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HOW TO FIND CHEAP FLIGHTS - My Best Tips After Booking 500+ Flights

finally the video you've all been

waiting for and one that I've been

excited to make how do you save money on

flights it's one of the biggest expenses

when it comes to travel so saving money

on airplanes means taking more trips

after booking upwards of 500 flights

since 2012 I consider myself a wizard at

finding the cheapest rates online in

this four-minute video I'm gonna explain

my best tips tricks and strategies for

finding cheap flights let's start with

some quick hits always booked using an

incognito or private web browser without

this cookies can make flight prices

increase if you search them often the

best and most reliable search engines

are Google flights and kaya I used these

and only these two book I find booking

four to six weeks out to have the best

rates there's no best time of the day to

book flights it's all random I find the

method of booking on a Tuesday to be

false but flying on Tuesdays or on

weekdays is always cheaper avoid

weekends and holidays if possible

booking a round-trip ticket is often

times more expensive than booking

separate legs use flight points on

credit cards to save big I just booked

3000 dollars worth of flights to Africa

for free using my Chase Sapphire reserve

points in general South America Oceania

and Africa are very hard to score cheap

deals compared to Europe Asia and the US

lastly the most important quick tip is

to be flexible all strategies I'm about

to tell you only apply to flexible

travelers if you already know the exact

date and time that you need to fly then

you can close this video and book it

right now since it's unlikely to change

that all being said here are my top 3

strategies for finding cheap flights one

book separate legs in layover cities if

you're already flying somewhere where

there's a transfer then booked two

separate legs and enjoy a short stay in

the city this is also a great way to

break up long travel days and see new

places I've had amazing long layover in

Hong Kong Singapore and London this way

never booked a short layover of under

six hours in case your first flight is

delayed example I want to fly from

Manila to New York City and I see that I

must connect in either Seoul or Tokyo if

I book a budget airline like Cebu

Pacific from Manila to Seoul and then

sold in New York City on Korean air I

will save $800 as opposed to booking

both flights on one reservation and one

airline to utilize budget airlines if

you really want to fly for cheap

it's mandatory to use budget airlines

but many times they don't show up on

major search engines so you have to book

on their individual sites budget

airlines are mostly used in Europe Asia

and Australia and less common in the

Americas in Africa before booking budget

airlines take note that they often have

less legroom no entertainment screens no

Wi-Fi no USB chargers and no free food

or drinks on board including water

always check the location of the airport

as some budget airlines have hubs far

away from major cities like areas as

Airport outside of Kuala Lumpur always

read the fine print on their website to

know their restrictions for baggage

weight and number of bags and don't

forget to print out your ticket in

advance failure to do any of these

things may cost you hundreds of dollars

my favourite budget airlines in Asia and

Australia are Jetstar Seibu Pacific


and AirAsia and for Europe its Ryanair

easyJet whizzer and Wow air 3 look for

alternate cities and airports to book

this tip works best for Europe and the

US since so many major cities are close

in proximity instead of looking at the

most convenient Airport to fly out of

check other cities and airports nearby I

just did this in Europe two months ago

I needed to fly from Vienna to Tel Aviv

but I saw the cheapest price was $250

then I found a flight from Budapest to

Tel Aviv for 60 bucks on whizz air so we

decided to add the two hour journey to

Budapest and we saved 190 bucks on the

flight that's like getting paid to visit

Budapest by using these tips I can

guarantee that you will find cheaper

flights in the future as always please

let me know if you have any more tips to

add and if not then get broken