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How to Find Cheap Hotel Rooms on Priceline


hey you all

carpetbagger here coming to you live

from a truck stop somewhere in the state

of Tennessee and I wanted to talk about

something they had talked about a little

while here and that is the Priceline app

that I use to book hotel rooms with and

I used to kind of incorporate it into

the road trips somewhat because it is

usually how I find hotel rooms I don't

have any bad experiences with the app

and ended up not talking about it kind

of on purpose

because I didn't want there to be a

feeling that I something I was like

endorsing it because I definitely have

mixed feelings about it but I do still

use the app to define hotel rooms while

I am on the road I tried using some

other apps but it practically does seem

to be the cheapest way to find hotel

rooms at least for me at least for what

I am looking for no there's a couple

other apps like hotels in hotels calm

booking calm but I personally had the

best luck with Priceline that being said

I've had some horrible horrible

experiences using the Priceline app and

and one thing I did quite a bit was use

their function where you get a mystery

hotel room where you pay a price they

give you that out of the basic specs of

hotel you pay a price and tell you the

general area and then once you book the

room its unveiled you get to find out

where you're going but you've already

paid for it so it's kind of like a

gambling it's kind of fun to see if you

can get good deals sometimes it blows up

in your face there's also a big fan

tease in that sometimes was fun to put

it in the videos

it's kind of you know hunting for a

hotel room so yeah that's what they call

the Express deals the ones were you they

won't tell you the hotel room until you

pay for it

and I've had that blow up in my face a

few times especially when I'm traveling

with other people when you're a single

person traveling by themselves it's a

lot more effective I found that when I'm

doing solo road trips when me and my

friend John from exploration unknown did

a big road trip beginning of 2019 we hit

some snags we quickly learned that when

you use the Express deals option you do

not know what sort of bed situation

you're getting yourself into and we

found ourselves stuck in some situations

where there's only one bed so I my

number one tip for Priceline would be to

do not use the Express deals option

unless you are committed to sleeping in

the same bed as everyone that's with you

I mean they could get one queen bed one

double bed I guess it's possible you

just don't know you don't know what

you're dealing with so I really wouldn't

use that option unless you are one

person or maybe two people who really

like to cuddle another thing that you

want to watch out for what this

Priceline app is once you book your

reservation it is written in blood I had

an experience where I was I was booking

so we were looking at several different

days where we were gonna be at different

times and I ended up booking a room for

the wrong day and it was the point where

I was like hitting the button and

looking at that like literally saw my

mistake right there so Mike oh crap I

booked it for the wrong day I'm gonna

have to I'm gonna have to fix this so I

immediately call Priceline like within

we did a minute with less than a minute

I call them like listen minimus take

booked through and pretty much get told

sorry you booked that room you use your

problem I pleaded

they did call the hotel and basically I

found myself in an incredibly awkward

battle between Priceline and the hotel

hotel basically saying they can't change

it because Priceline won't change it

Priceline telling me they can't change

it because the hotel won't change it

basically I got a too bad for Priceline

we can't do anything

we went physically went to the hotel

begged and they showed us some humanity

and moved it around move something

around where we were able to to do that

night and we didn't have to stay you

know we'd have to lose out the money

because we actually booked a week in

advance but we wanted it for that night

and sometimes you just get a hotel that

just seems to not understand how

Priceline works and I think it's really

good to be very clear with your hotel on

what is expected I have multiple times

I've paid through Priceline only to have

the hotel charge my card anyways for the

price of the room make it really clear

when you're checking in that the room is

paid for with Priceline and I would

still check your credit cards to make

sure that you've not been double charged

as I've said it's happened to me

multiple times I had a bad experience

right checked into a hotel

they said that Priceline hadn't sent

them the payment yet they don't know how

hard they made out to be like Priceline

was going to be faxing them a cheque or

something and they so I sat in the hotel

lobby after you know all day traveling

with my bags just waiting for this

theoretical thing to happen trying to

talk to some other priceless trying to

talk to someone from Priceline is oh my

god you be very frustrating you know

even put on hold for long periods of

time you can have

you can you keep giving people just just

will not help you you're on your own I

mean it's like I guess it's part of

gambling you know your when you take

Priceline and then you try to use it you

are absolutely taking a risk just using

the app like I said you can get some of

the best deals ever but it is a total

gamble and you got to be careful booking

room two you put you put your you put

your area that you want to be staying in

into the Priceline app make sure you got

your date's right we already went over

that and but you still gotta be really

careful you gotta look what area you're

booking in I've put in a city and had

suggestions come up that were an hour

and a half away from the city so you

really clear on where you are you know

again you have to have everything

perfect for you hit that that let book

button because there's no guarantee

anyone is going to help you so yeah make

sure whatever city you put in make sure

that the room that comes up that you're

booking is actually in that city that

you want to actually be staying in and

so yeah there's inherent risks to

booking hotel rooms or an app hotels

that you've never seen definitely

recommend if something seems maybe a

little off about Hotel go to TripAdvisor

or some other site to double-check the

ratings the Priceline star system makes

very little sense I've looked at trying

to find like what it means or what their

criteria is and I found very little

information you can get a two-star room

that's nicer than something that shows

up as a three-star room probably more

important than the star system is

actually the guest rating system kind of

what I you know different people have

different standards when it comes to

hotel rooms generally what I go for is a

two and a half

