select all the flights for the next six months

For one week. So we just click done. And now this is where it gets really cool. So again, let's pick Seattle

say we're gonna leave from Seattle cuz Seattle is the closest us city to where I'm from you're in Canada and

We're to now this is the cool trick. So go ahead and

punch in


So, yes, you can punch in areas. You don't actually have to punch in countries or cities

you can punch in areas and say I

Want to go down you're up in the next six months and I want the absolute best price. You can just hit Europe and

It is gonna load the map up to Europe and you can see all the great

Prices to Europe so you can see you can get to Oslo Norway for three hundred ninety seven dollars

Wow, that's a great deal

You can get to London for four hundred and forty three you can get to Dublin for

399 and if you go ahead and just select

Dublin there. It's gonna load up the information on the left hand side and later on in this video. I'll show you quickly

How you would go forward in booking these but you can see Iceland air 399 British Airways

466 Air France 467 so it's giving you

Some dates here as well. And that's how you see the best prices. So let's try this again

Let's punch in Asia this time

So one week trips to Asia over the next six months and you can see there are some great deals when you scroll in

more cities appear Hongkong

$555 Bangkok 625 and again Bangkok if you click on that

It'll show you the different airlines on the left-hand side. So it's super simple to search. So let's sum pick a different one and

We'll show you how to

You would move forward and booking that so let's change the parameters here

Let's go say we want to go in January for one week and we want to go

We're just gonna pick North America

North America and

just click that and

The search comes up and you can see from Seattle all the different destinations that are coming up


As you scroll in more destinations arrive so you can see in the next six months. The best deal to New York is 188 bucks

rally in the 197 Orlando to

220, 75 bucks to Phoenix that's round trip mind you seventy-five dollars to Phoenix and

That's on Spirit Airlines. I know they're having a sale right now, but

Let's pick this one here in Austin. Why don't we pick Austin?

One hundred and fifty-seven dollars and you can see there's a few different flights delta nonstop

Delta, and there's Alaska those are a little bit more

So if you want to go ahead and book one of these flights you would just select view flights here at the bottom

And it's gonna show you all the different flights

So some of them are more pricey, but that flight that is the cheapest here is right at the top. It's nonstop

so go ahead and click on that and

Best returning flight and again, the one for that price is right here at the top

You can go ahead and select that and now it's gonna come up with different options

So again, you can choose your different fare options

So if you're not bringing bags or you want to pay for them later, you basic economy main cabin or a delta comfort

We're just gonna stick to basic economy today and down here at the bottom

It says book with Delta and we're just gonna click select over here on the right hand side

And another window is gonna pop up and open up Delta and load up all that information for that specific

Flight. So again, it's asking us if we want to stay in the basic economy down here

We'll just click no

thanks and all that information with the flights is there you can see it's a hundred and fifty six dollars and

Sixty cents just go ahead and book that and you are all set

So it is that simple to find the best flights to anywhere in the world using almost any airline using Google flights?

and it's amazing that you can search specific areas like

Europe or Asia South America North America for specific time lengths and it's just gonna give you those great deals

So I hope that secret trick helped you out if it did make sure to smash that like button

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Thanks for watching and happy travels