two and a half stars at least because

I've had some very sketchy to star

realms so look for two and a half stars

he's kind of area look for and then you

got a look at the guest ratings and make

sure that it's not really low I can

guess we go five is usually pretty scary

six is a huge gamble

seven seven is pretty safe for me and

what I look for in a hotel room

generally is just something that's clean

something that's clean something that's

you're not gonna feel unsafe in another

another major thing you want to be

careful of when using the express steals

option or booking and in general is you

may end up getting a pet room or a

smoking room you would think I thought

that smoking was not something that

people did in hotels anymore but it is

and you if you end up with a smoking

room and that's something that does not

agree with you that can be a major

derailment it's definitely a

deal-breaker for me personally I don't

want to sleep as woking room and I've

ended up having that happen because

that's the room that was assigned with

the app also you you're allergic to pets

you might end up in a pet room so if

those are two things that are absolute

deal-breakers for you you may consider

not using the Express Express option so

it's not a lot of bad things out

Priceline so far but they're like I said

some of the deals you will find our on

believable you'll find really nice

hotels I've found super nice hotels for

around $50 a night that are clean

comfortable what you may end up spending

probably well over a hundred dollars a

night for out-of-pocket all right so if

you end this video by actually booking

my room for tonight I am headed towards

Memphis Tennessee I've decided to stop

in the area around Jackson Tennessee

tonight so let's go to the Priceline

and see what we can figure out all right

I see some good options right off the

bat here for the Jackson Tennessee area

we got this Howard Johnson it has a two

and a half star rating with a 7.3 guest

score that's decent and Plus you know

exactly where you're going for that one

and then we've got the Express deal but

we don't know it's a higher rated you

got a three star hotel and eight guest

score that is also really really decent

64 it's a little more another extra ten

dollars they that's going to be added on

there and for me a big consideration is

how long am I going to spend in the room

because if I'm just getting in sleeping

getting up and leaving it kind of

doesn't matter that it's a nice room as

much I just want a clean bed to sleep in

so if I was staying for a little more

than just tonight I would probably go

ahead a book this three star mystery

hotel in Jackson 464 but I'm really

gonna probably in late not gonna have

that much time in the room so if I can

find something a little cheaper that

might be good so let's take another look

okay I use the sort to put all the

hotels in order of cheapest to most

expensive so just kind of scroll through

and look for something that's not so

cheap Casey Jones motel that is very

poorly rated I like the name though it's

got a one-star to point on review that's

probably not a great hotel and here we

have another another expression it's a

two a half star hotel it's cheaper than

that other one it's only 50 it's got a

two and a half stars 7.0 rating for

guests I think we're gonna go with this


because we could say a little bit of

money like I said if I was gonna spend

more time in the hotel room I go for the

the three-star room oh yeah this is very

important to you want to look and see

what area it's in sometimes they'll take

you Brea way off the highway but that's

looks like it's right off the highway

which is what I will

because I don't want to go on some back

road adventure to find my hotel room so

I think we're gonna book this $50 a


let's choose room

okay some of them will give you the

option to kind of pin down exactly what

you want these are all non-smoking rooms

which is good let me see

king bed or two double beds I like

having a big giant bed and it's

interesting the two double beds will

often be more expensive than the one

king bed I think it has something to do

with with occupancy taxes so let's go

here you see there's me about fifteen

dollars worth of taxes and fees and

other special fees that you get hit with

four hotels

all right drumroll please let's book

that room and they're confirming a

reservation and what are we gonna get oh

the anticipation anticipation we are

staying at the Howard Johnson oh I

remember that actually listed the Howard

Johnson how much let's go back and see

how much that was all right so in this

case I only saved three dollars from

using the the Express deal this you

could have booked this Howard Johnson

for 53 I booked it for 50 so save $3 I

think sometimes you get better deals

than that but let's travel to settle or

Johnson and see if it's worth $50

we have landed at D Howard Johnson here

in Jackson Tennessee and now we will see

what room our money purchased for the

evening well maybe it's the other way

and everything all right yes sir turn on

the lights

oh okay

doesn't look too bad you got bright

colors brightly painted walls this bad

seems relatively comfortable there's no

gross stains on it oh look at this

it's cool little lamp in these mirrors I

get that artwork

I love these bags I always put my dirty

laundry in these bags

I guess that's that's the entire purpose

that's how I bring my dirty laundry Oh

with me I do notice I don't think mostly

there's a fridge you never know yeah

yeah big old fridge it's actually larger

than a normal hotel fridge right there

and let's check out the bathroom it's

always potential for scariness

yeah it's pretty normal pretty normal

and make sure I've come into hotel rooms

that had them not flush the toilet

before that's pretty gross oh here's one

thing easier there's a lot of hotels

you're not gonna play bath in that yeah

the plug is gone a lot of hotels is just

missing and it looks a little grimy you

went on lay down and there but you

probably did probably take a shower and



some wash clothes everyday oh these are

well well used wash claws but they're

clean they don't have gross stains on

them not covered in blood

oh there's me hey so I'd say I'd say

this is a win as I said the most

important thing to me is simply that

it's clean you don't feel gross that you

don't feel like you're going to get

stabbed while you're here so I don't

feel like I'm either going to be stabbed

I feel like I can get some sleep on this

bed so appreciate you guys coming along

with me I just got wanted to do a little

video explaining how I find hotels on

the on the road hopefully this can help

someone out there if you'd like to see

different places I've visited please

check the interactive map in the

description if you'd like to help

support the channel there's different

ways to do that all that sound in the

description but until then until next

time this one's in the bag